Norwalk High School cancels classes Thursday for state tourney game

All other Norwalk schools will be in session that day.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Mar 16, 2014


Norwalk High School is canceled classes Thursday so students can travel to Columbus to watch the Truckers' boys basketball team compete in the state tournament that morning.

Norwalk will play Dayton Thurgood Marshall at 10:45 a.m. in the first of 12 games at Value City Arena on the campus of The Ohio State University.

The make-up date will be in June.

The district made a similar move a few years ago when Norwalk's volleyball team reached the state tournament and played on a weekday morning. All students had the day off, and the President's Day holiday was used as the make-up day.

This time, only high school students will miss a day of school.

"Because of our 11 calamity days (so far) and the ever nearer OAA testing dates, the remainder of the Norwalk City Schools (PreK-8) will be in regular session on Thursday," Superintendent Dennis Doughty said in an email to all staff members. "Certainly our support for our team is absolute and our good wishes travel with them to Columbus. Unfortunately, not all of us can make the trip on Thursday."

Doughty's memo appears below in its entirety:


Dear Staff Members:

This is a great time for the Trucker basketball coaches, players, their families and supporters. Qualifying for the state tournament is a great accomplishment and we wish our Truckers good luck in Columbus on Thursday morning. The high school will not have school on Thursday so they are free to travel to Columbus.

(Their make-up day will be scheduled in June)

Because of our 11 calamity days (so far) and the ever nearer OAA testing dates, the remainder of the Norwalk City Schools (PreK-8) will be in regular session on Thursday. Certainly our support for our team is absolute and our good wishes travel with them to Columbus, unfortunately, not all of us can make the trip on Thursday.

Go Truckers!


Dennis Doughty



Kobayashi Maru

Unbelievable! I do not understand this logic. The schools were shut down for volleyball two years ago, yet now only the high school gets to go to basketball? More students and families attend basketball games than volleyball during the season.

Also, what is one more day? Is the passage rate going to suffer that much if Norwalk cancels Thursdsy? Is one day going to make or break it? Absolutely not!

Basketball and football are your two big sports. The schools should be shut down so anyone who wants to attend can. This may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for this community.

I really hope he changes his mind.


With a 3 - 2 vote on this board, there is no logic. There's not much chance to petition the board. The 3 omegos on the board, they will not override Doughty.

Shutting down the schools for HS only is PURE DISCRIMINATION!!!

What about the faculty who have sons playing on the team, what are they supposed to do?

If one day affects the passing rate on the tests, Norwalk is in trouble. These tests for the elementary are not until the end of April. Aren't there enough days between now and then to get the students caught up on what they missed for the tests.

With the levy up in May, these seems like a really good PR move. NOT!!! I for one will not vote for the levy if that is what they think of the community. There are a lot of parents who have supported NHS basketball who now cannot go to Columbus because their children will have school.

Is this Doughty's or Lendrum's decision?

There goes your levy.

Kobayashi Maru

I hope your aren't serious. I am upset as I can't pull out my child to go to the game, but this doesn't mean I'm voting no. The school still needs our support financially. You can thank the Republican Party for the shortage of monies for schools.


That's fine! If you go to the game then pull your child out for an unexcused absence. The kids need to be in school. With all the time off from winter, they are falling behind on OAA prep and need any learning they can get. Yes, it's a great thing that the team made it to state, however, not everyone will go.

Kobayashi Maru

But there are staff members who have taught these students who can't get the day off. I've read on Facebook (some of my friends are teachers) that they are going into some system and being told they can't get the day off. How is that fair? Some teachers get the day off and others don't? Many of these teachers are friends with these families, yet they can't attend now. I bet Doughty and the board will be there. It's the equivalent to a board and the CEO going on a retreat while the "worker bees" stay behind and slave away.

My guess is the schools will simply turn on the radio and no real work will be completed during the game.

This needs to change by tomorrow night.


I think that all of the parents who want to go to the game should just pull their child out of school. What's the school going to do.

As far as changing their minds, everyone should flood the board office with phone calls tomorrow.

I for one will be taking my child out of school.

Kobayashi Maru

I've heard from friends that it will be unexcused and any work won't be allowed to be made up. Also, my child has not missed a day of school and doesn't want to have an absence. He was crying that it wasn't fair! He wants to support his team, which he has all season, but he's very upset about missing school and maybe getting a zero.

Doughty needs to allow the community to rally around this team like he did the volleyball team. A strong community will hopefully support the levy. My son doesn't want to not have art or gym next year. Everyone should rally behind this team, not just the high school kids!

