Obama unveils $300 billion transportation infrastructure plan

More money for road work is good news for Norwalk and all of its construction companies.
Joe Centers
Mar 2, 2014


President Obama last week unveiled plans for a burst of spending on transportation and infrastructure projects, a proposal the White House says will save middle class jobs and provide an overdue investment in the country's foundation.

Obama detailed his four-year $302 billion proposal that calls for building, fixing or maintaining thousands of miles of roads and rail lines. The president wants to use revenue from closing tax loopholes to raise the necessary funds.

Obama has toured the country in recent weeks, pitching economic plans he unveiled in his State of the Union Address, including calling on Congress to increase the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour, extend emergency unemployment benefits and hiking transportation funding.

The president has urged Congress to pass a transportation funding bill by the end of summer. The current funding bill expires Sept. 30 and without action, the White House says that more than 700,000 jobs are at risk.

More money for road work is good news for Norwalk and all of its construction companies.


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EDITOR'S NOTE: Corey Mitchell of the Star Tribune (Minneapolis) MCT and Reflector Managing Editor Joe Centers contributed to the story.


In my opinon

And that is all you can come back with. Ooooo I miss spelled a word..And FYI, I am NOT trying to convince you of anything. I have my opinion and you have yours. That is what this forum is about. Not the name calling, disrespect, and bashing so many do. OPINIONS! We are ALL aloud to have one.


Re: "I have my opinion,"

True. You are certainly entitled to your wrong-headedness.

So how many direct oil production and ancillary jobs will the XL Keystone pipeline ultimately produce?

35 jobs is lefty nonsense.

How many jobs have those 180K mis. of pipeline that already exist produced?

In my opinon

So he was off by 15..State department says once pipeline is finished it would generate 50 full time jobs. Please for give him for the mathmatical error as well as my miss spelled word. Why don't you become a proof reader for reflector because you are way off on this pipeline.


Are these projects "shovel ready"?


All government spending is payback to campaign contributors. At least this money will be spent here instead of rebuilding mosques in Iraq.


That is great news for all of us in Norwalk that work for one of the many paying construction companies here!


I am not a fan of Obama, never have been, never voted for him. But in this case, he may finally be doing something worthwhile here. If the government must spend money, spend it on things like this!

Dr. Information

While I tend to agree with the money kept here on things that actually matter approach. Have you read the proposal and seen where all the money is going? Just watch because there are tons of pork loaded into this stimulus package.

former local

The pork is generally loaded by congressmen and senators, that you will blindly support them for re-election when they say, "look all the money I brought back to the district"! Until people stop voting for the same people over and over and over again, nothing will change.


My Dog creates more "Shovel Ready Jobs" than Obama does.


302 Billion for us and another 1 billion for The Ukraine all borrowed from China.But we will cut the military and get some relief,and Seniors Cola and Medicare,than we get it back from the Ukrainians.If memory serves me right this issued was addressed by Putin and The West a year or so ago.Let The Darn Europeans handle it? Our stupid government forgave their war debt,they have better economies !


U.S. spends more on defense than countries with next ten highest defense budgets combined.


Not-to-worry, U.S. interest payments on fed debt are projected to rise to $1T annually in 2020.

Debt and military adventurism has been the ultimate undoing of every empire and great nation in history.

We are printing, borrowing, taxing and spending ourselves into bankruptcy.

What's another $300B for Pres. Obama's Stimulus II program?