'It was self defense'

Woman tells her side of story in assault case
Cary Ashby
Mar 24, 2014


Lora Garcia wasn't convicted of an assault, but she wants to tell her side of the story.

"Lies and accusations is what this is based on," the Plymouth woman said.

Garcia alleged two Huron County sheriff's deputies lied in various reports during their investigations. She said authorities denied her an interview, written statement and "photos of bruises on my legs."

"They denied me my rights so they could get it (the case) to the law director," Garcia said.

Also, she said the sheriff's office changed its policy on releasing the recording of her speaking to a deputy. The phone conversation happened during the investigation.

"It was no longer public after they said it was public," said Garcia, who accused Sgt. Todd Corbin of committing several "cover-ups and lies."

Garcia had called the sheriff's office and asked how she could obtain a copy of her phone conversation with a deputy. She was told she needed to submit a written request.

"A week later is when Patrick said it was no longer public," Garcia said, referring to Chief Deputy Ted Patrick.

Garcia said a call with Sgt. Tod Wagner lasted 28 minutes and was the time when she gave her statement of the facts, but the deputy's report indicates Garcia "immediately terminated the phone call."

Garcia was charged with felonious assault in connection with an Oct. 18 incident at the Willard American Legion. The case originally was filed in Norwalk Municipal Court, was presented to a Huron County grand jury only to have grand jurors transfer the case back to municipal court for possible prosecution on a misdemeanor assault charge.

Ultimately, Garcia was charged with two counts of assault. Both charges were in connection with incidents involving Jessica C. Blue, 27, of Willard and another woman. Authorities said Blue was being "loud and boisterous" and "somewhat combative."

"The tried to hand me a plea deal without hearing my side. Nobody wanted to hear anything from me," Garcia said.

The cases were dismissed March 5 -- one week before a Norwalk Municipal Court hearing was scheduled.

"They had insufficient evidence to convict me," Garcia said. "I had 20 witnesses against their two supposed victims."

"No one wanted to hear from me," she said again, but deputies reportedly didn't give her a reason.

Norwalk Assistant Law Director Scott Christophel outlined why he dismissed the two assault charges.

"The defendant provided some discovery to the state," he said, referring to about 18 witnesses for Garcia.

Christophel said 10 of the witnesses provided written statements in which they corroborated Garcia's story that Blue and the other woman instigated the situation. He said the witnesses reported the other women started the situation and Garcia was defending herself.

"Jessica Blue was highly intoxicated," Christophel said. "There was not enough evidence to convict (Garcia)."


The initial investigation

Sheriff's dispatchers received an anonymous 9-1-1 call at 12:18 a.m. Oct. 18 about two women accused of fighting at the Willard American Legion. Deputies responded to 3096 Ohio 99 and first contacted Blue.

"She was bleeding from the head and had a cut on her eye. She said she was hit by a beer bottle," Patrick told the Reflector soon after the incident. "She (Blue) was inebriated and somewhat combative."

The chief deputy said witnesses filled in some gaps for the suspected sequence of events and they reported there was an altercation between Blue and Garcia in which Garcia reportedly hit the other woman with a beer bottle.

"The altercation started over Miss Garcia's ex-boyfriend (whom) Miss Blue was showing some interest in," Patrick said.

Blue went to Fisher-Titus Medical Center for treatment of her injuries. She received 12 stitches to her face near her temple.

Garcia said Blue made up the allegations about the boyfriend and being hit with a beer bottle.

"Boyfriends didn't have anything to do with this. No boyfriends -- no beer bottles," Garcia said.

By the time deputies arrived, Garcia had left the American Legion.

Three days after the incident, prosecutors filed a felonious assault charge against Garcia. Judge Erie Weisenburger issued a warrant for her arrest.

Garcia was in Port Clinton on business when a deputy came to her house the first time. When a deputy arrived later, she was sleeping when her daughter answered the door.

"They made it look like I was running," Garcia said.

Sgt. Wagner is quoted in a report saying the only way to interview Garcia was by issuing an arrest warrant.

Garcia turned herself into the sheriff's office at 11:06 a.m. Oct. 23. She was transported to the Huron County Jail, where she was released upon posting a $20,000 bond.

While the case was pending, Garcia was prohibited from having any direct or indirect association with Blue.

"She convinced the cops she needed a protection order," Garcia said.

Soon after the incident, she said Blue sent her "30 separate texts" which reportedly were threatening.

"She was just harassing me," Garcia added.


'Self defense': Defendant's POV

Garcia was at the Willard American Legion with her two daughters, 18 and 23, and her niece Oct. 18.

"I avoided the girls all night. They were taunting me," Garcia said, referring to Blue and the other woman.

"I wasn't expecting any kind of fight. ... We tried to avoid them all night even though they were taunting me," Garcia added.

The first woman confronted Garcia when she was outside of the American Legion speaking to other people.

"She put her finger on my nose. I smacked her hand away," Garcia said. "She (then) ran inside the building. ... Everyone heard her screaming."

