Huron County jobless rate at 12.4%, 6th worst in state

About 3,200 people are out of work here.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Mar 16, 2014


Huron County's jobless rate shot up to 12.4 percent in January, the sixth-highest figure among Ohio's 88 counties.

It's also the highest rate of any county north, east or west of Columbus. Only five counties in southern Ohio had unemployment rates higher than Huron County.

Of the estimated 25,600 people in the county's workforce, 3,200 are out of work, according to statistics released this week by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS).

That jobless estimate is 400 people greater than the 2,800 figure for December 2013, when the county had the state's eighth-worst rate at 10.3 percent.

However, the January 2014 rate was lower than the previous January, when Huron County posted a 14.1 jobless rate.

Among the state's 88 counties, January 2014 unemployment rates ranged from a low of 4.4 percent in Mercer County to a high of 15.0 percent in Monroe County. Rates increased in every county.

Five counties had unemployment rates at or below 5.5 percent in January. The counties with the lowest rates, other than Mercer were: Holmes, 4.8 percent; Delaware, 4.9 percent; Auglaize 5.0 percent; and Union, 5.5 percent.

Seven counties had unemployment rates above 12.0 percent in January. The counties with the highest rates, other than Monroe were: Meigs and Morgan, 13.2 percent; Pike, 13.1 percent; Adams, 12.6 percent; Huron, 12.4 percent; and Ottawa, 12.1 percent.

Ohio's unemployment rate was 6.9 percent in January 2014, down from 7.1 percent in December 2013, according to data released this morning by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS). Ohio's nonfarm wage and salary employment increased 16,700 over the month, from a revised 5,268,900 in December to 5,285,600 in January.

The number of workers unemployed in Ohio in January was 395,000, down 16,000 from 411,000 in December. The number of unemployed has decreased by 26,000 in the past 12 months from 421,000. The January unemployment rate for Ohio was down from 7.3 percent in January 2013.

The U.S. unemployment rate for January was 6.6 percent, down from 6.7 percent in December and from 7.9 percent in January 2013.

Total Nonagricultural Wage and Salary Employment (Seasonally Adjusted)

Ohio's nonagricultural wage and salary employment increased 16,700 from 5,268,900 in December 2013 to 5,285,600 in January 2014, according to the latest business establishment survey conducted by the U.S. Department of Labor (Bureau of Labor Statistics) in cooperation with ODJFS.

Goods-producing industries, at 876,500, gained 10,900 jobs in construction (+8,000), manufacturing (+2,400), and mining and logging (+500). The private service-providing sector, at 3,652,600, increased 3,300. Job gains in professional and business services (+5,900), leisure and hospitality (+3,400), and financial activities (+1,100) exceeded job losses in trade, transportation, and utilities (-5,200), information (-1,000), educational and health services (-600), and other services (-300). Government employment, at 756,500, added 2,500 jobs over the month. Gains in local (+2,900) and state government (+600) outweighed losses in federal government (-1,000).

From January 2013 to January 2014, nonagricultural wage and salary employment increased 67,100. Goods-producing industries added 21,800 jobs. Construction increased 11,600. Manufacturing added 8,700 jobs in durable goods (+8,100) and non-durable goods (+600). Mining and logging gained 1,500 jobs. The private service-providing sector added 49,000 jobs over the year. Employment gains were seen in professional and business services (+25,600), educational and health services (+10,700), leisure and hospitality (+9,500), trade, transportation, and utilities (+3,700), financial activities (+900), and other services (+600). An over-the-year employment decline occurred in information (-2,000). Government lost 3,700 jobs through federal (-2,400) and state (-1,700) government. Local government posted a slight increase (+400).



Post about Wal-Mart in Norwalk's high price of milk seems to be out of post to some. But too make sense of the messages below, Wal Mart Toft's...$4.72. Seven eleven in Monroeville...$3.79. Kids need it mostly, even the kids of these unemployed. How's Wal-Marts beer prices to the dads and drunks?


Not just milk. With KMart gone and BigLots next watch for WalMart to raise prices on everything.

former local

Anyone who DIDN'T shop at K-mart cant complain.




10 gallons a week? Maybe u should buy a cow. Oh. Wait, this is an article about Huron Co. unemployment. Milk? Lol. Only on the reflector comment section.


Either "price match" them or don't shop at Walmart!


Yeah...the "price of milk"...who cares? You are missing the point! Most of these "unemployed people" are too busy doing drugs to worry about THE PRICE OF MILK...or getting a job!!!

former local

Wow! That's not an over-generalization is it?


Amen to that. Or powdered milk, or use less/do without? This county always has had high unemployment. Those that are from here know what & how to make it.


