Man arrested in one of 'largest heroin busts in Huron County history'

Drug bust made near Dave's Food Mart in Norwalk.
Scott Seitz
Mar 8, 2014


A Lorain man was arrested Thursday in what local law enforcement officials are calling one of the largest heroin busts in Huron County history.

At about 2 p.m., deputies had set up a controlled purchase during which a confidential informant was expected to buy 17.5 grams of heroin, valued at $5,250.

"The purchase was supposed to take place in Norwalk Township, but at the last minute the suspect changed the location," Huron County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said.

The location was switched to a Benedict Avenue business and the purchase was conducted.

"This is a common practice," Querin added.

Authorities arrested Lewis A. Turner, 20, who was charged with trafficking in heroin, a second-degree felony.

"Mr. Turner was also in possession of more suspected heroin and $7,000 in cash which was seized," Querin said.

The vehicle Turner was driving was reported stolen from Lorain earlier Thursday.

"We don't prefer to do these types of transactions in a heavily-populated area due to concern for citizens' safety," Querin said.

"In this case, we had no choice," he added. "We conducted the investigation and were able to remove a significant player who was selling heroin to individuals in this area."

Sheriff Dane Howard, Chief Deputy Ted Patrick, Detectives Kayla Zander and Rich Larson, along with deputies Sgt. Tod Wagner, Mitch Cawrse, Joe Andrews and John Vogel all assisted at the scene.

Turner was found to be already on probation from Lorain County for possession of heroin and cocaine.

Querin said Turner had just been released 45 days ago from a Community Based Corrections Facility.

Querin said Turner admitted to using heroin two days after leaving the CBCF.

"We will continue the effort to enforce drug possession and trafficking laws in Huron County," Querin said.

Turner was transported to the county jail.


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Good Job keeping trash junkies out of our town! Maybe they can link this individual with the killings of all those people from his way.


Wow they finally arrested someone with hard drugs instead of marijuana!!!! I never thought I'd see the day. Pretty sad how the only way they can bust someone is by making controlled drug buys. LOL


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Mr Spock

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Pretty sure if you type heroin into the search box on the reflector you will see dozens and dozens articles on people being arrested or indicted on HEROIN charges. It is apparent that their primary focus is heroin, cocaine and pills. Keep up the good work officers.


Yes, great job on the part of the officers. Then the judge puts them in a 'program' and they're back out on the street robbing houses to get money to feed their addiction. It's a circle, nothing changes.


In order for his dude to come off of 17 grams of dope to deliver to someone he must have a personal relationship with him outside of drugs. Big guy isn't gonna just hand a random junkie 5 g's worth of product. I would call this dude a right hand not a middle man.

Bubba's Buddy

Bring back the prison work gangs and hard labor.
I bet then the crime rate would drop.


He is no right hand man. 17 grams is not a lot by any means. If he was a right hand man he would be dealing keys. And not driving a stolen car to f'ING norwalk. Get out of little huron county and you will see that the problems are not so bad in the 419. Just because nothing in that town ever happens that when something like this does EVERYBODY HEARS ABOUT IT. Think about it.


Easy there tupac. Keys? The 419? Over 5000 worth of heroin? Come on playa. 7000 cash, over 5000 in heroin driving a stolen car from Lorain to Norwalk? Can't believe he didn't have a gun on him.

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I thought african americans were scared of needles like they are scared of open water... or is that me stereotyping again. Anyways any dope off the street is a good thing


He is 20 years old, his career choice is just getting started.


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YES theres bigger dealers then this guy but still it takes heroin off the streets before it gets to your children!



Mr Spock

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