Ohio set to ban colored headlights

Drivers who violate requirement could be charged with misdemeanor.
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Mar 20, 2014


Fancy headlight colors ranging from bright blue to pink will soon be outlawed on Ohio roadways, under a bill passed by the Ohio House on Wednesday.

State administrative law already requires white headlights but it wasn’t spelled out in the criminal code as well, making it difficult for police tickets written for colored headlights to be valid. Senate Bill 161 remedies that.

The bill, which now goes to Gov. John Kasich for his consideration and signature, has the support of the Fraternal Order of Police and the Specialty Equipment Market Association, who said certain colored headlights may confuse other drivers.

Drivers who violate the requirement could be charged with a misdemeanor.


By Laura A. Bischoff - Dayton Daily News, Ohio (MCT)

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Ok they cleared that up.
Now people will you get your lights adjusted properly before they blind oncoming traffic?


I can't believe these were allowed in the first damn place. What the hell is the DOT thinking. And the stupid automakers?

All these lights are blinding enough now with the LED.

be for real

About time, now they need to ban people laying down driving trying to look cool while driving.

Don S

Good, this ban is needed nation wide. They should ban the smoked colored lens that go over the stop/turn lights on the rear, too !!


I don't see the issue with smoked lenses at all. Instead of a white light bulb behind a red lens, you have a red bulb behind a grey lense. They are just as bright when brakes/turn signals are applied.


Wow....listen to all the old people complain. Always something.


Exactly what is old to you?

You know certain things start to happen to vision after the age of 35. This is a matter of safety... If you want pretty colored lights" put Xmas ones back on your mom's house.

Headlights aren't the place for a "trend".


I completely agree. The whole thing was stupid in the first place.


I'm 32. Both vehicles I own have the hid headlights. They are amazing. I'm not a fan of the LED's or the blue ones.....but they definitely aren't a huge issue! It's no worse than the idiots who leave their brights on when they pass you.


Wait till your 42 and notice if you're saying the same thing. Vision changes fast after 35. Unless, you are damn lucky.


Lol....I'm sure I'll survive. I hope I'm not a entitled whiner in ten years. That'll suck!

Really are you ...

I think I see blue lights ahead. I should probably check and make sure I am doing the speed limit. Pretty soon the residents of Norwalk will not be able to drive Dodge Chargers, because they resemble our local police forces patrol cars. Then comes no box trucks are to be driven becuace they resemble an ambulance. All tractor trailers will have to avoid entering city limits not to wake people up if they forget to turn off their jake brakes. And if the Semi is painted red it may be confused as a fire truck when viewed from oncoming traffic. Then, since the government thinks it hurts our brains to think and act as individuals, we will only be allowed to drive plain gray compact cars made solely in China.

Being slightly different is forbidden. Everyone everywhere has to be the same. Remember not to think, thinking is also forbidden.



shovelhead's picture

YES! No more laws, please. If you see 2 lights driving down the street at night, it might be a car. Whatever the color. Confused?.....Really?


I'm so offended they would still be using the word "colored" to describe these headlights.


yeah, thats racist..


About time