Local man is a national champ

Master craftsman takes his skill to a new level.
Cary Ashby
Apr 7, 2014


There's an art to creating something with your own hands.

In that case, Lonnie Gilbert isn't just a master craftsman; he's a champion -- one who strives to be even better.

The 67-year-old lifetime Greenwich resident has been making scratch boxes/turkey callers (aka "calls") for about the last decade. But he's modest when he says he hadn't come into his own until fairly recently.

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JMOP's picture

What an amazing accomplishment! Congratulations Mr. Gilbert!


Haha! Very cool, Lonnie. Yes, you know me...been friends for many years, I'm D.K. ;)


very cool. i like fishing. im more of a master baiter..


Thumbed you down.


Congrats Mr. Gilbert. What an awesome achievement!