Cops join forces over St. Paddy's Day weekend

Authorities made 87 traffic enforcement stops.
Cary Ashby
Mar 18, 2014


A joint multi-agency enforcement effort focusing on traffic and criminal patrol efforts took place throughout Huron County this weekend.

The joint effort included the collaboration of the Norwalk, Willard and Bellevue police departments and state Highway Patrol. The agencies formed a joint partnership to initiate the effort in their respective jurisdictions over the St. Patrick's Day weekend.

"The mission of the multi-agency detail was to bring law enforcement agencies together in an effort to address concerns regarding traffic safety and criminal activity. All agencies involved brought a variety of resources to the table and the sharing of those resources was invaluable to the overall mission of the detail in making the roads and communities safe for all motorists and residents in Huron County," said Lt. Douglas Hamman, Norwalk post commander for the patrol.

Officers made nine criminal arrests, investigated eight drug cases and arrested six people on outstanding arrests.

Authorities also made 87 traffic enforcement stops, four driving-under-the-influence arrests, 11 driving-under-suspension arrests and issued 18 seatbelt citations, 174 warnings and 76 motor vehicle defects.



"...18 seatbelt citations, 174 warnings and 76 motor vehicle defects." Way to be on the down and dirty, boys. Keep up the good work.


It's St. Paddy's, not St. Patty's. Seriously,


lovblues2 they are doing their jobs whether you like it or not.

luvblues2's a tuff job but somebody has to do it....;)

I wonder what 174 warnings at say, 15 minutes per stop costs in man hours?

Dr. Information

The are working regardless if they ticket or not. Didn't cost anyone anything.


Who pays their wages, doc?


Watch those dangerous lane changes boys. Heroin where's heroin ? Never mind heroin, there are speeders to catch and brake light tickets to write. Whether you like it or not HEROIN is the problem turn and face it. Sounds like the highway patrol was involved.


Did you not read the article? There were 370 citations/arrests/whatnot total in that one day, including four DUIs. But no, you're right, we shouldn't focus our attention on that.


Did psycho cop get to instigate trouble with the local bar patrons?

HS Sports Fan

I think Norwalk should bring in the Turnpike Highway Patrol with their criminal indicators and psychic powers to sniff out every bit of Heroin in the city. That isn't asking to much of these super heroes is it? Problem solved! That way the kid cops and the crazy man could concentrate on harrassing Bluto's customers.


St.Patty's !


Paddy's* :)