'It was self defense'

Woman tells her side of story in assault case
Cary Ashby
Mar 24, 2014


Lora Garcia wasn't convicted of an assault, but she wants to tell her side of the story.

"Lies and accusations is what this is based on," the Plymouth woman said.

Garcia alleged two Huron County sheriff's deputies lied in various reports during their investigations. She said authorities denied her an interview, written statement and "photos of bruises on my legs."

"They denied me my rights so they could get it (the case) to the law director," Garcia said.

Also, she said the sheriff's office changed its policy on releasing the recording of her speaking to a deputy. The phone conversation happened during the investigation.

"It was no longer public after they said it was public," said Garcia, who accused Sgt. Todd Corbin of committing several "cover-ups and lies."

Garcia had called the sheriff's office and asked how she could obtain a copy of her phone conversation with a deputy. She was told she needed to submit a written request.

"A week later is when Patrick said it was no longer public," Garcia said, referring to Chief Deputy Ted Patrick.

Garcia said a call with Sgt. Tod Wagner lasted 28 minutes and was the time when she gave her statement of the facts, but the deputy's report indicates Garcia "immediately terminated the phone call."

Garcia was charged with felonious assault in connection with an Oct. 18 incident at the Willard American Legion. The case originally was filed in Norwalk Municipal Court, was presented to a Huron County grand jury only to have grand jurors transfer the case back to municipal court for possible prosecution on a misdemeanor assault charge.

Ultimately, Garcia was charged with two counts of assault. Both charges were in connection with incidents involving Jessica C. Blue, 27, of Willard and another woman. Authorities said Blue was being "loud and boisterous" and "somewhat combative."

"The tried to hand me a plea deal without hearing my side. Nobody wanted to hear anything from me," Garcia said.

The cases were dismissed March 5 -- one week before a Norwalk Municipal Court hearing was scheduled.

"They had insufficient evidence to convict me," Garcia said. "I had 20 witnesses against their two supposed victims."

"No one wanted to hear from me," she said again, but deputies reportedly didn't give her a reason.

Norwalk Assistant Law Director Scott Christophel outlined why he dismissed the two assault charges.

"The defendant provided some discovery to the state," he said, referring to about 18 witnesses for Garcia.

Christophel said 10 of the witnesses provided written statements in which they corroborated Garcia's story that Blue and the other woman instigated the situation. He said the witnesses reported the other women started the situation and Garcia was defending herself.

"Jessica Blue was highly intoxicated," Christophel said. "There was not enough evidence to convict (Garcia)."


The initial investigation

Sheriff's dispatchers received an anonymous 9-1-1 call at 12:18 a.m. Oct. 18 about two women accused of fighting at the Willard American Legion. Deputies responded to 3096 Ohio 99 and first contacted Blue.

"She was bleeding from the head and had a cut on her eye. She said she was hit by a beer bottle," Patrick told the Reflector soon after the incident. "She (Blue) was inebriated and somewhat combative."

The chief deputy said witnesses filled in some gaps for the suspected sequence of events and they reported there was an altercation between Blue and Garcia in which Garcia reportedly hit the other woman with a beer bottle.

"The altercation started over Miss Garcia's ex-boyfriend (whom) Miss Blue was showing some interest in," Patrick said.

Blue went to Fisher-Titus Medical Center for treatment of her injuries. She received 12 stitches to her face near her temple.

Garcia said Blue made up the allegations about the boyfriend and being hit with a beer bottle.

"Boyfriends didn't have anything to do with this. No boyfriends -- no beer bottles," Garcia said.

By the time deputies arrived, Garcia had left the American Legion.

Three days after the incident, prosecutors filed a felonious assault charge against Garcia. Judge Erie Weisenburger issued a warrant for her arrest.

Garcia was in Port Clinton on business when a deputy came to her house the first time. When a deputy arrived later, she was sleeping when her daughter answered the door.

"They made it look like I was running," Garcia said.

