Huron County snow emergency reduced to Level 2

Adverse weather causes numerous accidents.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Mar 12, 2014


Huron County is under a Level 2 snow emergency.

Sheriff Dane Howard had elevated the alert to a Level 3 at 2:30 p.m. He reduced it back to a Level 2 at 6:30 p.m.

Under a Level 3, roadways are closed to all non-emergency travel due to extremely hazardous conditions. No one should be on the roadway unless it is absolutely essential to travel or a personal emergency exisits. Contact your employer to determine if you should report to work. Those operating vehicles on the roadway for non-emergency reasons may be subject to arrest.

In Ohio, there are three levels of snow emergency, with Level 1 being the mildest. This is the fourth time in Howard's career that he has issued a Level 3; the previous three also were this winter.

The sheriff's office has handled about 20 traffic accidents so far today. The state Highway Patrol and local police agencies, including Norwalk, also have seen their share of crashes. The blowing snow has created near white-out conditions at time.

Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth also issued a Level 3 for his county this afternoon. A triple-fatal accident closed part of the Ohio Turnpike in Erie County this afternoon as jack-knifed tractor trailers caused a chain reaction crash involving many vehicles.

A winter storm warning for Huron County and the surrounding areas expired at 8 p.m.

Also, the city of Norwalk is under a parking ban. Parking on city streets is prohibited when snowfall exceeds or is expected to exceed 2 inches.

The adverse weather conditions has led to a number of closings, including all area schools.

The Norwalk Reflector offices are now closed for the day.

Norwalk city hall is closing at 1:15 p.m.

Huron County Common Pleas, Juvenile and Probate courts, as well as the county title, treasurer, recorder and clerk of courts will close at 1:30 p.m. today.

Citizens Banking Company in Norwalk and Erie County will close at 2:30 p.m.

Tonight's Milan village council meeting and the Norwalk planning commission meeting have been canceled.

The Huron County Public Health Department is now closed for the day.



Agree, again


Sounds like you're complaining


Go ahead and drive. Take extra clothing and a shovel so if you go in the ditch u can get yourself out so you don't have to call and have someone risk their life to come rescue you. good luck. Drive safe.


Unfortunately, that's not how it works. The rescuers are in constant danger.


That's right. Responders have to deal with all the issues. Levels were a good idea in theory, but most people +and employers I know) pay them little heed. Which is probably why many of the people I know that plow on the county or state level think they aren't really helpful. Not complaining, just an observation. JMO.


Re: "The rescuers are in constant danger."

OMG. This is OH, it's winter, learn to drive on ice and snow or keep off the roads.

This isn't the f'n Arctic!

When it's summer and if the temp is over 100º,will the Sheriff's Dept. warn people to stay off the road for fear of heat stroke?

What a nation of wimps this has become.

Hopefully the Canadians won't attack during the winter, or OH is doomed! :)


I think that's the point. People don't stay off them which affects crews ability to clear roads. And yes, responders are in danger because someone who doesn't know how to drive in the weather did anyways. If there's no consequence, why not?


Geez, it's surprising that this nation has survived for over 200 yrs.

Guess our ancestors were just better and stronger people.

Put a fork in it – this country's done.


Yeh. I just got done building my outhouse and hand dug my well. I chop down trees with my axe and hand split wood to heat my home. I hunt or fish for all my meat and grow a garden and can my fruits and veggies. I got a job in town so I walk to work everyday plus I to the gym for fun. Bunch of wimps.


Didja kilt you a bare when you were only three? :)


Not one of us would make a pimple on the azz of the old generation.


@contango - I agree with you very infrequently, but you've hit the nail on the head right here.


when I was young I walked 4 miles each way to school dirt road,not a big deal,after school i worked on a farm,bunch of weak sissys


And look at u now. On your computer calling people "sissys". A true specimen. Lol.


People who are complaining about the warning system and saying people are wimps for having something in place that warns people of the dangerous conditions are blowing my mind here, lol. You want to abolish emergency weather warnings that tell people of dangerous conditions outside? This after a 40 car crash on the turnpike with 3 fatalities today? Do you guys ever stop to think about what you are typing?


Hey! If you don’t need to go out, don’t go out.

But sometimes driving comes with the job when it’s: wind, rain, snow, sleet or dark of night.

Better keep the kids inside. Don't let 'em play outside, they might get frostbite!

Better turn those irresponsible parents into Child and Family Services and have 'em taken away.


Oh and if you think our ancestor's were "better" people the I don't even know how to respond there. Read some history I guess?


Re: "ancestor's (sic) "

They seem to have 'gotten the job' done without all the whining and hand wringing of some of these wimps.


Got the job done while disregarding morals and responsibility for other's safety. This is a whole other can of worms that I fear to even dive into out of respect for this website's moderators.
Should we shut down tornado warnings, flood warnings and everything else as well? Tough it out people! Sorry you work third shift and didn't realize we have level 3 conditions while you were sleeping and are sliding all over the place on the turnpike, stop being a wimp! They are doing a service to you, and all you do is complain.


Re: "They are doing a service to you,"

Nothing wrong with warnings, but ordering people to stay off the road is a whole other thing.

No service to me. I know how to drive on ice and snow.

Ya live in OH, it's winter - deal with it.

If it's a problem - move to warmer climes.


Or maybe they didn't have laptops and a comment section to post their rants.


More likely they 'sucked it up.'

And people wonder why Huron Co. is goin' down the tubes????


Yeh. This whole level 3 crap is sure flushing Huron Co. right down the drain. Oh wait I think all of northern Ohio is on level 3. Maybe u can start a drivers Ed. class specialized in snow and ice driving. I just pitched my tent outback and intend to sleep in my underwear out there tonight. No wimp here.


So I can't go to the gas station for beer and smokes? It's only 3 miles


Run there. It'll make you thirstier so you can drink more beer so then you'll smoke more cigs. Win win


Level 3 only applies to females right?


Beer and smokes constitutes an emergency so you are fine.


Wow. There is a whole lot of stupid in this comment section.


If you would leave it would get a little smarter.


Good one.