Are you kidding me?

Today is the first full day of spring.
Joe Centers
Mar 21, 2014


Really? Snow flurries greet morning commuters in the Norwalk area.

What do you think about this weather?



sick of snow

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That's what I said looking out the window, only with a more colorful word added in.


Well if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes. Welcome to Ohio.


Typical, wait till ya get a snowstorm in April or May. it's happened before ...... remember 2 years ago when we had high temp records for February and March?

Just Sayin'

Cliff Cannon

Isn't it awesome ?


Go back to bed cliff lol. Oh by the way 70s here today where im at LOL

Brock Lee


Cliff Cannon

rbenn & Brock Lee : I humbly,yet happily say this in reply : Wimps


@ CC:

Hard to imagine that you'd be so giddy if you were still a long-haul gypsy. :)

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : I readily admit to be being a hypocrite. ( It makes life easier) So if I was still at ' furniture'. I certainly would have wintered like " rbenn " below the Mason-Dixon line. Then, Brock Lee would be calling me 'wimp' :)


@ CC:

When we were living in Cleveland, I remember an Apr. 1st blizzard one yr. Shut the city down.

The way this neo-Ice Age is goin' I wouldn't be surprised at another one. I've got a hunch that it ain’t over.

As is said: One man's meat is another man's poison.

Enjoy! :)

Seen it All

Spring arrived yesterday. Today is the first FULL day of spring, and it is March in Ohio, enough said.





Really are you ...

I was hoping for temperatures in the 50's. O'wait it could still happen, this is Ohio. And thank goodness for global warming.


There was a car in a ditch on 61 at Hasbrock Rd at 9:30 a.m. as I was heading south. I turned around and headed back home until noon.
Hope no one was hurt.


pass the word....Going to Saturday's state title game? Norwalk fans traveling to Columbus on Saturday for the Norwalk-Bishop Watterson Division II state title game may want to leave a bit earlier.

I-71 South at Ohio 61 will be down to one lane from 10 p.m. Friday to 10 a.m. Saturday, according to Columbus radio news reports.


Let it snow - - Let it snow


I am hoping it brings a WARM summer!


I got a farmer tan from yesterday guys.. Warm and sunny in Texas.
I usually just stay in the rust belt and get home everyday. But the freedom to cruise away for a few days/make a lil' money and warm up!
It is even ticking off my wife that i can split when it gets cold..
The self employed life isn't always great, but at times it is!!

Brock Lee

wintr sucks

Dr. Information

They do not have seasonal depression in the summer time. Winter = worst season of the year.