Sgt. Wagner is quoted in a report saying the only way to interview Garcia was by issuing an arrest warrant.

Garcia turned herself into the sheriff's office at 11:06 a.m. Oct. 23. She was transported to the Huron County Jail, where she was released upon posting a $20,000 bond.

While the case was pending, Garcia was prohibited from having any direct or indirect association with Blue.

"She convinced the cops she needed a protection order," Garcia said.

Soon after the incident, she said Blue sent her "30 separate texts" which reportedly were threatening.

"She was just harassing me," Garcia added.


'Self defense': Defendant's POV

Garcia was at the Willard American Legion with her two daughters, 18 and 23, and her niece Oct. 18.

"I avoided the girls all night. They were taunting me," Garcia said, referring to Blue and the other woman.

"I wasn't expecting any kind of fight. ... We tried to avoid them all night even though they were taunting me," Garcia added.

The first woman confronted Garcia when she was outside of the American Legion speaking to other people.

"She put her finger on my nose. I smacked her hand away," Garcia said. "She (then) ran inside the building. ... Everyone heard her screaming."

Blue then "came out screaming" while three men held the door closed to keep her inside, Garcia said, and she eventually pushed the door open.

"She was longing to get out," Garcia added. "She ran at me and hit me."

Garcia backed up twice when Blue reportedly tried to hit her. It was during the second attempt that Garcia took action.

"I immediately wrapped my hand around her hair and down she went. I held her there until she calmed down," Garcia said.

Garcia said she eventually let go of Blue once she stopped kicking and thrashing and Blue's boyfriend then grabbed her by the feet to a chainlink fence about 20 feet away.

"He tried to calm her down by smashing her in the face," Garcia said, referring to Blue's face hitting the fence.

Garcia suspected those are the injuries that resulted in her being charged with felonious assault.

"But the cops made it that way. They wanted it that way," she said.

"I had to go back inside. She (Blue) looked like someone murdered her; that's what witnesses said," Garcia said, adding that witnesses reported Blue had blood splattered on her face.

Garcia said if deputies had listened to her side of the story, they would have arrested Blue and the other Willard woman.

"There were no ramifications; it was self-defense," Garcia said.



Because someone wins a medal dont mean they cant lie. Im not saying shes innocent but if theres a phone call police should reveal it if not there hideing something! For those who think cops are always honest take a look the case in calif. where a officer stalked a woman in his patrol car arrested her raped then murdered her!


Garcia said a call with Sgt. Tod Wagner lasted 28 minutes and was the time when she gave her statement of the facts, but the deputy's report indicates Garcia "immediately terminated the phone call." SOMETHING just make since to me? Where does Todd Corbin come in...When he took her to jail the second time? And gave her daughter a fine...I dont get it something is missing, You call on a cell or regular phone, you have it on your bill, show us, her words not good. Somethings wrong have the facts straight and prove it. I be the first one to say SORRY! But look how many people that know how she is on here, She is nuts and she lies.


I'm impressed you've spent your entire MONDAY and starting again today commenting on an article I PREDICTED! I also knew you would remain a coward! Thanks for proving me right! LOL.. (don't feel alone.. the cops are even playing cover up & hiding evidence!)


Maybe you shouldn't have done the follow up article. I would have sought advice from mr. Clifford before ranting about crooked cops, etc. I can only imagine that this put you on the radar of all the cops in Willard, HCSD, and other local law enforcement, now that you've accused them openly of being liars.


If you wanted to get your story out there so bad why did you take off like a bat out of hell when you heard the sirens, then hide for 3 days... to come up with your ridiculous story? You could have gave the cops your statements right there but instead you chose to run.


That was my thought. For someone that had a story to tell and had nothing to hide. Why not go straight to the sheriff and tell your side? Why not wait for them to show up at the bar? Why did you leave?

Everyone is fam...

^^"Yeah, that" to both of you.