Re: "This county always has had high unemployment."

Unemployment yes, but not consistently within the top 10 in the State.

Some want to thrive, just not hang-on and survive.

The figure only counts those on unemployment benefits, not those who have given up looking for work or taken part-time jobs but want full-time.

The TRUE jobless rate is probably 20% or more - depression levels.


probably even higher than that...


Does that number include the places that were or are closing down , yet?


Re: "Milk"

Only those humans who have not yet been weaned should be concerned about drinking milk.


Ha! That's hilarious!


Sort of funny...not really hilarious...but mostly just wrong.


Re: "mostly just wrong."

Then drink up!

And good job for believing the bill of goods spewed out by the Dairy lobby.

They appreciate your support for the taxpayer subsidies.


Nice! Supporting subsidies for foreign owned oil companies and opposing them for American dairy farmers? Milk is healthier than fossil fuels.


Re: "Milk is healthier than fossil fuels."

So you often imbibe in a glass of petroleum-based product?

Don't AGW proponents often spew that bovine flatulence is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions?

OTOH, some fracking in HC might provide a few jobs and some additional capital.


Deleted by poster


These numbers are always misleading because there are too many people in this area that don't want to work, or won't stay clean enough. The company where I work recently had an orientation with 30 potential new employees. Only 5 of them passed the drug test. There have been many times when people will go through the application process, interviews, and then orientation. Then they will work 3 or 4 days and decide that they don't like it, and they will just fail to come back. I've seen people leave at lunch and never come back. People either want to work, or they don't. And it appears that there are quite a few that don't really want to work.


5 out of 30 is more than usual for this area according to the HR people I've spoken to.

former local

Wow! Some confidentiality there. Sounds like some HR people need to be replaced!


Umm...they didn't name names so I don't see a problem.


Superslant...100% agree! Everyone wants a pity party while they ruin their own lives and try and project the blame on anything or anyone but themselves!!!!


Superslant please, tell US your organizations name. Some here do know of people that can pass drug tests. Not to mention being to work on time, no theft, etc. thanxs

In my opinon


swiss family

it is not just Milk that is higher.. what about GAS..??? for some unknown reason, and according to the lies that the gas station owners in Norwalk want us to believe, they are told by someone , what to prices at??? it seems awfully odd that go anywhere outside Norwalk , on any given day and you can buy gas for anywhere from 10 cents to 50 cents CHEAPER outside the Norwalk city limits..( I will anxiously await several responses from local gas station owners that will tell us that they are only making pennies per gallon on gas.. and that they are almost thinking of quitting the sale of gas, because there is no profit in it... I believe they will say that God tells them what to price it at, or something like that)

I also wonder. in these terrifically desperate times, how much we are paying out to support the 3 or 4 employees, of the NCDC Uptown enticement group??? can we do an evaluation on how many jobs and companies came into Norwalk since this committee was created, compared to how many jobs left the area during that time???Are we really spending our money wisely, by paying their salaries, plus buying them their own building, when their jobs are set up to fail, because there are NO jobs available....

I am reminded of the old song... There's a whole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza" and it goes on and on full circle.. and in much the same way, we as a community can sing ?There's a need for jobs here dear Ellen, Dear Christie Dear Terry, there's a need for good jobs here dear Ellen some jobs"...But there's no jobs out there dear community, dear community, dear community... there are no jobs out there, out there no jobs... So why do we pay you Dear Ellen, Dear Christie, Dear Terry?? so why do we pay you, when no jobs come here??But we help the local businessman , local businessman, local businessman, we do help the merchants, the merchants we help, unless it disrupts a local restorers vision, dear Ellen Dear Christie, Dear Terry, you fail to follow your own mission, according to who's on your board... but that is not fair, dear Ellen, Dear Christie, dear Terry, but that is not fair, not fair at all, as long as no one notices, dear citizen dear citizen, as long as no one complains dear citizen, we cave in..... and on and on.... why do we pay them for an impossible job?? there are no jobs coming in, do we really need a building, and 3 highly paid puppets who refuse to help the businessmen and follow their, own mission statement, that they, themselves wrote??? a waste of good money to me...

Really are you ...

Yes! Huron County is number one, north of Columbus! Yeah baby! Number 1!


Superslant you wouldn't be working at Berry's would you? LOL. if it is there you work I can understand why you can't keep people.

Cliff Cannon

There is really good news here ( believe it or not ) In Saturday's "Reflector " the " help wanted " page in the classified's was actually a full page !

So there are opportunity's available. Here's hoping the ambitious go getter finds the chance they are looking for.