Break-in defendant pleads guilty

Local man is in the middle of serving a Seneca County jail term for a child support case.
Cary Ashby
Feb 26, 2014


A Willard man pleaded guilty Monday to breaking into a Greenwich pole barn.

Timothy A. Brant, 33, of 324 Keefer St., will be sentenced April 16 for breaking and entering. His conviction is for a July 24 incident. Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff said the owner had set up a camera system which caught Brant in the act.

"He appears to be on unsupervised probation at the time of the offense. ... The property was recovered," Huron County Public Defender David Longo said.

As part of Monday's plea deal, Woodruff said the state would agree to recommend some form of community control at the time of sentencing. Community control sanctions on the fifth-degree felony could include six to 12 months in the Huron County Jail.

Brant is in the middle of serving a Seneca County jail term for a child support case.

"He owes them 19 more days," Longo said Monday.



Mayor Cochran

Tye Dye making another comeback. Huh who knew.


So is that last name evidently. Brant was a name we saw alot in the paper. They took a long break...and now...


dudes a p.o.s was in jail with him like 7 years ago and was a newbie and he so tried and may I say again tried to punk me numerous times without success even hit me a few times while I look at him and laugh non child support payin looser. have fun rotting funny how some people change and others become life time residents of the huron county hilton

Mayor Cochran

Wow...I feel dumber after reading your comment.


This man is a no good citizen. I happened upon him in a brief stay at the Huron county jail, about 7 years ago. I was new there, so he tried to take advantage of me. He was unsuccessful at his many attempts. I would hope he has no fun in jail. It is funny how some people change and others do not.

Is that better dbag...I don't really care about grammar or spelling on a comment for the nwalkreflector. I just think its fun to watch such a small town go down the shitter because of overzealous cops.

Bill Hilly

Yeah Ddog I am sure it's the police's fault that the town is going down. All you criminals think alike don't you? Thank God there are cops to put the scum in jail.


It is the police fault, have you not seen how many police they are for that small town, and all that they are worried about are petty mj busts. Please tell me why no other place in ohio is worse then heroin county. It sure isn't due to the mass amount of people there. I am not a criminal, I made a mistake when I was 18.

Sitting In The ...

A criminal is a person who has committed a crime. So I hate to break it to you but yes you are. Then you blame the police because of a decision you made shows a lack of responsibility on your part. The problem with this county are people like yourself who blame someone else. Huron Co. isn't the worse in the state, please do more research. Thank You.


per person it is.. and I never said it was the cops fault for what I did actually said I made the mistake not them. so therefor that one time you didn't put your seatbelt on or went to fast on the eway guess your a criminal to then under your definition. your whole comment is based on something that is made up. thank you


Ddog89 hey this is Tims older brother u want to run yr mouth about my brother run yr mouth to me i'll bet u won't punk me out ill make u a beleiver


Maybe u should make your brother a "beleiver".


how about you go get lost in a whole somewhere buncha winners...we will see your pic in the paper next for some assault or yet another receiving case or even better a dope case lol... you guys are really the gas that fuels heroin county. also naming who you are and threating someone isn't the best idea.


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