Dr. Information

Go support the team. Good luck boys

Kobayashi Maru



If the high school has to make up Thursday's missed day in June, then why can't everybody have Thursday off and make it up in June??


How about everyone quit crying good lord. GO TRUCKERS!!

Cliff Cannon

@ rbenn : Amen !

These kids are attempting a once in a lifetime event. So what is the problem ? Besides,didn't Mr. Doughty's explanation on the closing's ( or not closing ) sound reasonable ?

Here's hoping the Trucker B.B. team ( which has already brought so much joy to so many ) brings home the state title !

Kobayashi Maru

It may have been reasonable, but that doesn't make it right. As many people who want to go should be able to go. He's not allowing his staff, many of whom graduated from Norwalk, to share in this moment.

Cliff Cannon

So teachers call in " sick " or students have your parent's ( as mine often did ) write a note and say you were " sick ". Problem solved.

Kobayashi Maru

Come in Cliff - you are smarter than that I thought! Teachers call in sick, get caught at the game, then get fired? No way. Remember the Margaretta teacher that got fired for calling in sick and then taking a road trip? I don't think that's the best idea.

Cliff Cannon

O.K. Your right, I was wrong, if they can get fired for that. ( I didn't realize that could happen.)

Still a Groucho Marx mask in case they saw Mr. Doughty might do the trick :)

Kobayashi Maru

Now that's funny!


Aren't they in school to learn anyway? And how many grade school kids will actually be able to attend? There are a lot of lower income families and I am sure their parents won't be able to take the day off work let alone buy tickets and drive to Columbus! And this is just the final four game so if they win they play again on Saturday! That gives anyone that wants the chance to go then! I am just as excited as everyone, I also graduated from Norwalk but I like so many other fans can't get off work either to make the trip! So I will be trying to listen to it on radio if I get the chance at work! That is just life this is only high school basketball lets not make it something more! People need to put things in perceptive these days! GO TRUCKERS!

Kobayashi Maru

Athletics are an important part of the community. With all the recent job losses this town needs to rally around something. This is that thing. Why not give everyone the chance to go?

Sure, students are in school to learn, but this administration and board has already decided they value sports more than the arts and music and library programs. Why else would those teachers be getting cut if the levy fails while sports continue? Then they won't cancel school for a state tournament game? Very confusing!

former local

@Kobayashi..... People like you are part of the problem with the public schools! Sports take all priority! Who cares about education. As long as football or basketball wins, that'll help with the test scores people are so anxious to blame on the teachers!! Its not the one day, it's the principle of the thing!!! Think about it!!

Kobayashi Maru

I'm sorry if you thought my remarks meant I was against schooling and academics. It wasn't meant to be that way. I just believe that every anyone who wants to go should go. If kids are getting pulled out left and right, teachers aren't going to do that much anyway. Might as well cancel and make up the work in June.

former local

Good to hear. My ex-wife is a teacher and she actually had a coach once come to her about a student and asked for a break because they had been practicing a lot, so that's why his homework wasn't done. Now tell me, how inappropriate is that????

Kobayashi Maru

No way! What kind of parent lets a child use the practice as an excuse for not getting their work done? If I was a teacher I would never allow that to happen. I hope your ex-wife did not give the child the break he or she so requested!


Oh, you'd be very surprised.

former local

No she didn't! However, remember, it wasn't a parent it was the COACH!! To me that's even more inappropriate!

Dr. Information

First time in the existence of Norwalk basketball that they have made it to state. Might be another 100 years before that happens again.

Go support the team and to those that cannot go, listen to it at home or work.


Let's just shut the whole town down...seriously people! There are a lot of Trucker fans and parents of students that are unable to get off work, that is just the reality of life, sometimes unfair but life will go on people! Gheez love the society of entitlement anymore!


I'm tired of hearing all the whining about the schools not completely shutting down. Seriously, how many teachers have players on the team? two? If they worked any other job would the be able to take the day off? I'm actually surprised that they're even closing the high school. With all the snow days used, I wouldn't blame them a bit if they didn't. Yep, they closed for the volleyball team a few years ago, but that wasn't a year where they had almost 10 snow days. And, if I remember correctly there were a hundred people on here blasting the decision to close. I'm no Doughty fan, but he made the right decision this time.


The boys are making history and it would also be nice to give them another win. They have been nominated for Ohio National Guard JJHuddle Ohio HS Boys Basketball Team of the Year on It would be nice if this could be published for more people to vote for them. GO TRUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!


Government gives ya extra calamity days that you don't have to make up...may as well use em. Unless they roll over like a personal day. Haha!