Drug deal in Walmart parking lot nets arrest

Norwalk police nab suspected out-of-town drug dealer.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Mar 3, 2014


A man was arrested Friday after allegedly selling drugs in the Norwalk Walmart parking lot.

The Norwalk Police Department, a member of the 10-county drug task force METRICH, along with assistance from the state Highway Patrol, arrested Ethan W. Spiggle for trafficking in drugs.

Spiggle, 21, of Vickery, traveled to Norwalk and sold Percocets to a confidential informant in the parking lot of Walmart, Norwalk Police Sgt. Seth Fry said.

Spiggle was stopped on Milan Avenue by Officer Dave Daniels and Sgt. Tony Myers of the state Highway Patrol. Spiggle was found to be in possession of money that had been given to the confidential informant to purchase the Percocets, Fry said.

During an interview after the arrest, Spiggle admitted selling Percocets, Fry said.

This investigation is ongoing and additional arrests are likely.



Well since he's out of town let's make an example out of him, right? Can't let anyone outside of our county know we let drug dealers and junkies off with a slap on the hand. Someone might question why we have the judge we have. Let's see how this one plays out lmao.


Fabulous work!


Thank you lol


Arrest them all. Users and dealers. Dealers profit off others misfortunes, users steal/rob/swindle their way to a high.


Suspected??? He admitted.