JUST IN - Willard announces whether it will stay in NOL

Willard High School officials met with reporters this morning, revealing whether the Crimson Flashes will remain in the Northern Ohio League or seek greener pastures.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Oct 13, 2011


Willard High School officials met with reporters today, announcing their decision to have the Crimson Flashes remain in the Northern Ohio League (NOL).

NOL officials are looking to expand the league, but are concerned their efforts will be hampered if they do not have a commitment from each of the six teams that currently comprise the NOL. So they met with Willard officials on Wednesday, asking for such a commitment.

Look for the full story in Friday's Norwalk Reflector.



Well, good decision by Willard. Now the NOL should work to make this an eight-team league.


What, dont want Tiffin Columbian in the league because they are to good at football. Thats when others need to rise up and be in the weightroom every day of the year like them. They are one of the original schools in the confrence. If you work hard anybody can win on any given Friday night. GO TORNADOS!


ramlingmomof4...............looks like Bellevue must have stolen the keys to the weight room!!


Yeah... this year. They still kick Willard's butt just about everytime, though!


A BIG THANKS to the Willard B.O.E. and Administration for setting Willard up as the little guy to be beaten up by the big schools in the NOL for years to come. It would have been better to dissolve the NOL and have Willard and Shelby join the North Central Conference, Norwalk and Bellevue join the Sandusky Bay Conference, and Tiffin Columbian and Sandusky join either the Three Rivers Athletic Conference or the Ohio Cardinal Conference. Schools need to play like size schools.


Both the Willard Girls Tennis team and the Willard Boys Golf team just won the N.O.L. this year. Second year in a row for the girls I might add. While the 2 sports aren't money makers, it shows that we can compete against the other NOL teams. Basketball and football aren't the only 2 sports that count. Distance traveled to the schools for games/matches make a big difference too. I can't say that I'm missing the drives to Fostoria and Upper Sandusky and I was dreading the possibility of traveling to Loudenville. It definitely would be great to have a couple of other teams in the N.O.L. though.


Breaking news.....Willard is announcing that they are not doing anything. lol. I had to chuckle at this because to me it was like, why do we have to announce that we are not going anywhere or not doing anything. Its almost like Obama...lol. OneLocalVoice, Willard was never the small dog in a big fight. We were always middle of the pack when it came to enrollment numbers.


In other news, Mapleton announces it will remain in the Firelands Conference.


Rumor has it Vermilion is annoucing to join NOL


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