Woman who threatened to kill deputy is indicted

Deputy: Defendant "stated several times she wanted to kill all of us pigs."
Cary Ashby
Mar 16, 2014


A rural Norwalk woman accused of attempting to stab a Huron County sheriff's deputy was indicted Friday.

Blanche M. Myers, 54, of 602 Greenwich Milan Townline Road, is charged with felonious assault. The first-degree felony is in connection with a Feb. 19 incident and is punishable by three to 11 years in prison.

Deputy Steve Mancuso responded to Greenwich Milan Townline Road in Hartland Township for the report of a male subject who reportedly threatened to commit suicide.

"Deputy Mancuso responded and was able to determine the individual was not threatening suicide with a knife or gun," Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said soon after the incident.

Mancuso then encountered Myers, who was in the roadway near the scene.

"The female was in the roadway with a knife and her actions were aggressive in nature," Querin said. "She told Deputy Mancuso she was going to kill him and began to charge at him."

Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler, citing the deputy's report, said Friday it doesn't appear Mancuso "actually got stabbed."

"I know he used a stun gun on her. He ended up stopping her with a stun gun," Leffler said.

"She (Myers) stated several times, she wanted to kill all of us pigs (and was) spitting at deputies," according to the sheriff's office report.

Myers was transported to Fisher-Titus Medical Center and then booked into the Huron County Jail. She remains in custody.

"We're fortunate Deputy Mancuso was equipped with a Taser and avoided possible serious injury. ... It was a good result to a potentially dangerous situation," Querin said.



So glad officer Mancuso got to taz her. Been awhile since you've slammed that hard eh Blanche?




Trumped charge? She had a knife and said she was going to kill him. That isn't freedom of speech, that is threatening an officer.

The association between the word pig and the police has been around since the 80's. Are you just now hearing about that?


The 80's ? WTH!!

Try again, it's been around since the 60's - twenty years earlier. Maybe before that. I was born in '65 and I remember hearing it when I was little; any cop show from the 60's or 70's used it.

Seriously, you think most pop culture slang didn't come around till the 80's? Why does your generation always think that?


You must've been to your doctor too many times if you think these charges are trumped up. "I never eat a pig, cause a pig is a cop. Or better yet a terminator, like Arnold Swarzeneger, don't play me out like as if my name was sega"


Doc, you have officially reached a new level of stupid.

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In the 60's it was a real slur to call a policeman a pig. Fuzz was another term of what origin I am unsure of. I never use pig in reference to policemen and women. Da'man, Fuzz, Omar Sherrif when I see one driving and rein in my auto. As in Uh Oh Da'Man!


arnmcrmn is showing his age.Pig was used in the 60's for sure.


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Lmao.....where does it say pigs in the constitution? This is the most ignorant, incoherent comment I've ever read. You better stick to picking on Babymomma on the Register site, you'll get ripped to shreds on here son.


Are you even kidding right now? This is one of the dumbest comments I've ever read on here...and trust me there have been a lot of dumb comments on here.

Blanche has always been a train wreck and I hope she gets the punishment she so rightly deserves for her stupid drunken behavior.



Dr. Information

She wasn't charged for her words. She was charged for felony assault for having a knife and making threats, charging at an officer with a weapon in her hand and spitting on an officer. Boy oh boy you really can't read.


Lol...too many grammar and punctuation errors to make fun of....my brains going into over-load trying to process this nonsense.....correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you insinuate that the word pig was in the constitution? Nuff said, you're too dumb to insult.


Thank you Deputy Mancuso and all other officers for what you do. We as a community neglect to say thank you enough.


So doctorsRdrugdealer makes comments, then when everyone makes fun of him or points out that he is completely inaccurate....he removes his comment and replaces it with a smiley face?!?


Yes I did do that. My comments were based on and before the article ever appeared. Plus I can care less of this woman and her problems. Maybe the reporter should report the whole story than what was reported in the indictment. I am not here for you or anyone else and my screen name is to open up the eyes of America instead of everyone focusing on the low level crimes. It all starts from a power much higher and tho this article has nothing to do with that I chose to stay focus on the task at hand. I don't care about who ppl vote for or their beliefs. I am not a criminal and I pay my fair share of taxes. To go back and forth with you guys is not my purpose either. Glad I have your attention though! ;)


It's all in fun dude. That's why we don't use real names on here....I probably would have been shot by now if we did! I voice my opinion and get tore apart a lot for it too. It's no biggie, enjoy life...don't beat yourself up over things beyond your control...God only grants us 1 life each, cherish it!


Your biggest downfall on here is lack of spellcheck! Lmao