Forgery defendant says prescription medication brought out 'little devil' in her

Woman: "I'm ashamed; I'm humiliated, but I'm also humbled today."
Cary Ashby
Mar 3, 2014


Berlin Heights resident Koriann Evans thought she had her drug addiction under control.

"When my doctor started prescribing prescription medicine, it brought out the little devil in me," she said as she started to cry Wednesday in court.

Evans had successfully completed an intervention-in-lieu-of conviction program and attended NA meetings.

"I'm ashamed; I'm humiliated, but I'm also humbled today," Evans told Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway.

In mid-January, Evans, 33, of 6205 Tennant Road, pleaded guilty to one count of forgery for an April 2 incident. As part of a plea deal, prosecutors agreed to dismiss three similar charges.

Evans, at Wednesday's sentencing hearing, said she might not have been the best mother she could be for her two children, but she daily tried to be a better person than she was the previous day.

"I just want to be there for them," she added.

"She tried to take advantage of the slower person. ... The state believes a community control sanction would be appropriate in this case," said Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler, who recommended a 30-day jail term.

A male victim was in the courtroom Wednesday, but declined to speak.

"There will be more charges forthcoming," the man said from his seat, but Conway and the attorneys didn't elaborate.

As part of her three years of basic probation, Evans must pay $534 in restitution to three banks. Her probation officer has the discretion of when to impose a 90-day sentence the judge ordered Wednesday.



You know, you self righteous judge mental blowhards that come on here and spout your ignorance and hatred are enough to make me sick to MY stomach! Not every addict is a worthless piece of crap on the bottom of your shoe! 3chances and you're out? It took me 6 1/2 years with numerous periods of using($600 a day) habit, lots of time in jail etc. before I got clean. I accepted consequences, didn't whine and cry about it. I did what I had to do for ME to get clean. I wasn't a thief, I have been ripped off since I've sober and I still try to help people when I can. I'm not a bitter hate filled cruel person like some of you. I wake up grateful of another day of life, sober(18years) , my children and the knowledge that I have a good life and hope that others who are sick and hurting can find hope they can be sober with a good life. To all you who stand on your pedestal looking down on the rest of us, eff u!!!!!


Congrats at getting out!We need our success stories to get to the ones suffering.They need to know it can be done and its never to late.I thought I was in to deep and it was over and look at us now.Stay well my freind,No one realizes the struggle.We just need positive reinforcement.


Wasp, Wasp, Wasp. Again, if you're going to get on here and rant, please make sure you know what you are saying. If anyone didn't think your views sounded a bit ignorant and judgmental before, they do now. Why continue to prove me right? You yourself just admitted you have made mistakes. Luckily, I don't know you, but even if I did, I surely wouldn't judge you for whatever your "f-ups" are. Overall, people are good. They just mess up. Sometimes repeatedly. And sometimes publicly. Please don't think you know what God thinks about all this; you don't. Your statements about Him paint Him as unforgiving & cruel. Not so. I have had people steal from my husband and I, bash my mailbox, hurt my children, vandalize my car, etc. Newsflash: that's life. People aren't perfect and sometimes, for whatever reason, aren't capable or in the mindset to do what's right. No one is immune from trouble. I'm sorry you're still angry. But, thank you, I did have a nice night.


Enjoy your night getting robbed and vandalized.