Boose continues war on drugs

Legislation aims to reduce drug-related deaths.
Scott Seitz2
Mar 2, 2014


State Rep. Terry Boose (R-Norwalk) has announced that the Ohio House of Representatives concurred on Senate changes to Substitute House Bill 170, legislation that aims to reduce drug-related deaths by reversing the effects of certain drugs on the brain.

Sub. H.B. 170 expands access to naloxone hydrochloride, a medication that is effective at reversing overdoses caused by opioid pain medications and heroin. Naloxone has been used safely by emergency medical professionals for more than 40 years and has no potential for abuse or overdose.

"I am very pleased to see this bill move forward," said Boose. "Expanding access to this life-saving drug will undoubtedly save lives as we continue to fight prescription opioid and heroin addiction in Ohio."

Naloxone is administered intra-nasally and blocks the receptors in the brain that an opiate occupies when a person is taking a prescription opioid or heroin. If an individual who has not been taking an opiate were to take naloxone, it would have no effect.

Drug overdoses in Ohio have increased 440 percent in the past 10 years, according to the Ohio Department of Health. Additionally, 1,765 Ohio residents died of unintentional drug overdoses in 2011, which is the equivalent of five Ohioans dying every day.

Sub. H.B. 170 includes an emergency clause and will take effect immediately after Gov. John Kasich signs it.




war on drugs. way to keep beating that dead horse..


Novel idea...fight drug effects with more drugs...wonder what the "side effects" of this little helper will be? Is this stuff covered by Obamacare? Anyone know the generic name?

Kobayashi Maru

I've noticed a huge drop in the drug use in our county since Boose began his war on drugs. Keep up the great work Terry!


loonies going off their meds dont count..

Kobayashi Maru

Oh, my bad. I figured since he and Duncan haven't created any jobs yet people couldn't afford their medicines and that fact alone saw a drop in drug use.


could be.. you might be onto something there..


You don't read the Norwalk Reflector enough. Telling us who's who in Heroin County makes up the bulk of their paper. Without all the druggies living and/or operating here it be just an ordinary small town gossip column.


Clueless elected officials are more dangerous than the heroin zombies they profess to want to protect us from.
Thanks State Rep. Boose .


Easy. He helped get that farm bill passed. **


Re: "farm bill,"

Off-topic lunacy.


This is going to help? It'll probably encourage use. Death was probably the biggest deterrent in heroin use. Working class works to pay taxes to clean up everyone elses dirty azzes.

Kobayashi Maru

If Boose really wants to fight the war in drugs he should up penalties while encouraging judges to throw the book and users and dealers. Give the police more resources to bust up drug houses and run more undercover stings. Giving an overdose victim a drug to stay alive isn't going to help.


Show your ignorance old man pooh. The single biggest use of land in Huron County is agriculture. was you who castigated me for attending city council meetings. "Figures don't lie - but liars figure.


Re: "Show (snip)"

More off-topic ranting. The article is about DRUGS. Blo on.


Wrong again. It all ties into things like job losses in Huron County equate to more crime. We get the government we deserve.


Re: "Wrong again."

Yes you are bizzaro.

"Sub. H.B. 170 expands access to naloxone hydrochloride,"

Nope! Nothing about ag or job losses.

Blo on kookie.

Cliff Cannon

About 1996 I started reading conservative guru William Buckley's novel idea's regarding the 'war on drugs'

In short, he says 'the war is lost' it is time for a radical solution to a radical problem. Which would be to legalize ALL drugs and have the federal government sell them .

The end result's would be massive tax dollars to the federal government. Farmers making a profit growing pot. The Mexican /Columbian cartels that have done such a marvelous job destroying their own country's, so as to feed American drug habits would be financially crushed, as would the dealer on the corner. Best of all it would make life safer for our cops.

Then if things go the way they usually do after prohibition is lifted. Usage will fall.

Obviously, the current addict's would still be with us. So 2 things would help them in Buckley's idea; The tax money would be partially offset to provide treatment centers. Best of all with the federal government selling say, heroin to them. The cost would be drastically reduced, which means they wouldn't need to break into your home to get their fix money.

I am sure I paraphrased or misquoted Mr. Buckley along the way here. So if you really want to read the best solution that will never be implemented. Google William Buckley and see for yourself. ( After you read him,I'll bet you agree with him on how to fight the 'drug war' )


Kia pooh Huron county's problems are many. Most related to a historically documented high unemployment . (We held 1rst place in the eighties) Check on why O.Winfrey came to Willard or talk to those in L.E. Alas you moved away & do not know.


Re: "O.Winfrey came to Willard,"


Now you write about O.W.? Funny bizzaro!