Ohio lawmakers pass bills to fight opiate addiction

Doctors and dentists will be pushed to use the state’s prescription monitoring system.
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Mar 14, 2014


Doctors and dentists prescribing pain killers or sedatives will be pushed to use the state’s prescription monitoring system to check up on their patients’ medications, under a bill unanimously passed by the Ohio House on Wednesday.

“It’s such a useful tool. We’re trying to drive up participation and allow the prescribers to have better insight into their patients,” said state Rep. Ryan Smith, R-Gallipolis, the bill sponsor.

House Bill 341 will require doctors to sign up by Jan. 1, 2015 to use the Ohio Automated Rx Reporting System run by the state pharmacy board and beginning April 1, 2015 they’ll have to check OARRS before prescribing more than a seven day supply of opiates or sedatives. Checks won’t be required for drugs prescribed in hospitals immediately following surgeries or for pain killers prescribed to hospice or cancer patients.

OARRS tracks prescription medications written and dispensed for the past two years. It allows prescribers to guard against addicts who are doctor shopping.

The House also unanimously passed a bill that would require school districts to include in their health curriculum information about opiate and heroin addiction prevention.

State Rep. Terry Johnson, R-McDermott, who is the former Scioto County coroner, said once someone is hooked on opiates or heroin, it requires enormous resources to help them. “Prevention is the key to making this problem manageable in the long term,” he said.

The bills now move to the Ohio Senate for consideration.


By Laura A. Bischoff - Dayton Daily News, Ohio (MCT)

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Sounds to me like??
The blame is being pushed on the doctors and dentists???
???.... OK sure... that's what it is.. (sarcasm)
always blame someone else society


Haven't you heard.....it is never the addicts fault! ALWAYS, ALWAYS someone elses. There is NO personal responsibility. So much easier to just blame someone else.


Maybe try rereading the article. Doesn't "sound" like any blame being passed on at all. "Monitoring" abilities for Docs and Dentist. They call it "doctor shopping". To the addicts its called pill hunting. These prescription pills should be monitored. Whatever you wanna say though.


Yeah, blame the doctor who prescribed to many pills. They are blaming the doctors, not the pill poppers that are "doctor shopping". Some people NEED pain pills. If my doctor prescribes too many what happens then? I'm on a watch list? I get cut off? I have never been addicted to pills. I do not have a problem with pills, but there are times when I need to be on something for longer than some SENATOR or other government slob thinks I should be. I do NOT doctor shop, I have a family doctor and a rheumatologist. But when the addicts and druggies limit the ability of people with REAL diseases from getting medication that is where the problem is.


Blame? Not getting that from the article. Docs and dentists insight to their patients is what I read. A "monitoring" system. Junkie goes to doc No.1. Doc No.1 prescribes 25 pills. Junkie goes to doc No. 2 doc uses "monitoring" system and sees junkie has already been prescribed 25 pills on a certain date. Doc refuses to give junkie pills based on this information. About time


Any dependable, good physician already does this. It's called an OAARS report, shows every controlled rx you have filled. I work for a physician that checks this every time a pt comes in and also does drug screens to make sure you are the one taking the rx prescribed as well as any other drugs, legal or illegal you have in your system.


OAARS is great, if everyone was signed up.

One major problem is, timely reporting.