'Highly intoxicated' grandma gets DUI after picking up children from school

Local woman was more than twice the legal limit, police say.
Aaron Krause
Mar 8, 2014


A village resident is accused of being "highly intoxicated" when she arrived to pick up her grandchild and two neighbor children from Milan Elementary School.

LeAnne L. Afong, 57, of 26 W. Church St., has a hearing scheduled for 1:30 p.m. Monday in Milan Mayor's Court to answer to a charge of having physical control of a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, Milan Police Chief Bob Meister said.

Meister said that's a first-degree misdemeanor, punishable by a maximum of six months in jail and a possible fine of $1,000.

Milan Elementary Principal David Hermes informed Sgt. Patrick Fox of the incident immediately after school let out, almost 3 p.m. Thursday, Meister said.

Meister said the suspect admitted to driving to the school and Fox located the vehicle in front of the school. Inside was an empty bottle of a screwdriver concoction, Meister said. The chief also said the suspect admitted to consuming alcohol in Milan Cemetery before driving to pick up the children. She declined to comment how much she drank, Meister said. However, Meister said she slurred her words, her eyes were glassy, her tongue was thick and Fox smelled alcohol on her breath.

Afong originally underwent a portable breath test, which registered her blood-alcohol content at .191 -- two and a half times the legal limit of .08 percent for drivers in Ohio. Fox brought her to the station and conducted another breath test using a machine at the station. That test registered .183 percent, still more than twice the legal limit.

The 8-year-old grandchild, as well as the 3- and 9-year-old neighbor children and the suspect were released to a sober person. The children were eventually released to the custody of an uncle. Meister said the report doesn't mention anything about the children's parents.

Afong was released on a recognizance bond. A warrant will be issued for her arrest if she fails to appear for her hearing on Monday, Meister said.

The police chief said he has a "fundamental problem" with anyone who would put people at risk, especially small children.

"She was in enough of an intoxicated state there could've been some serious injury had there been a crash," the chief said.

He commended Fox.

"Sergeant Fox did an excellent job of following up with the investigation," Meister said.



Drunk and apparently transgender.


Good thing there you don't have an issue with transgender people!

Seen it All

Headline reads: Highly intoxicated grandpa....

Sub headline reads: Local woman had grandchild....

I am confused!

former local

Ok, so its a typo, jeez!!


Wait a minute...no child endangerment charges?! Or did she not drive with the kids?

And a slap on the wrist? This paper should be called 'Do illegal things without consequences'.


^^ I agree child endangering!!
I hope Lux does too!


The story around town was.. While she did drive there after drinking. After the auto search, she was found a few blocks away from school walking children home..


That story won't sell any papers!


Story says the kids were released to an Uncle. And if they were walking home that would be "public intox"?


She admitted to driving vehicle "there"..
and in all truth... you should check laws on the books.
if you are at home with your own children and only parent home at time and consumed a few drinks and for whatever reason a law man came by. his/her discretion... they could/would remove children or stay and wait for a sober relative..
that is just a tip of the iceberg of how many laws are on the books, that the government can find it's normal law abiding citizen as law breakers.
now as far as this lady?..i could give a rats-butt, i was just saying what i heard


I don't care either. Just that the story stated they were released to sober person, then to an Uncle. Not sure if they walked home as your rumor stated. And if they did walk home, she could have been charged with public intox if the officer wanted.


New movie out "bad grandma".

Fibber Mcgee

Glad no one got hurt