Obama unveils $300 billion transportation infrastructure plan

More money for road work is good news for Norwalk and all of its construction companies.
Joe Centers
Mar 2, 2014


President Obama last week unveiled plans for a burst of spending on transportation and infrastructure projects, a proposal the White House says will save middle class jobs and provide an overdue investment in the country's foundation.

Obama detailed his four-year $302 billion proposal that calls for building, fixing or maintaining thousands of miles of roads and rail lines. The president wants to use revenue from closing tax loopholes to raise the necessary funds.

Obama has toured the country in recent weeks, pitching economic plans he unveiled in his State of the Union Address, including calling on Congress to increase the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour, extend emergency unemployment benefits and hiking transportation funding.

The president has urged Congress to pass a transportation funding bill by the end of summer. The current funding bill expires Sept. 30 and without action, the White House says that more than 700,000 jobs are at risk.

More money for road work is good news for Norwalk and all of its construction companies.


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EDITOR'S NOTE: Corey Mitchell of the Star Tribune (Minneapolis) MCT and Reflector Managing Editor Joe Centers contributed to the story.




Borrowing and printing $300B to go further into debt, in order to spread federal concrete will save our economy!

Congress gave him almost $1T in stimulus money in '09.

What was his eventual response when the money didn't jump start the economy like he had promised?

"Sh..shovel-ready was not as...ah...shovel-ready as we expected."

This guy wouldn't even know how to operate a neighborhood lemonade stand profitably.

Want an infrastructure project?

Green light the Keystone XL pipeline.


How would he? His resume and experience is a copy of Hitler's !


Really? Hitlers? Wow. Hadn't realized.


Herr Hitler was a better speaker. :)

Other than they're both being socialists - little comparison.


IMO all these politicians are in the same boat. They're all pushing funds to their own political interests. All of them.

Cliff Cannon

@methodman : Totally agree with you here.


If Obama was a socialist why is there record profits and DJIA is at record levels?

Facts matter you dont.


The answer is simple, ZIRP and QE is pushing billions into the market with little risk. The fundamentals of the market do not reflect the state of the economy. The day of reckoning is coming soon...another FED induced bubble will burst and this time it will be worse due to more debt.


Re: "If Obama was a socialist why is there record profits and DJIA is at record levels?"

Know your world history:

Herr Hitler and the Nazis transformed Germany from a bankrupt country into a world power within a few short yrs.

Fascism is good for an economy! (Until it isn't.)


Word for word !


I would prefer infrastructure projects that benefit Americans.
Oh, and don't worry about your pipeline, it's a go. It will create many jobs in the environmental cleanup industry (investment tip for you) and water hauling.


Reads Chicken Little-ish, considering that there's ALREADY over 180K mis. of pipelines carrying oil strung across the U.S.


Instead of worrying about something that's over 1K mis. away, why aren't you sweating over the 500+ oil and nat-gas wells that the Canadians have drilled in and around Lake Erie?



Canadian government regulates the drillers. Here the drillers regulate the government.


Re: "Here the drillers regulate the government."

Is that why Pres. Obama has crowed about the increase in oil production in the U.S. under his admin.?

Who knew?

So you're OK with the Canadians drilling in Lake Erie?

They've been doing it since the 1940s.

So should OH shut down those dirty oil refineries and cut off those nasty old petroleum pipelines?

In my opinon


In my opinon

You need to study up more on the keystone pipe line. It isn't going to bring tons of jobs and they wont be permanent. It's the dirtiest oil on the face of the earth and Canada wants to run it through our heartland to be refined and sent over seas. They have no where near the safety regulations that they have on oil in their own country. Congress also gave Bush the go ahead to fund two wars with a credit card. He also left over 10 trillion on Obama's shoulders when he left office. Why don't you ever mention that. Congress has given a lot to corporation's because they are on their payroll. And the economy has grown slow but steady through his administration. Watch something besides Fox and you may find he has done some good things or tried till he ran into republican road blocks. I would like just once to read a comment from any one of the regulars on here about some of these Republicans running for office. That's if they don't end up incarcerated first.


So you'd rather import oil from Saudi Arabia and other countries that hate America, than from friendly Canada? REAL SMART.

Big difference:

Keystone XL Pipeline - private money.

Obama's infrastructure slush fund - borrowed and printed money (more fed debt)

Corps on the govt. payroll? Let's see:

"President Obama's Taxpayer-Backed Green Energy Failures"



This guy wouldn't even know how to operate a neighborhood lemonade stand profitably.

In my opinon

The oil isn't staying here in the US. It is being pumped through the pipe line to Texas refineries for shipment overseas. We are just the escape goats for oil spills, leakage and pollution into our ground and air. For what a few hundred TEMPORARY jobs .Canada has stricter regulations for oil being transported in their own country than they are offering for our country. Something wrong with that picture.Put people to work here replcing outdated brigdes and road work..Clean up our own country before letting a pipeline to leak contaminated oil into our heartland. Bet you wouldn't want it in your back yard.


Re: "shipment overseas,"

Oil for export is illegal in the U.S.

Try again.


In my opinon

You need to get some bias info and not from Obama hater's . It is being SHIPPED over seas. Not going to stay here.


Re: "It is being SHIPPED over seas,"

The Chicago Tribune is anti-Obama? lol

Only in your addled mind. It's against U.S. law!

In my opinon

Congress made it illegal to export "U.S." oil without a license..This is CANADIAN oil!!


Re: "This is CANADIAN oil!!"

Being sold to U.S. cos.

In my opinon

You don't know much!


The Pipe line will create a staggering 35 jobs.

Shows what you know


Re: "staggering 35 jobs."

Got a link to where you got that nonsense?

In my opinon




6K jobs? One h*ll of a lot more than Pres. Obama has "created." :)

Not to worry, the oil is already coming by rail and Pres. Obama's pal, Warren Buffett is laughing all the way to the bank.


In my opinon

Did you read the article?? Most of the jobs aren't local which means they will bring in their own from Canada. And the few that will be local wont be PERMENANT. Did you find as much fault with Bush when he dumped our economy down the crapper or is it just this president?


Re: "PERMENANT (sic)."

Its: Permanent.

You try to convince me of your nonsense and you can't even spell a 'simple' word? lol