Blue then "came out screaming" while three men held the door closed to keep her inside, Garcia said, and she eventually pushed the door open.

"She was longing to get out," Garcia added. "She ran at me and hit me."

Garcia backed up twice when Blue reportedly tried to hit her. It was during the second attempt that Garcia took action.

"I immediately wrapped my hand around her hair and down she went. I held her there until she calmed down," Garcia said.

Garcia said she eventually let go of Blue once she stopped kicking and thrashing and Blue's boyfriend then grabbed her by the feet to a chainlink fence about 20 feet away.

"He tried to calm her down by smashing her in the face," Garcia said, referring to Blue's face hitting the fence.

Garcia suspected those are the injuries that resulted in her being charged with felonious assault.

"But the cops made it that way. They wanted it that way," she said.

"I had to go back inside. She (Blue) looked like someone murdered her; that's what witnesses said," Garcia said, adding that witnesses reported Blue had blood splattered on her face.

Garcia said if deputies had listened to her side of the story, they would have arrested Blue and the other Willard woman.

"There were no ramifications; it was self-defense," Garcia said.



I can definitely understand how the past can impact ones overall judgment of a person, but, please do recall....there is a claim (that can most likely be proven). If the officer was dishonest in his statement about the length and or nature of the telephone call then it should discredit his statement as well.


The officer said she hung up... if she has a phone bill saying she was their for 28 minutes it would be on record...Hopefully the officer checks this out so We can all no the truth, I would be the first one to say I am sorry Lora...But I want facts that are true.

Sitting In The ...

So even when these people were "allegedly" harassing this woman throughout the night at no time prior to the altercation did she consider contacting police or leaving to diffuse the situation. I mean I can make a claim the mayor Batman but without proof it means nothing.


Then she had to spend some other time in Jail when they come to her house because she did not show for court. That where where Corbin comes in..tell the truth Lora. Her daughter lied for her! That is where she got fine! LORA....TELL THE TRUTH!!!!!!


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swiss family

yes, we do have law enforcement officers who are corrupt and dishonest, and will make their stories of what happened, twisted all around, at the scene, then they have top report to their "higher ups" who at that time act as Judge and Jury and determine what to charge them with, then the "prisoner" ( note I did NOT say criminal)is berated and harassed in the jail, bu the people in uniform, only to have to get thew help of the public sdefender (who is a joke)and the Prosecttor, ( who is a bigger joke) and try to make a plea deal, and present this to the Judge.. who (also is a joke) (luckily, though, one of the biggest jokes hss retired)until the matter is officially cleaned up... and that is what we have as our "Justice system"it is time for a change.. from the Sheriff and the deputies to the Judges and Prosecutor.in my opinion


After reading MRS. Garcia's story ( Yes, she is married, but has boyfriends) That in inself should say something for her. Her story IS based on total lies. There WAS a beer bottle! After Blue was hit, the bottle dropped. Blue was on the ground and her face was all bloody. Her boyfriend did NOT smash her face into a fence. When Lora heard the sirens, she took off running to a car, laughing and carrying on, stopping long enough to say "next time bring some f****** bandaids" also, some of her so called witnesses weren't even at the legion that night.


I believe you! SHE NEEDS TO GROW UP! Big girl world now Lora! Quit taking your daughters to the bars with you...You should not be their best friend! Sorry Honey you are getting older! FACE IT! You can't.


Why lots are makeing her as the lier dont believe for 1 minute officers dont lie they tend to cover up for each other. Am i saying shes totally innocent know but if there was a phone conversation and its been deleted theres a reason for it WHY that call shows something corrupt and they dont want it out to the public.


read this


The point being made here is not about her being guilty or not - it's about equality during an investigation.


YES! You got it! We won't the truth! If she was done MORE POWER TO HER!!!! They will PROVE IT! Think about it...She is not guilty....But she might lie....and she is hurting other people! I will be the first one to tell her I am sorry. But knowing her track record ????????

Everyone is fam...

Yes, she deserves equality. But just because she SAYS something was deleted does not mean it was. Just because she says she was treated unfairly does not mean she was. Her credibility is pathetic and that is her own fault. Anyone could call the newspaper and make these claims. Why isn't her attorney making these claims for her? Why isn't her attorney putting the officers on blast? Where is the proof? There would be telephone records of the call, there would be more witnesses standing up saying they were there and the police arrested the wrong person. If I were wrongly arrested, treated unfairly, evidence hidden, I would be retaining a lawyer right away and they would be handling this and I would be fighting for fairness with proof in hand.


If I had a lawyer I would not have to run to the paper that she she would own because she called them names.....oh I forgot to ask, does she own the Norwalk reflector, She said she was going to sue them, Did she?


What ever


I get tired of her coming on to me..,,,she did not want me.....she wanted Doyal, he wanted to get back with his x wife AND THAT was who it was!

Dr. Information

Small minded, Jerry Spring mentality. Willard is the same as it was 50 years ago.


