Keep it positive

Airport board member says enough of the negativity
Scott Seitz2
Mar 25, 2014


John Evans said a little "positivity" could go a long way when it comes to the Huron County Airport.

Evans, an airport authority board member, said public relations -- both on the part of the board and the pilots -- would help calm down much of the negativity surrounding the facility.

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If anyone can bring positivity it is John Evans. He is one of the most positive people I know.

In looking at this situation, Most of the negativity has been created by the coverage by the Reflector of the relationship between the commissioners and the airport board. Gossip and negativity sell newspapers in the 21st century. If the Reflector merely reported the facts and didn't stir up controversy (in this case with over coverage of a minor, but hot button issue) where none previously existed, they would go out of business.

yogi bear

I agree, John is a great person to have on the board.

yogi bear

you would think the reflector would at least use a photo with John in it.


John is the perfect person to serve on this board. He can oversee the airport's passing.

Happy Hermit

Lets not give John a swelled head, I agree with his assessment of the Air Board.