State testing to take up a lot of time next school year

Time for instruction in subjects will be limited, local curriculum director says.
Aaron Krause
May 24, 2014


Testing! Testing! Testing!

It's not a refrain to determine whether a recorder is working, but something you might hear with great frequency in the hallways of schools next academic year.

Edison Local Schools curriculum director Catherine Puder told board members at a recent meeting time for instruction in subjects will be limited.

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Bull shite! Teach the kids! Not the "test" to make the school system look good.

former local

Then don't make the entire education revolve around tests that are decided by NON-EDUCATORS!!!!


Isn't that what they do now. TEST. All they worry about. Push for the test. Hit the parts of the book that are for the TEST. IF it is not in the book, they make packets that cover the TEST. Take the TEST....then the rest of the year is NOTHING. Then ask your kid a question about something random, and they have no clue what you are talking about. "We don't learn that". The TEST is what is wrong with the education system. Teachers do not teach. All they do is TEST.


wait...let me get this straight. the kids are studying for the test but not very much on the curriculum? isnt that kinda like the 'horse before the cart?'
do all the districts take the same, standarized tests?


...this is a nationwide travesty ...our daughter, a former grade school teacher, left the system to home school ...not just because of the teach to test issue, but because of the forced mollycoddling of bullies, and time splitting attention needed by script drug special needs kids forced into the mainstream student body ...get too many plates in the air, no matter how devoted you are and eventually you wind up with a mess.
...those students who show up to learn deserve their fair share of a thorough learning experience ...those with special needs, the same, but in a proper setting taught by those devoted to them for the bullies (and the parents that deny or support their behavior) hard cheese...


Yes, it is a state standardized test. They all take the test. they all teach the same crap to take the same test. It is all about who gets the best score on the test. They do not learn out of the book from front to back. They learn this chapter and then skip 3 chapters learn 2 chapters and then the last chapter, because that is what is on THE test. Not because that is what they NEED to know. But, because that is what is ON THE TEST. All the teachers and the administrators worry about is who gets the highest scores on the tests. I guess the future is only about what is on the test. If it is NOT on the test, you do not need to know it, it doesn't really matter.


Students who attend private, parochial and charter schools are not required to take any standardized tests. Only those who attend public schools are required to take them.