Local officers take down marijuana lab

Authorities seize 198 marijuana plants worth $198,000.
Scott Seitz2
Mar 7, 2014


Local law-enforcement officers took down a suspected marijuana lab Saturday in Willard.

Huron County Sheriff's Deputy Ted Evans, along with officers from the Willard police department, converged on the residence at 982 Timothy Drive after receiving information regarding the growing of marijuana at that location.

When all was said and done, officers seized 198 marijuana plants, with a total street value of $198,000.

Those plants are now in evidence at the HCSO.

No one has been arrested.

The plants are to be dried out and sent to the crime lab where they will be weighed and verified they are marijuana.

That process has to take place to determine possible charges, said Huron County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Josh Querin.

"We expect arrest warrants to be issued in the near future," Querin said.

Querin said multiple people were living at the Timothy Drive home.

A number of criminal tools were also confiscated.

"That is a substantial amount of marijuana," Querin said. "There were quite a few mature plants."

Querin said the marijuana was being grown at two locations on the property.

"The majority was in the basement," he added.

The raid took place at 4:30 p.m.

"The men and women of this office realize heroin still is the top priority," Sheriff Dane Howard said. "However, we enforce all the laws and that includes marijuana.

"Our focus is on heroin, but this case came before us and we are obligated to deal with it," Howard said. "This was a fairly significant operation.

"Deputy Evans and the Willard detectives worked closely on this case to bring some closure to it," he added.


Sitting In The ...

I don't know what my IQ is. People who gloat about their IQ's are losers -Steven Hawking


Umm.... causes cancer? Can cause cancer by being in the presence of.... Ruins your health.... Horrible coughing... Destroys your teeth... More addictive than most illegal drugs... Oh your point about IQ? Sorry I'm high.

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Uh yes $1000 for a marijuana plant! When the plant is mature and dried out and cleaned to be sold the value of one plant is $1000. Some plants are worth much more but if you break it down it depends on how much came off the plant to be sold. I do not grow or sell or smoke it for that matter but the best way to do it is only grow 1-3 plants at a time so it looks like personal use if caught. Also when growing those few plants do not store the weed separately. Store it all together in a tote or bag so it isn't broke down to sell. This way it looks like personal use. When more then 6 plants and in separate bags they nail you for selling. They need to just make it legal! Don't matter to me I don't get involved in it but they use it medically so make it legal already!


I'm glad they made this bust. We don't want that crap at our lake. Thank you sheriff's department. It's a horrible drug, is addictive and has carcinogenic findings with use.



I'll agree with a lot of what that says. But you could replace marijuana with caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, soda pop, etc........anything you have on a daily basis that makes you happy or fills a "void" will cause irritability when taken away. Especially if it's not your choice............ Next argument on how dangerous Marijuana is?


It's also comical how you post such a one sided article on it as well. Where is all the medical benefits Marijuana can provide? You want to win an argument with me, present both pros and cons and then explain why/how the cons outweigh the pros. This is put out by a MEDICAL establishment, they are against Marijuana because they stand to lose out on $ The pharmaceutical market wants nothing to do with a plant that can take out half their products being legal. Why do you think so many people are addicted to pills? They don't have to be addictive, they choose to make them that way. So many alternatives to a Percocet it's ridiculous, but how can they turn a profit if they actually fix you?


Marijuana is illegal but it's also decriminalized to a certain point. If someone has 198 plants growing at their house, its no longer in the decriminalized category. I just can't believe that was going on though in Holiday Lakes, I thought Jack had that place on lockdown!


Marijuana Addiction....Please!!!!! There is no such thing....


I do not smoke it or anything but I know people who do. They are no addicted to it at all. Tobacco products are more addicting. With pot you can walk away from smoking it. And with pot your not out shooting people over it, your not out getting DUI's and wrecking a car, with pot it mellows you out and if anything makes you sleep good and gives you the munchies!!


Well science and facts prove that wrong. Go blow smoke somewhere else.


Science and facts prove global warming too. Science and facts prove that we evolved.


Gasp! I broke the law. I drove 60 in a 55 mph zone. Let the people vote on whether MJ is legal or not.


Agreed. Just bring an ID! Lmao


Comparing caffeine and cigs to mj? Really. Facts are most heavy drug users started with mj, not caffeine or alcohol or whatever else one wants to throw out there. Just a bad idea overall to even start using such an addictive drug. Hard to get that point across on any mj thread as most that comment are daily mj users.


Caffeine and cigs can kill you. Fact is it was probably a cigarette before weed. Just because someone chooses to smoke weed doesn't mean that they puff down all day. Hard to get a point across to someone that doesn't know that people can drink booze and smoke weed responsibly.


Responsibly is a word lost in America.


Yeh. That's what the politicians and lawmakers want you to think too. So they can keep policing us more and more.


I hate arguing with old people....they believe the government no matter what


Yea, I did. What are the medical benefits of caffeine? What is the medical benefit from alcohol? What about cig benefits? Now what are the health benefits of THC? Spend an hour on google researching these questions and then give us an update. I'll be on the edge of my seat.


Off topic and non related. Keep trying to spin words.


Caffeine reduces migraine headaches, diabetics can drink one beer or a shot of whiskey before bed each night to help with their sugar through the night, one beer or glass of wine daily benefits the body a lot, a cig yes is bad but calms your nerves, THC my friend helps with pain and seizures also is used in cancer patients. Medical doctors give it to kids with ADD and ADHD aswell to help behavior problems. Did you google or ask a dr. anything about this stuff? MAKE IT LEGAL!


One beer or glass of wine daily benefits the body a lot?!?! Did you google it or ask a doctor? If so, get a new doctor of that was his reply. Lmfao. They say a glass of red wine is good for the heart. That's one thing and it's only red wine and red wine tastes like piss. Marijuana is in the thousands as far as it's medical benefits go. Caffeine only helps with headaches if you're addicted to it and stop using it. Then the headache is from lack of caffeine. That thing about whiskey for diabetics is recommended by 0 out of 5 doctors. Maybe 10 doctors!

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Sitting at home watching TV while drinking alcohol or smoking marijuana is one thing. But, most people who drink alcohol, smoke pot or both are out socializing with other like-minded people, driving to and from those locations.

“I’m a better driver when I’m stoned.” Not true.

And though the accident stats aren't as bad as they are for drinking and driving, the risk is palpable.

Feel free to believe whatever you think justifies your mind-altering substance addiction.


Some people smoke pot and get so friggin stoned they can barely walk and they giggle so much and their motor skills are crap and people think they can drive a car like that. I don't get it.

Check out the controlled road course tests you tube.. 60 Minutes or Dateline did one of those shows.


anyone know someone who smokes MJ multiple times a day, everyday, that is a productive person? If you can answer yes, you are a liar. MJ creates lazy, non motivated people when it's used daily.


Thanks for the tip.


That is a total lie! I know people who have a full time job and are dedicated to the job. They work daily to support their self. For relaxation after work each night they smoke a little. Smoking pot does not make you lazy. I also know drinkers who are functioning drunks. They get up go to work all day then come home and still work and drink a few beers to relax. After supper they relax having another beer before going to bed. And these people do this daily and are more motivated then people who don't drink or smoke pot!


you can tell he smokes pot he prob is a janitor and mcdonalds but after smnokeing weed thinks hes a computer programmer.


This is a great bust and hard work by both HCS and WPD. Thank you!