Burned body found in vehicle on Jacobs Road

Huron County Sheriff's Office called to scene.
Scott Seitz
Feb 28, 2014


Safety forces found the charred remains of a human body in a vehicle on Jacobs Road late Thursday.

Huron County Coroner Dr. Jeffrey Harwood, who was at the scene, indicated the body was likely a male.

Harwood said after the Bureau of Criminal Investigation processes the scene, the body will be sent to Lucas County for an autopsy where the cause of death and identity will be confirmed.

(NOTE - To see pictures from the scene, click HERE.)

Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard, along with three detectives and two road-patrol deputies, were also at the scene.

"Obviously, it's very early in this investigation and we can determine very little at this point," he said.

Safety forces received a call shortly after 9 p.m. that a vehicle was engulfed in flames on Jacobs Road.

Fourteen firefighters and two vehicles responded, Huron River Joint Fire Chief Tom Beck said.

"It took about nine or 10 minutes to contain the fire," Beck said.

Howard said the state fire marshal's office was also contacted.

"The circumstances seem extremely suspicious in nature," the sheriff said.




that car exploded.


The original call said car on fire. While they were on the way to the scene, a second call said car had exploded. Per scanner.


Looking at the car I would say it did not explode. The tires are usually the first to "pop/explode" due to the heat. Looks like an engine fire that then spread to the rest of the car. The hood up is the fire department trying to put it out. If the gas tank would have "exploded" the back half of the car would have more extensive damage. (we had car on fire at a neighbors house one year, it does sound like explosions when the tires go)

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That's no engine fire. You can clearly see the hottest part of the fire was the seating area. All the window glass has melted. Roughly 10 minutes is not enough time for glass to melt from an engine fire.


If the car was on fire, sooner or later it would explode once it got to the gas tank. However who gives two chits about the car, lets have some compassion to this persons family and friends. My deepest condolences to them all


Another car fire with a body seems to be coming up alot. Id say you cops need to up your game. This is just not right two or three in what a 2 year period. I think we need to admit Huron county has some serious issues going on.


Yes there are issues going on, but how are the cops going to stop some of them? Sad as it is, the one car fire was a suicide. How are they (the cops) going to stop that? What are they supposed to do? You cannot blame everything on the cops.


It's absolutely terrible what this world has become. Prayers for whoever the family is!!


I agree. Everything is getting so bad. People are losing sight of the important things. Remember to hug those close to you a little tighter. Thoughts and prayers for the family and friends of everyone involved, first responders included.


crazy stuff sad to hear or see anything like this.


"UPDATE: Car fire apparent suicide":


Any possible connection between the two incidents?


Why would these two incidents have a connection?


Two burned vehicles, two deaths?

Just asking.


Too bad. Stinks.


Man another one lost. Hope the powers that be can shed more light on this. Thoughts n prayers go out to this mans family n friends. Nothings worse than uncertainty in a matter like this.


do NOT speak out against bho, a dem or a Gop


Wow, you people and your theories on a car exploding.... This is not the movies in Hollywood @ those who think they know anything at all.


REALLY!!!! CONTANGO......DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO BE AN A** .... Not everything has to be an issue and even if is is there has been a death and there's a family some where that is hurting....for once just simply say a heart felt sorry for the family involved as well...and as a double note there is a family involved with the other one that you are referring to and there's a family with young girls involved there as well that are still grieving.....try being fricking couth!!! For once


Non sequitur


Many prayers to family and friends!

Yall Make Me Sick

Who cares if the car popped or exploded? The main concern is finding out who was inside the burning car. Stop the petty bickering back and forth & pray for the unknown person and their family. Geez.


What the hell is a safety force? just say sheriffs office. Trying to sounds like some super elite force. duhh


Fire departments. Ambulances. Law enforcement agencies. I'd say those are the safety forces for which you question there smarty.....


Anybody's son, father, husband not come home last night? We could narrow this down on who it is.


To whom ever my condolences.

Your neighbor

Where is Jacobs rd??

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A little road between Lover's Lane and Huber Rd.

swiss family

I don't understand why the man is so hard to identify? does the car have plates of it?? who are they registered to?? wouldn't that be a logical place to start?


They kinda know who he is....they have talked to the family. They are waiting for dental records to positively identify him.


Erie county messed up the other accident last yr so this time I'm sure they are covering all there basis as they should...they let the name go with just the plates last time with out notifying the family...so guessing this time they want to make a positive ID...but as others as well as myself have said there is a family grieving so is it really neccessary to try to narrow it down let them have there time to comprehend everything that has happened.....