None of it adds up because Lora doesn't know how to be truthful. She comes on here and wants to be touted as a saint for naming herself, but in the end, even if her claims are legit (and if they are, then of course something should be done) it doesn't change that she's a crappy person all the way around.

The only reason she's on here now is not to answer questions, it's because it's making her crazy that she can't intimidate, threaten, stalk, or harass anyone questioning her character.


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Dr. Information

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry….trashy trashy trashy.

Everyone is fam...

Thank you for clearing it up so simply hahaha!


I would be so proud if my mommy took me to the legion to 1. Watch her drink cheap beer 2. Be her designated driver 3. Be tormented by some girls and her friends all night & 4. Watch her get in a fight. This just reeks of class!!


It's ok that all are still hiding behind fake names..it all makes sense, just like truth always prevails.. I received evidence in the "maile" today! ;) Once again, cowards that hide behind truth are beautifully destroyed.. most of the time! Jealousy really isn't a good thing.. let it pass!

Everyone is fam...

It took me a moment to decipher what your were babbling about, but I get it now! You would be smart to be careful of who you get your evidence "mailed" from. She's accused me in the past of being who I am not. I had a lil fun playing along, but apparently she really took it to heart. Seems as if you can't know someone's dirty secrets without them pinning it on someone else.

I do however know who you are referring to (her children are friends with my grandchild)...I'd be very careful. No one is hiding from you Lora, no one wants to deal with your bs. You are unstable and it's showing. And your mother would be so so ashamed...I knew her too, along with the young lady that gave you information that makes you look like a silly girl. Maybe this will help you figure out who I am: I went to school with you, for a few years actually. I moved, but moved back a year later.You stalked a very good friend of mine, driving by her home, calling, threatening ect. Getting warmer yet? I now reside in New London, but have a grandchild who attends Monroeville, so I often travel and visit there. Getting it yet? No one is jealous of you, there's nothing to be jealous of. Get that through your large head. ;)

Not that it helps much, but I did go back and edit past comments since this girl is going to get blamed when she has zero clue and cannot defend herself..unless I get in touch with her and explain what is going on.


Sounds like you got a lot of time on your hands.. "playing along"(or lying) on other stories to get people to believe you're someone else(liar), then editing to cover up what was said(coward).. You're sounding a bit like some deputies I know.. And No, I do not have time for hide and seek! lol Have fun.. cuz I really don't care who you are.. silly girl. I proved myself.. loud & clear & thankful your hometown tabloid or entertainment.. published it! :) Enjoy your world! :)


Jealous? Of what? You've become the local laughing stock for proving you have no class or shame. Instead of being ashamed of the events that led you to this point, you seem to be reveling in this negative attention. With your ranting posts, you are trying hard to believe that you have high morals, but quite obviously from the article, those morals were lacking from both you & Ms. Blue. You should probably "let this pass" and possibly seek professional help.


I almost didn't comment despite digging for my old ID and not finding it, and then setting up a new account so that I could respond. I woke up to texts and screen captures of this circus. Lora, I've only had a brief interaction with you so wtf is your issue with me to bring me into your drama?

It's been briefly explained as an ex inlaw assuming I commented on here to her and the other person not correcting her. Part of me is angry about that, but the other part is amused. Whatever, I've been divorced from that family for years and besides my kids, I don't care what they do or say. However, I'm confused where you come in to play.
So here I am commenting, letting you know I am no coward, and far from intimidated. If you'd like to contact me, do so, but quit being an a$$. You might not have so many enemies if you behaved like a lady. And for God's sake, get better info because it makes you look silly. I'm flattered that after so many years, people still have me under their skin.
Now that I've cleared that up, since I've been accused of already commenting on the story, I might as well :) If officials were being secretive with information, then I hope they are busted out. But based on my recent interaction with Lora, I don't have much faith that she was acting rationally.

Now that I've wasted 5 minutes of my life on you, go away and keep me and my business out of whatever sort of drama is going on. It's between you and your enemies.