Music teacher indicted on 13 counts involving sex with students

Police detective: “Everyone feels horrible for his wife and their son."
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Mar 7, 2014


A Newark band director was indicted Thursday on 13 counts, including sexual battery and child endangering involving three former students.

Anthony Miller, 32, of 516 Liberty Lane in Westerville, was arrested on Feb. 24 at Newark’s Carson Elementary, where he was a part-time music teacher, and charged with sexual battery.

Miller also served as the band director at Heritage Middle School and assistant band director at Newark High School.

According to a release from Licking County Prosecutor Ken Oswalt, Miller could face up to 36 ½ years in prison if convicted on the nine felony conts, in addition to another year on four misdemeanor counts.

Oswalt said all of the alleged offenses occurred while the victims were Newark High School students. Two of those victims are now adults.

None of the allegations involved use of force, according to Oswalt.

Miller has remained in the Licking County jail since is arrest. His bond was set at $75,000.

“We are not posting bond at this point in time,” said Miller’s lawyer, Brad Koffel of Columbus. “I want to make sure that Anthony is safe, from himself and others.”

Koffel said he also wants to give Miller “some preview of what he can expect.”

“Anthony is genuinely remorseful,” Koffel said. “There was never any attempt to ply these victims, no alcohol or drugs. He’s a younger man, with some level of immaturity. It’s a matter now of working as quickly as possible with the state on some kind of plea.”

According to the arrest warrant, Miller admitted to Newark police detective Steve Vanoy that he had sex with “at least one of his students while she was enrolled at Newark High School” and that he sent nude images of himself to female students and received nude images of the female students in return.

Miller also admitted having sex with “several of the girls after they graduated from high school.”

Vanoy reported that he'd interviewed a current Newark High School student on Feb. 20, who said that Miller had “solicited her to engage in sexual conduct with him.”

Vanoy then interviewed other current and former Newark students who said that Miller had contacted them via social media and had “initiated conversations that were of a sexual nature.”

Vanoy said after reviewing the information, he turned over a list of approximately 10 potential female victims to the prosecutor’s office, all of whom would have been students at the time of the alleged incidents.

While one victim admitted that sexual activities with Miller were consensual, Vanoy said Miller’s actions with many of the victims were “unsolicited and unwanted.”

“I think this would have continued had he not been caught,” said Vanoy, “and to some extent, he admitted to the same.”

Miller was suspended on the day of his arrest by Newark Superintendent Doug Ute, who’d disciplined Miller twice before for inappropriate behavior.

According to his personnel file, Miller was warned in August 2012 for violating the district's Internet policy.

In November, a parent filed a police report, complaining that Miller had been contacting a senior at the Career and Technology Education Centers of Licking County through Facebook for months.

The complaint led to a disciplinary investigation and hearing in December. Ute suspended Miller without pay for three days, from Dec. 18 through Dec. 20.

“I hope that you realize the seriousness of your actions and that we will not have to meet again in the future regarding such subject,” Ute wrote to Miller.

Miller is married and has an infant son.

“Everyone feels horrible for his wife and their son,” Vanoy said. “She had no idea this was going on. Her world is completely torn apart.”


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Wow what a P0S! I do feel bad for his family. Now they have to live with that their whole lives. But this guy needs to be put away for a long time

swiss family

I think it is time to mandate that any teacher, band director, Priest or Principal, take a polygraph test, BEFORE they get their degree and before they come into contact with students, to see if they are attracted to either sex of children that they will be around. It has been a problem long enough, and we need to protect our kids from these sexual predators....


He is a 1999 graduate of Perkins High School in Sandusky.


Well - this fellow's already done more time than the female Norwalk teacher that got no time in Sandusky county for more than 20 offenses of this type.


In his defense he IS a teacher so it could have all been educational? Or does that only work for SHP officers? (*sarcasm*) But would really like to hear more details. Someone said that woman teach got off with a slap on the wrist for same thing? If these are 17 soon to be adult girls he shouldn't get more than her slap. Precedent? Now the ones that were "unwanted" he should be hung for if that's the truth and if they were younger girls than there's no defense for this fool.


The Norwalk teacher confessed to more than 20 sex offenses involving actual sexual conduct with the victim, was allowed to plead to one offense in Sandusky county, and received no jail or prison time even though she was found to be a "predator" and must register her address every 90 days for the rest of her life. Link


Typical American double standard.


Isn't his brother the new band director at St. Mary's in Sandusky?