DUI defendant guilty of being 3 times legal limit

Norwalk man, 66, pleads guilty to charge.
Cary Ashby
Mar 7, 2014


A local driver whose blood alcohol content tested more than three times the legal limit pleaded guilty Thursday to two related charges.

Robert J. Dilger, 66, of 17 Eagle Creek Drive, was convicted of driving under the influence and failure to maintain assured clear distance through Norwalk Municipal Court.

Wakeman Police Officer John Katitus witnessed the Jan. 15 injury crash. Chief Tim Hunker said the officer was in a cruiser monitoring traffic when he saw Dilger hit the rear of a vehicle in front of the village BP station.

Dilger then went off the road, hit a small sign and stopped, Hunker said.

"Both (drivers) went to the hospital with minor injuries," the chief said, referring to Fisher-Titus Medical Center.

Authorities obtained Dilger's BAC while he was at Fisher-Titus.

"It was over three times the legal limit," Hunker said.

The legal limit for drivers in Ohio is .08.

Dilger was fined $750 Thursday and had his driver's license suspended for six months starting Jan. 15, according to court records.

Upon completion of an approved alcohol intervention program and the payment of $500 of his fine by June 4, Dilger will have a three-day jail sentence and $250 of his fine suspended.

In mid-February 2003, prosecutors dismissed a DUI charge against Dilger due to "lack of evidence" for a conviction, court records state. The charge was in connection with a Nov. 5, 2002 traffic stop handled by the state Highway Patrol.



"Lack of evidence"..Seriously? How do u not have enough evidence for a DUI? That's a new one!!


The guy lives in Eagle Creek, $750 is a drop in the bucket to this guy. I bet he really learned his lesson!!!!

Richard Cranium

First off "lack of evidence"? Really? This is a State Patrol case and they are pretty locked down on their traffic cases. So my guess is since he is a big name wealthy St. Pauler and the former judge at that time was a big time St. Pauler, there was definitely lack of evidence. It's what you call the Norwalk Math Relativity Theory. If you pull all the State Patrol cases for that year, see how many were dismissed for "lack of evidence".