Ya think??? Bar fights.....women trashin' themselves with low life behavior? This is what Willard feels is leading by example? Corbin lied in a report or did someone get pi$$ed and hang up on him "abruptly"? JerrY ! Jerry! JERRY!


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Everyone is fam...

Exactly. She was lucky and escaped serious charges, but she is seeing dollar signs in her greedy eyes and thinks she's going to sue. She's a crappy person and I hope one day her actions finally catch up to her and her customers, friends, and everyone else see exactly how toxic this nutjob is.


After reading these comments, I find it hilarious how "show time" tends to weed out bravery & honesty, eh? Where were all of these witnesses when the prosecutor needed you? It's nothing more than proof of Willard's finest, with tons to say but no action.. scared to show your face in court because you had too many warrants you're running from.. possibly? This entire page sounds like the same caliber of folks that I've obviously embarrassed..while you all hide behind false names because your cowards! I, Lora, don't have a past, nor a record any deeper than speeding tickets, however, these "supposed victims" sure do! The question that's been raised regarding "attorneys" and their jobs.. once again.. I don't need to have anyone with a title covering my butt..do you? I had an attorney but as PROOF is EVIDENT.. I did a fine job stating & proving TRUTH when it was needed.. or shall I say when I was finally given MY RIGHTS! Thanks Douglas Clifford for presenting my evidence, although it was 5 months into the case before anyone would listen. Yes.. we have crooked cops, as I have proved! Yes.. there are junkies and trouble makers wherever you go.. It will never stop me from attending anything, as we all have those rights. However, Ms. Blue was on probation from being a convicted felon. Her nor her boyfriend should have been in attendance at the "alcohol facility" that evening. Not only did she violate her probation but after convincing the cops she was in desperate need of a protection order..she text threatening comments as soon as she exited the jail. I have proved myself yet again.. against coward, liars that are nothing more than drama queens seeking attention. Truth always prevails & cowards tend to run from honesty! Although several speak as if you know me.. once again it's nothing more than words.. as you hide behind your nicknames.. and when it was time for you to speak up.. you were still hiding behind the monitor. I would actually have hurt feelings if the honest good folks of our society thought poorly of me.. however, it seems the only ones that ever have negativity are the same ones that reek of a dishonest life.. Cowards! I'm thankful justice was finally served.. and honesty prevailed.. as it always should! This entire case was nothing more than a county trying for "quick funding", as they had to drop charges because it would have been another embarrassment! Shame on the lying cops.. I'm sure my case won't be the last to state their names when they feel the only way to get a case is to force warrants without a true investigation.. shame on you! As for me.. I'm proud I've defeated the liars & cowards that only feed on their partying lifestyles & drama. Honesty always comes out ahead. :)


You don't see me hiding.. what are your real names.. Everyone is family.. Citizen4change..jkjka1978 ? Where were you with all this credible evidence when it was needed? Sitting behind a computer and constantly making comments makes you credible? We will see who's real.. :)

Everyone is fam...

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I agree with everything you said....By the way I am not from Willard either. And I did not witness, but The 2 articles that was in the Norwalk Reflector in Oct, Plus Hearing stories from people that WERE there, does not sound like your story. Lora you need to get the facts straight, That night : (there were credited witnesses with filling in some gaps for the suspected sequence of events. Patrick said witnesses reported there was an altercation between Blue and Garcia in which Garcia reportedly hit the other woman with a beer bottle.) Witness's spoke up that night, they were not called to go to court. And I new you would soon be joining us on here. You run your mouth, No one wants you to know their names because you, LORA are a stalker. You are unstable and lose control. And you will say anything to make it look like poor Lora. Even if you have to lie.


^^^ I think this calls for a meet and greet. American Legion in Willard anyone?


I think you're right jakemac. Are children invited?


I've embarrassed some classy folks that are still hiding behind a fake name.. lol love it! Truth does scare cowards! Far as my children.. they are of age to attend and will go, wherever I go, as long as I live! You also sound a bit jealous.. Show your name.. since everyone is family.. we all would love to know! Bet my high priced art you will always hide.. hmmm? Same caliber of folks that just had their lies demolished! I would bet.. nobody will ever know your REAL NAME.. and you will have more to say because you have nothing better to do than set on a computer? Prove me right again!

Everyone is fam...

You are just dying to know who we are so you can do what you've done to do many other people. You've only embarrassed yourself. And I'm jealous of what? There is nothing in your life I'd ever want. I don't want to be in the bars, I don't want to be tangled up with multiple men, going into a jealous rage when they dump me, and I don't want to be a liar. I'm fine with being sane and having a normal family life where we have dinners and cookouts instead of floozing it up at the bars. But we are missing the most important part of this story...The 80's called and they want their eyeliner back.

I'm sure this is just killing you not being able to stalk someone that has spoken out against you. And I LOVE it :) By the way, it seems you're on the computer an awful lot too...hello pot, this is the kettle calling!


LOL, "high priced are."

Since when is a velvet Elvis painting considered high priced art?

Everyone is fam...

Good point and question. :) You've stumped me! Lol!