Spring trash pickup begins week Monday

Households will be allowed to set out three large items or nine extra trash bags.
Scott Seitz2
Apr 13, 2014


Norwalk residents soon will have the chance to dispose of a limited number of large items.

A limited spring pickup for the city of Norwalk will be held this week on residents' trash day.

Households will be allowed to set out three large items or nine extra trash bags (no larger than 33-gallon) for pickup at no additional charge on their normal trash day during this week.

One large item is equal to three bags, so residents may set out one item and six bags or any equivalent combination.

The pickup will be limited to household items only, such as mattresses, couches or TVs.

This does not include construction or remodeling debris (carpet, lumber, drywall, etc.). Items with freon can only be collected if properly tagged that the freon has been removed.

Jeff Montgomery, sanitation superintendent, described the details of the limited pickup.

"The biggest thing for us is the large pickup is done before curb-side starts for yard waste because we use a truck and man for that," Montgomery said.

"Another thing that is huge with the limited pickup is we still can run the recycling," he added.

Montgomery said, in the past with unlimited pickup, the city stopped recycling pickup for a week, much to the displeasure of residents.

"I probably took over 100 calls that week from people who were upset," he said.

"With the limited pickup, this works out good, because we still have the recycling," Montgomery said.

Montgomery said crews will take the week after to repair trucks before the yard-waste pickup begins.

The limited spring pickup comes at a cost to the city.

"It's about $8,100 in tipping fees, but that's not counting fuel and part-time help," he said. "It's about a $10,000 expense."

The city has been doing the spring limited pickup for a few years.

Back in 2009, the city did unlimited spring and fall pickups.

Montgomery said just the spring 2009 unlimited pickup cost $18,012.

"That was just tipping fees," he said.

"This week is tough on the guys, lifting couches and mattresses all week," Montgomery said. "They end up with a lot of scrapes and bruises."

During the week of April 14, sanitation will have four trash trucks, two recycling trucks and a total of 10 employees on the road.

Montgomery said the spring limited pickup works better than the fall.

"The yard waste program runs to Oct. 31 and then we have leaf pickup and it's very cold and people just don't want to put stuff out," he said. "The spring works well. Most people only have two items. I think the spring works well for the majority of the people."



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