Willard schools employee accused of theft

Woman retires a few days after a pre-disciplinary meeting.
Cary Ashby
Mar 19, 2014


The Willard Police Department is investigating a suspected theft involving a former employee of Willard City Schools.

"An employee has been accused of stealing $200," Chief Mark Holden said, referring to an incident involving ticket sales. "I think it was basketball tickets."

The Reflector isn't naming the suspect because she hasn't been charged.

Detective Jeremy Draper conducted several interviews after police received the theft complaint.

A pre-disciplinary meeting was held March 3. In attendance were the employee, Willard High School Principal Chris Schaaf, OAPSE officials and district treasurer Cynthia Shoup.

"She retired effective March 7," said Shoup, who was advised of the situation the previous day.

"I received a call from the superintendent. That would have been Thursday, March 6," Shoup added.

The employee's retirement/resignation letter is dated March 7.

"Please be advised that by tendering my retirement, I am making no admission of guilt or wrongdoing with respect to the school district's investigation of the events of Feb. 14, 2014 and (I) reserve any rights I may have under (the) law with respect thereto," the woman wrote in her letter.

Superintendent Jeff Ritz had made a finding in which he had recommended to the school board that the employee be terminated and also offered the woman to avoid it by an "irrevocable resignation," according to a local media report.

"After listening to what you and your attorney had to say the (predisciplinary) meeting, I find that you did take approximately $200 from the gate receipts at a Willard City School District event ... without permission to do so on Feb. 14, 2014," Ritz wrote.




"The Reflector isn't naming the suspect because she hasn't been charged." What's this? A special request from school officials? Suspects, that haven't been charged, sure have been named in the past by the Reflector.


I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that's not the first time it happened, just the first time she got caught.


This will probably go on as long as the last one !

Dr. Information

Willard had another ticket collector theft? Wow, get some cameras already.


Oh Marsha Marsha Marsha....


Who is it?!


smalltown you are wrong believing that a person who hasn't arrested should be named in a newspaper,as a matter of fact it doesn't seem as though a story of unfounded crime should have appeared in the paper.
plenty of time to get to bottom of a theft without crucifying a possibly innocent person in newspaper!
what the hell happened to the great American way


No, I don't believe that. I agree with you. My point is that the Reflector has printed names in the past of suspects that weren't charged, or maybe never charged. My question is what prompted the change in reporting?


"My question is what prompted the change in reporting?"

Oh, you didn't know? The Norwalk Reflector does what the Norwalk Reflector wants to do!
For real though, maybe they were educated that some of their practices were illegal or unethical. The Norwalk Reflector is primarily a gossip column filled with yellow journalism headings. So you can't really give them the benefit of the doubt or consider them to be a real news source. I mean seriously how many stories have you ever read on here and felt like you were educated on a topic? Zero? I am always left with more questions than answers when reading them. I'm pretty sure they just make up half the stuff and fill in the other half with hearsay. They print the names they want, leave off the others and refuse to follow good journalism standards.




For God sake don't crucify her. The paper doesn't need to name her. Wow . This should have not even have been in the paper. This should have been taken care of internally. $200.00. Wow


Stealing is stealing even if it was $1..would you have said that if it was your money that was stolen. I think not!

Dr. Information

Theft is theft. She should be prosecuted to the fullest.


The fullest would be a petty theft charge, M1.

Misdemeanor of the First Degree Theft

Theft is a misdemeanor of the first degree in Ohio when the value of property or services stolen is less than $1,000. (Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 2913.02(B)(2).)

The punishment for a misdemeanor of the first degree in Ohio is a term of imprisonment of not more than 180 days, a fine of not more than $1,000, or both. (§ 2929.24(A)(1), § 2929.28(A)(2).)

The judge will probably consider this to be an isolated incident, suspend the 180 days in jail, a fine of $750 + court cost, non reporting probation and make her pay restitution.

When everything is said and done, she'll pay over a $1000 for $200 dollars and be left with a pretty big black eye(metaphorically).


Actually because the person is a public employee and involves public money it's a possible F5 theft in office, with loads of other types of penalties including effects on retirement. http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/2921.41


Wow! I knew this was possible but didn't think it would go there. Someone must really have it out for this person to push this issue this far over petty theft of $200. Its going to cost more in legal fees pursuing this than what it's worth. When that starts to happen it becomes more of a witch hunt and less about justice. Something about all of this seems off and really fishy. Something just isn't adding up.


dr information,should she first be charged then tried,or should we assume she stole $200

Dr. Information

Anytime someone immediately resigns in the event of allegations, they are guilty. If they were not, why resign?

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Working in a hostile environment. People won't treat her the same since the allegation. Personally I would quit too if I was accused of something I didn't do. Either way, it's a no win situation.

Dr. Information

Selling tickets at a door at a basketball game is a quote hostile environment? Whoa.

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Yes Dr. Working in a hostile environment of public scrutiny.
It states she retired instead of resigning. Was she hired in another position at the school?


Geez,,,they had Jerry S, then Melanie A, now this.


jerry s? backstory?


jerry s? backstory?


thanks for clearing that up for me dr information,I agree to hell with her rights


Wish people would get this fired up about the President stealing our money and passing it out like crack!


I agree.

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+1 RickRoss


Because that would be racist, (sarcasm off)


I don't hate based on skin color. I hate based on job performance! Bush was worthless too!