School delays announced for Thursday (Updated)

Effects of winter storm remain.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Mar 13, 2014


The following schools are closed today, Thursday, March 13, 2014:

Bellevue City Schools

Christie Lane School (Note: Christie Lane Workshop is open, but there is no transportation.)

Edison Local Schools

Monroeville Local Schools

Willard City Schools

The following schools are on a two-hour delay:

EHOVE Career Center

Help Me Grow

New London Local Schools

Norwalk City Schools

Pioneer Career and Technology Center

South Central Local Schools

Western Reserve Local Schools




Effects, not Affects (need a noun, not a verb)


Another reminder that winter is still here! Better to be safe than sorry!


Norwalk is a sheet of ice. Those schools should be cancelled today.


IDK what is going on with this newspaper but Willard City schools are closed and have been since this morning!!! Love the misinformation we're receiving!!


I don't know what's "misinformation" here. It clearly says Willard is closed. But I do agree with the comment that Norwalk should be closed, too. These roads are terrible!


First people complained because the schools were closing, calling them wimps. Now people are complaining because the schools are NOT closing. There is just no pleasing some people.


Most all schools have an alert system that either calls the home, your cell phone, or sends an email. How many people actually rely on the paper for updated info on whether or not to get ready for school?