'I was beat up and robbed'

Pair of women arrested after allegedly taking advantage of disabled man with heart troubles.
Cary Ashby
Feb 25, 2014


"I never met them before -- ever."

That's what the 55-year-old rural Willard man said about two suspects in a Nov. 20 theft.

Melinda S. Oney, 46, of 37 Bell St., Bellevue, and Samantha T. Robinson, 42, of 169 Beelman St., Plymouth, are charged with theft of drugs. If convicted of the fourth-degree felony, each defendant faces six to 18 months behind bars.

"I was beat up and robbed," the victim said. "They took all my medication."

While the Huron County Sheriff's Office recovered the medicine, the victim had to pay more than $300 to replace all of it. He also spent another $200 to replace his stolen jeans, special medical socks and shirts.

"I had to buy all new clothes," said the man, who wonders why a female thief would want a man's pair of jeans.

The victim is pleased with the fast, efficient work of the sheriff's office, specifically Sheriff Dane Howard and Deputy Eric Bardar.

"They did an excellent job," the man said. "They were nice to me. They were very polite."

He identified the suspects for Bardar.

"Eric was great. He was excellent," said the man, who credited Bardar with calming him down when he first reported the crime.

"Eric told me he found heroin (on Robinson), but he said that's Richland County's problem," he said.


Wanted: New housekeeper

The situation began when the man had to look for a new housekeeper. The Willard man is considered disabled; he has a bad heart and had two back surgeries. Five to six years ago, he had open-heart surgery.

"I had a new artery put in and a valve put in," he said.

The man had lost his housekeeper because she moved from Willard to Bucyrus. However, she used a computer and helped him find a new person to clean his residence. That's how he said he came in contact with Robinson, whom he interviewed.

"She gave me (Robinson's) phone number and I called her. ... She was really nice and sweet," he said. "She took care of the elderly and the disabled, is what she said."

A man Robinson referred to as her father dropped her off at the rural Willard man's home. He said the father told him, "take care of my father."

"Her dad was supposed to pick her back up," the would-be victim said.

The man, after interviewing Robinson, agreed to pay her $10 an hour to clean for him three hours a day every other week.

"Three hours is good enough for me. I'm a bad housekeeper. It's cluttered," he said.

Eventually, Robinson reportedly told the man her father couldn't pick her up and she asked if she could stay the night.

"(She said), 'can I spend the night and I'll get on it the next morning because my dad can't pick me up,'" the man said.

The would-be victim told Robinson he wanted to talk to her dad when he came to pick her up "because he said he grew up around here and knew one of my neighbors." The woman refused to let the two men speak to each other.

The man offered Robinson to sleep in his bedroom while he took the couch.

"Samantha constantly texted on the phone after the interview," he said.

He later realized Robinson probably was up to no good.

"The girl was scoping the house out," he said. "I had 'stupid' painted right on my forehead."


After the interview

About 5 p.m. the day of the interview, the man told Robinson he had to take his heart medication. He stressed he never showed her where the medication was and in fact, he hid some of it under his bed.

"I had everything locked up ... because I didn't want them to think I had a pharmacy," the man said. "I didn't take it out in front of her."

While Robinson was at his house, the would-be victim said he noticed the woman's face had spots on it, possibly cold sores.

"She said when she gets nervous, she gets pimples. Those weren't pimples," said the man, who was told heroin addicts often dig at their faces.

The morning after the interview, Robinson told him he needed more cleaning supplies, so he gave her some money. He allowed her to use his pickup truck to drive into Greenwich.

"It's a real nice truck," said the man, who later became worried when Robinson didn't return as quickly as he expected.

He contacted his ex-housekeeper who texted Robinson.

When Robinson returned to his house, Oney was with her. The man told them he couldn't afford to pay both of them, but they reportedly said they'd be able to get his house cleaned quickly and in time for Thanksgiving. The would-be victim wanted his house to be presentable for his grandchildren.


'Assaulted and robbed'

The man said he stayed up as long as he could, but he eventually had to go to bed and told the women they could watch TV.

He woke up abut 9 or 9:30 a.m. and drove Robinson to Willard so they could do some Thanksgiving Day shopping. He said Oney claimed to be sick and requested to stay on the couch while he and Robinson went shopping.

When they returned home, the man said he found a garbage bag and hamper full of his belongings near the back door where he entered his house. He recognized a blanket he keeps on his sofa and demanded to see what was inside the bag and hamper.

"I started to go through it -- and got clobbered by Melinda," the man said. "They both took off down the road."

The man called the sheriff's office and reported the two suspects left on foot. One of them reportedly was picked up by a neighbor.

"It took a while to get to the sheriff's office because they hid my phones," he said.

"I told them I've been assaulted and robbed. I told them I needed someone right away because they were on foot," the man added.

The following day, the victim said he went to his doctor, who saw a "big lump on my back."

"You're black and blue back there," he said, quoting his doctor.

"I got hit hard," said man who suspects he was assaulted with a hammer or wrench.

"Samantha got caught that night with the evidence. That next night Eric went out and got Melinda. He got them in jail in two days; I couldn't believe it," the victim said.

When Robinson was arrested, the man said she had the title to a vehicle new to him in her purse. The victim bought the car for $300 when he and Robinson were out shopping before the suspected theft. He had asked Robinson to keep the document in her purse.

"I had to apply for a lost title," he said.



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