Local officers take down marijuana lab

Authorities seize 198 marijuana plants worth $198,000.
Scott Seitz2
Mar 7, 2014

Local law-enforcement officers took down a suspected marijuana lab Saturday in Willard.

Huron County Sheriff's Deputy Ted Evans, along with officers from the Willard police department, converged on the residence at 982 Timothy Drive after receiving information regarding the growing of marijuana at that location.

When all was said and done, officers seized 198 marijuana plants, with a total street value of $198,000.

Those plants are now in evidence at the HCSO.

No one has been arrested.

The plants are to be dried out and sent to the crime lab where they will be weighed and verified they are marijuana.

That process has to take place to determine possible charges, said Huron County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Josh Querin.

"We expect arrest warrants to be issued in the near future," Querin said.

Querin said multiple people were living at the Timothy Drive home.

A number of criminal tools were also confiscated.

"That is a substantial amount of marijuana," Querin said. "There were quite a few mature plants."

Querin said the marijuana was being grown at two locations on the property.

"The majority was in the basement," he added.

The raid took place at 4:30 p.m.

"The men and women of this office realize heroin still is the top priority," Sheriff Dane Howard said. "However, we enforce all the laws and that includes marijuana.

"Our focus is on heroin, but this case came before us and we are obligated to deal with it," Howard said. "This was a fairly significant operation.

"Deputy Evans and the Willard detectives worked closely on this case to bring some closure to it," he added.



Hey fat Dane.. Why don't you start raiding the obvious heroin and pill houses that are well known in Willard instead of busting people for weed? There are many many people who need to be busted for dope but you guys want to bother people who grow weed. The sheriffs office is a joke and so is the Willard police department.


I'm not sure how far your flattery will get you with your commands.

Do you know the people or addresses of the pill and heroin houses, if so you could tip them off.


The pot houses probably have pills and heroin in them, too.

$ 200K, huh? I could use some of that greenery.


Why would they do that? They don't want to take a chance of busting to many of their snitches at one time. Would rather let a significant problem get worse while only taking down one maybe 2 real "players" in a year instead of using their "anonymous tip" search warrant loophole and taking down ALL of the dope/pill dealers in our area. They love pickin on the little guy.


It is time for LE to back off on pot busts. It seems crazy that in some states it is legal and generating tax dollars but in Ohio pot arrests continue to screw up people's lives far worse than the effects of pot. Let's focus on the real dangers of prescription pill abuse and heroin.


I agree. Also seems many of these weed busts are just another photo/news op for the Sheriff and his little buddies.


Its all the other nonsense (pills..heroin) that these jackholes r messing with that's bringing the heat. Bet it will come out that these fools had other drugs in their home. Like I said before those are the retards that are making people sketchy about marijuana reform in ohio.


Educate yourself about addiction disease.

This nation is being taken over by the lazy and dependent.

Ask yourself, why is it so important to be high.


Wow, you people act like they had 2or 3 plants. 198 is a significant amount. I don't know these people at all, but if they're collecting unemployment, or food assistance, or welfare, and making bank like that, I'll be upset! The cops aren't busting peoples doors down for smoking/selling a little weed. They want their cut. Period. Marijuana should be legal. Period. But as long as it's illegal, you can't grow 198 plants! I know the consequences to getting caught, or I would have 500 growing as we speak! Whatever happens to them is deserved. The real crime is them not being able to do it legally and pay taxes on it. We all lose out on our current marijuana policy. Legalize and tax it ASAP.


Good points

former local

Wow!!!! No generalizations in that comment!!!!

swiss family

I commend the Sheriffs dept for doing their job..But I also agree that Pot should be just like alcohol, and it should be regulated and sold legally.. I think the problem lies in the "Judicial" department of the law.. We have already seen, repeatedly, where our ultimate "Supreme" Judge has sent heroin users and heroin distributors to the Christian rehab house, so what kind of punishment will he rule as a justifiable punishment for these pot growers? I am guessing that as screwed up as our system seems to be, that he will rule that these growers will get a more harsh punishment than the criminals that sell heroin to people who have children with them at the time of the sale, and also in a school zone.!!!

I do commend the Sheriffs Dept, like I said, especially when you think about the seriousness of the "higher up" in the drug culture, these guys don't mess around.. they will harm and threaten and sometimes even kill the people who break up their money making equation, so these guys at the Sheriff;s Department risk their lives and their families well being to arrest these guys, only to have our beloved Judge turn them loose , out on the streets again, to accomplish their threats. I think we can all see where the weakest link is, and it needs to be removed and replaced so that our arresting officers can do their jobs, more safely. in my opinion


Absolutely. Big money brings big security. There was no mention of any firearms on site which is really surprising though.




A person addicted to marijuana will suffer impaired brain function and distorted thinking (read above comments for example).

At least cigarettes don't peel points off of your IQ.

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I take those iq tests too, I know I'm not a 147, I'm at least smart enough to know that. Lol


Don't matter how educated, how much you make a year, or what your IQ is.....in the state of OHIO, pot is still ILLEGAL. So you will still get arrested for it. I would think with your skills and your aptitude you would know that. I mean sounds like you love bragging. Don't you know the laws of Ohio too? The fact is, weed, pot, marijuana is illegal. No matter what the other states do or what YOU think about it, the law is the law.


We decriminalized it. $100 fine, no jail, no record, no license suspension. Speeding is illegal too.....same kind of crime get over it. He said he smokes it not sells it.


He gets caught with it, he gets a ticket for it. Still against the law.


Right, don't make him sound like a kingpin over a joint


So, a computer programmer with a 140 IQ...And here you are on a public forum admitting your habital drug use, as if you've never heard of an IP address? What next, you work at NASA flying rockets?

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@chet. Judging by your comments, we are getting a good laugh as well. Stay out in CA, where a 100k job is the equivalent to a 30k job here in Ohio. Just another 30k millionaire big shot to big for his shoes. Lol

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Congrats, by CA standards you are lower middle class. Keep bragging, this is great. Gotta love someone bragging about their income when in reality, it isn't what they are hyping it up to be. Keep on test taking, one day you will get there.


Gotta love it, bragging on the internet.

I too am from Norwalk - the difference is I care about that little OH town still, that's why I'm here. Not to call people "retard" and "redneck".

For a guy as successful as you, you'd think you would have a little more dignity. I'm sure Gary is proud to have you showing your support in your picture with the comments you leave.

Dr. Information

Exactly NORBILLIES, why would someone living it up so rich in CA care to make up a name and comment on the little old redneck hillbilly Norwalk Reflector forum? Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmm