Train derails in Willard

Mishap causes backup of trains in the area.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Mar 6, 2014


A train derailment in Willard has caused a backup of trains in the area. 

Ohio 13, between U.S. 224 and U.S. 250 in Huron County, was closed this morning due to a train blocking the tracks. By 8:30 a.m., the road was open again because the train that had been blocking the tracks was separated, allowing traffic to pass through the area.

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Willard and trains don't mix. Heads need to come out of A$$es, and soon.

believe it

Lol what? Willard is one of the main hubs for csx in the country.


Maybe; though before it was Willard it was called Chicago Junction. Much freight has moved through that zone since the late 1800's. Call it law of averages? Accidents do happen. Great jobs like the R.R. help local economies.


If you think that the RR does a lot to help Willard's local economy, it doesn't. The RR has continuously moved their operations out of Willard City limits to avoid paying city taxes over the years. MTD (and I would assume Donnelly's) has felt an increase in their water/sewer rates as a result. So I know this is effecting other business that KEEP their operations in city limits. Also, have you drove by ANY of the tracks in Willard and seen all the trash (coming from NYC) that ends up littering those areas? I filled 14 lawn bags last time I went out and picked it up. That was just the underpasses on Main Street. I understand the general public doesn't know some of this but they should. I've talked to the reps in Jacksonville numerous times over this and the noise. They know its a problem and don't care. So between the tax revenue that's lost, the trash and the noise, I just don't see what help they are providing to this local economy. And with the trash the City of Willard maintenance department is suppose to cleaning those underpasses. The problem is that we can't put a city employee on constant trash detail for the railroad. They cost money, another way CSX would NOT be helping the local economy. Sorry to get all over you about this kURTje. I just wanted every one to know what was really going on.


Does the RR need to start drug testing down there?


Wait- didn't this just happen this fall?
lol good lord whats going on over there in Willard?


that's for sure Kurtje

Dr. Information

From my understanding, derailments happen more often than the public knows about. Most are able to be re-railed without incident however sometimes they have to call a company to bring a loco crane in to move the car back onto the tracks.

This really isn't news.


trains derail often most anywhere,most of time a little buckling,no big deal,there are companies that do nothing but go from one derailment to another.
as far as drug testing believe me railroad workers are tested more than anybody in the country


I worked for the railroad for years and sometimes was tested as high as three times in a month by lottery, and derailments happen weekly maybe just one car off the rails or several. Corman or Hulcher's is called and everything is fixed generally within a few hours, nothing new really.


jakemac25 your comment has to be one of the most uninformed that I have ever seen,do you think the RR throws trash out everywhere or does the public throw trash on the RR,and how can a RR move as you described,its pretty hard to move a RR.
then as for economy,how about the good paying jobs,maybe if that RR can move like you say they will move to Norwalk,we'll be glad to put up with them.


The issue with the trash has somewhat been addressed. So I did speak out of line when saying they didn't care. They recently started putting nets over the carriers to slow down the rate of liter disbursed. And with the moving of the operations, over the years CSXT (which was Chessie Cat before and B&O RR before that) have had to replace and rebuild buildings that were getting old. They decided though to rebuild each of these buildings out of the city limits. Lowering the value of the land thus lowering the taxes paid. CSXT went to the city of Willard before rebuilding and ask for a tax credit. Willard was raising taxes at the time and CSXT didn't want to pay the increased tax. They moved the operation buildings from the current locations in the city limits outside of the city limits, avoiding higher or current city of Willard taxes by lowering the land value. Taxes they had been paying and actually helping the economy.
Also if you want CSXT in Norwalk you can have it! Good luck with the trash, the noise, the derailments and the summer HoBo invasion that Willard also has to deal with, every summer. Stock up on earplugs, trash bags, bottles of water, dog food and spare change.