Woman convicted of lying about armed robber's location

Man got 12-year prison term for cemetery hold-up.
Cary Ashby
Mar 9, 2014


A Wooster woman has been convicted of lying to investigators about the whereabouts of her boyfriend at the time, an armed robber.

Shannon N. Roe, 27, pleaded guilty Tuesday to obstructing justice. The third-degree felony is punishable by nine months to three years in prison.

Roe earlier posted a $10,000 bond. She will be sentenced May 1.

Former Collins resident Garry D. Ellis Jr., 21, is serving 12 years in prison at the Lorain Correctional Institution. During a plea deal in mid-January, he pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery in exchange for the dismissal of one count each of abduction, felonious assault, theft of a firearm, theft and tampering with evidence.

The armed robbery happened Oct. 24 in a Hartland Township cemetery.

The male victim, at Ellis' sentencing hearing, said he felt terrified and helpless as the defendant pulled a gun on him and made him walk into a small shelter. Ellis then drove away from the cemetery.

"There aren't any words to describe what it felt like," the victim said. "Every step I took, I asked God, 'Please don't let him shoot me. Please don't let him shoot me.'"

Ellis told the victim he needed gas money, asked to use his cell phone and after "he dialed some non-existent numbers, (he) pulled out a gun," Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler has said.

The Huron County Sheriff's Office arrived at Ellis' DeRussey Road, Collins, home and arrested him.

"I'm sorry for what I did. I wasn't in the right state of mind," Ellis told Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway in January. "I hope the victim will forgive me."



Wow she looks rough for only 27! And he is getting exactly what he deserves


She definitely looks innocent!

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I see several other cases where lying to the cops gets you a misdomeaner called "obstruction of official business". I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have known all of the details, or how severe the crime was at the time the cops asked her where he was. I am very glad this guy is off the streets, just can't make the connection....some people lie & get 20 days, others lie & get 3 years.

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She's so pretty. I'm totally into women that look twice their age. Call me when you get out the pen baby.