Local man pleads guilty to assaulting police officers

Prosecutor: "At least no one was shot."
Cary Ashby
Mar 6, 2014


A man pleaded guilty Tuesday to firing shots during the investigation of a domestic violence complaint.

Former Plymouth resident Daniel C. Loera Jr., 38, of 614 Fink St., Willard, was convicted of one count of assault on a police officer in exchange for the state dismissing a second, similar charge.

Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said he and Huron County Public Defender David Longo have made a joint recommendation that Loera serve 14 months in prison.

"They (police) were arresting someone for domestic violence and he (Loera) started shooting. At least no one was shot," Leffler said.

Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway ordered Loera to be held without bond until his sentencing date, which is set for next Tuesday.

Loera's conviction is for an incident about 11 a.m. Nov. 20 when the Plymouth Police Department responded to a domestic disturbance on West Broadway Street. The incident happened right around the corner from the police station, but Loera wasn't home when officers arrived.

"We received a second call and the caller said, 'He's back,'" Chief Charles Doan earlier told the Reflector.

Officers responded and attempted to contain Loera in a white van. He wouldn't exit the vehicle and when Detective Cameron Dailey attempted to assist Loera from the van, Loera charged the detective and Officer Krystal Kessler, police said.

Loera had Kessler on the ground, beat her and then attempted to flee, police said. Witnesses said Dailey then fired three or four shots at the defendant.

The officers and Loera all were transferred from the scene to a local hospital. The officers' injuries were non-life threatening.

Richard County Sheriff Steve Sheldon and his deputies plus Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard and his deputies assisted police. Agents with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation processed the crime scene.

Two other defendants pleaded guilty Tuesday to their respective felonies:

• Adewale A. Olaniyan, 37, of Norwalk, will be sentenced May 7 for possessing cocaine during a May 26 incident. He had posted bond in the case, but is now in jail on a separate aggravated rioting case filed in Norwalk Municipal Court.

• Kyle W. Strong, 25, of 270 E. Ohio 61, will be sentenced April 30 for one count of breaking and entering. As part of a plea deal, prosecutors dismissed one charge each of safecracking and theft of drugs.

Strong's conviction is for an Oct. 12 incident at a Bellevue animal hospital. He earlier posted a $25,000 bond and isn't prohibited on being on the premises of the victimized business.


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Another quote from Leffler "at least no one got shot."? Really? How about "thankfully, no one got shot"?
Maybe I haven't paid too much attention to this prosecutor before, but this is his second disturbing comment in a day, and he acts nonchalantly, blasé, about these crimes.
Is he about to retire soon, and just throwing in the towel early?


He certainly has a way with words. A way that makes it seem as if he's coasting. Been in his position for too long and playing prosecutor and judge at the same time. Read some old articles here.


Another brilliant comment by the Huron county prosecutor. The gift that keeps on giving.


Maybe I'm missing something, but what about his comment has everyone all worked up?

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Leffler's flippant remarks, regarding the people he's suppose to be standing up for.