Huffing blamed for flipped car on Westwind

Norwalk teen faces several charges.
Cary Ashby
Mar 17, 2014


A Norwalk teen faces several charges in connection with a one-vehicle accident Friday afternoon on Westwind Drive.

(NOTE - To see pictures of the crash scene, click HERE.)

Victor C. Schaffer, 19, of Norwalk, was charged with abusing harmful intoxicants, failure to control, driving with a suspended license and a seatbelt violation.

Norwalk Police Sgt. Kenneth Stiert, who helped direct traffic at the crash site, was asked what intoxicants Schaffer reportedly was abusing.

"It was duster -- computer duster," Stiert said.

"He admitted to using it at Walmart. He apparently had purchased it at Walmart. He claimed he blacked out and lost control. He woke up to find himself upside down in the vehicle."

It's unknown what, if any, history of huffing Schaffer has.

Stiert said the 2001 Ford Escort belongs to someone else, but it wasn't stolen.

Police said the car was westbound on Westwind Drive when it took out two mailboxes on the north side of the road. Schaffer went through a front yard, traveled about 100 yards then flipped on the south side of the road, before hitting another mailbox and a tree.

The Norwalk Fire Department responded to the rollover accident at 12 Westwind Drive at 3:55 p.m. The crew reported they checked for victims, established a safe area and returned to the station 23 minutes after they arrived.

Capt. Eric Hipp has said the two people in the car appeared to be uninjured. The passenger was a 16-year-old Norwalk boy.

"There were no injuries for either of them," said Stiert, who isn't aware of any charges pending against the passenger.

Schaffer was given a sobriety test at the scene. He and his passenger were handcuffed and placed in police cruisers.

"Officer Mike Biller did perform a sobriety test on him. He did take him into custody," said Stiert, who was at the crash site with Biller, Hipp and Officer John Crabill. "He was released."

The investigation was ongoing as of press time.



Ahahahhahaaaa Idiot!


HAHA I was already laughing at the picture of this character..... But after reading it was computer duster... He is clearly going places with his life. Keep up the good work


Lucky he didn't kill anyone, what a moron.


Driving an Escort around town huffing dust-away......he must get ALL the girls!

Cliff Cannon

rickross2 : This ain't supposed to be funny. ( Thanks for giving me a belly laugh at this, though )


It's not funny, it's very sad. But I try to find humor in everything....I think it's a coping mechanism :-)

Cliff Cannon

rickross2 : " It's not funny, it's very sad. But I try to find humor in everything....I think it's a coping mechanism : "

Totally agree here. With out that " coping mechanism " of humor , where would we be ? For " life " with it's many kicks to our privates, would be at times,be almost unbearable with out humor, wouldn't it ?

jack langhals

You have to have a sense of humor to survive all the idiots in this world ! Do they Puff Too ?

swiss family

I hope that the courts do NOT just pass this off as a "goofy" crime. the road that they were driving down is full of twists and turns and adults and children.... this could have been so much worse than it was... if you 2 morons want to fry your brains..have at it... but to be behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, on our streets, along with all of the other law abiding, unaware ,people, innocently in their cars and homes, is unacceptable in any form from you morons.. you already proved that laws and licenses mean nothing to you.. I say "lock you up, even pay for all of the computer duster you need, and let you turn yourselves into the "vegetables" that you proved that you actually are..

JMOP's picture

I agree Swiss. He has ill regard for anyone else, I hope the judge takes that into consideration while sentencing him.


If I'm not mistaken, the officer's name is Biller, not Diller

Joe Centers





Not funny folks,drugs in this community are quite a serious problem .


No ship, what's the appropriate response to this article then? Tell me one response that won't get ridiculed by someone. I'm sure he's a nice boy, who is experimenting, or he had a rough childhood. Maybe his parents are drug abusers as well. I don't know him, what I know is what the article says. He was huffing while driving a car on a public road. He set himself for the ridicule, things could have ended a lot worse for him or someone else. Sometimes public humiliation is the best remedy. Maybe his buddies will read these comments and realize that people are MAKING FUN OF HIM, and maybe he isn't as cool as they originally thought. Because it ain't cool, it ain't fun, it ain't gonna get them anywhere in life. Coddling them and telling them it's not their fault doesn't help them, it hurts them.


Here is my response, ridicule away.... Mr. Schaffer, you're lucky to be alive. I, for one, am actually pissed off that people like you survive this kind of accident and good people die everyday in lesser accidents! You're lucky that you didn't hurt someone, but I doubt you care about that.... If I were the judge, I would take away your license for a long time, because you obviously do not have enough common sense to operate a motor vehicle!


Unfortunately, among the losers that do this stuff, his coolness factor went way up. We think he's an idiot but he can show off his pictures online. Never met a smart huffer.


No you are right it is not is downright disgusting. These kids could have killed someone. Not only themselves, but anyone else on the road, the sidewalk, or in the yard anywhere NEAR the road. These twits had no regard for anyone but themselves and their "feel good" in the moment mentality. If you want to kill brains cells fine, go ahead, but do it in your bedroom or your basement. Do NOT do it in a car while driving anywhere near other people.


Absolutely! I just posted another comment with my feelings on it.^^^

Cliff Cannon

When one comes in my front door. They are greeted by a sign that says " I realize humor isn't for everyone. It is only for those who want to have fun,enjoy life and feel alive "

So I for one, certainly appreciate " rickross2's " humor as well as understand completely, then totally agree with "G'Dusty86 " and " ladydye_5 " feelings here.

Here's hoping, praying and rooting the kid never huff's again. Then thanking the almighty no one was hurt.


Where does it say that the close smelling of stuff is illegal?




My thoughts too rickross, ole45mag must think its ok to huff intoxicants and flip cars. but heres the laws mag for your reading enjoyment.


Come on guys, he just needed some "air"!


Mom and Dad must be so proud.