Norwalk woman indicted on drug charges

There were signs of prescription-pill abuse at local store where she works, deputies say.
Cary Ashby
Mar 18, 2014


A rural Norwalk woman has been indicted by a Huron County grand jury after her arrest last month on a pair of drug-related charges.

Gia L. Guerra, 42, of 1420 Ohio 61, was charged with one count each of possession of oxycodone and possession of hydromorphone, both in connection with a Nov. 16 incident.

Guerra was taken into custody by Huron County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Josh Querin and Deputy Josh Kaufman, along with Erie County deputies at a Milliman Road residence. Querin said the investigation had been ongoing since November.

State liquor control agents also assisted.

Guerra is an employee at an Ohio 61 business.

"At the establishment, there were signs of prescription-pill abuse," Querin said. "We were able to seize numerous prescriptions pills Gia did not have a prescription for."

Querin said deputies found Guerra hiding under blankets at the Milliman Road residence upon her arrest.

Guerra was transported to the Huron County Jail.

Liquor control agents are also investigating Guerra on several possible liquor violations at the establishment, Querin said.



I love these smiling mug shots, shows the total ignorance of these fools.


I'm pretty sure this is not her first time being in the paper. Looks familiar


she's been in the news recently. i still want to mary her! all joking aside, she looks pretty healthy for somebody on drugs. if she is on drugs it must be what's keeping her looking so young..

shovelhead's picture

This is the same case, just brought back up again for more humiliation of a business owner. Almost everything about this story is misleading. They found 2 pills. I guess that could be several. I guess I own several cars then. She was at her neighbor's house sitting on the couch with a blanket on her lap...not hiding from police. The liquor control agents were called about a bottle of flavored vodka in the kitchen area....with the cap screwed on. These are facts. Seems like tax dollars would be better spent if the "ongoing investigation" could produce more than these one or two pill lawbreakers. Is this the police telling stories, or the author? I don't even know her, just can't imagine getting blasted like that for such a small infraction.

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swiss cheese kat

Prescription-pill abuse is serious. Dont break the law and you wont be blasted in the local rag. Simple enough. Maybe your connection is out and you have to go look elsewhere?

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The point is I expect more, cheese factory. If you have a crappy case, then tell the reporter every possible thing that will discredit the defendant. This is another case of sensationalism. We pay these guys to get results, not one or two pills. Who supplied the pills in this ongoing investigation? Another "end user prosecution". No dealer. No results. No change.

Oh yeah.....I must be a user because I expect more. Way to dig deep for that "new one".


Sure shovelhead....just some booze and pills to make the workday go by... they should just ignore it..


Well, the state along with the State Patrol and Sheriff in Ottawa County are ignoring State Trooper Vitte's claim that he was teaching his girl friends son how to masturbate together while watching porn movies. I personally think that's much worse than the tax man finding some flavored drink or two pills or anything else I've read so far this month in the Reflector.

Matt Westerhold wrote a wonderful editorial concerning this tragedy of justice, you should read it.