Sex offender arrested in connection with child pornography investigation

Attorney General's Crimes Against Children Unit worked with police to catch suspect.
Feb 26, 2014


Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced that a registered sex offender living in Fairfield has been taken into custody following a child pornography investigation.

Agents with the Attorney General's Crimes Against Children Unit partnered with officers from the Fairfield Police Department yesterday to serve a search warrant at the home of Brent King, 47, of 352 Lauryn Meadows Court. 

Authorities seized electronics believed to contain child pornography from his residence.

"This defendant was convicted of sexually abusing a child in the past, and now we believe he has victimized other children through the sharing and downloading of child pornography," said Attorney General DeWine.  "The role of the Crimes Against Children Unit is to assist local law enforcement agencies in going after offenders like this one by one."

"Victimizing children through child pornography is one of the most despicable crimes there is," Fairfield Police Chief Michael Dickey said. "We are proud to work closely with the Ohio Attorney General's Office and BCI's Crimes Against Children Unit in their efforts to stop the downloading and sharing of these images across the state."

According to investigators, King was designated a sexual predator following his conviction in Indiana on a child molestation charge in 2007.

The Ohio Adult Parole Authority took King into custody on a parole violation. The Butler County Sheriff's Office also assisted in the case, which remains under investigation.

King is currently in custody at the Butler County Jail.



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In other Southern Ohio news,

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Tammy Bruce, the girl's mother, told News Center 7 that Edwards "knows he's going to be found... and it ain't going to be good."
She likened her daughter's relationship with Edwards to being in a "cult."...
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Wtf! Ok this guy was convicted of molesting a child in 2007. Why the hell is he out of prison or even alive to be downloading child porn?!


Lived 8/10th's of a mile from an elementary school (Fairfield West). Dirtbag.


AND, NEXT TO Fairfield Youth Playfields. Way too close. 1,000 ft from a school, yes-but probably not to the ball fields.


Best home for him - cemetery.


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Mr Spock

Can someone tell my why it seems that all these sex offenders are in Huron county?


Mr. Spock. Please. Read. Thee article. It seems. This man. Is not. From. Huron county. Na-new. Na-new.
Capt. Kirk

Mr Spock

Sorry my" bad" but from what I've been reading much of that kind of thing has been happening in Huron county. Sorry for my mistake on this one