Women recants confession, claims police threats

Instead of getting clearer as the Norwalk Police investigation continues, this one seems to be getting cloudier. On Thursday, a 24-year-old Norwalk woman reported she had been robbed at gunpoint in her home.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


Instead of getting clearer as the Norwalk Police investigation continues, this one seems to be getting cloudier.

On Thursday, a 24-year-old Norwalk woman reported she had been robbed at gunpoint in her home.

On Friday, Norwalk police officials announced Joyce N. Marsillett, of 103 Jefferson St., Lot 27, was being charged with first-degree misdemeanors of falsification and theft. Chief Kevin Cashen said she had admitted several hours after her initial 9-1-1 call that she called in a false report to cover up her theft of $500 from her sister’s purse.

On Monday, Marsillett called the Norwalk Reflector with claims she’d been forced into a false confession after an officer told her she’d be taken directly to the Huron County Jail if she didn’t confess.

Police Chief Kevin Cashen said he will not try the case in the press.

“We feel our case was definitely strong enough to justify the charges,” he said. “We’ll let the court decide or a jury decide. We’ll continue to do our job and allow the court to do theirs.”

“They were going to put me in jail for a felony for something I didn’t do,” Marsillett said. “I offered to take a lie detector test, but the officer said ‘We don’t want to waste our time or our money on you.’” She said she is still willing to take a lie detector test to prove her innocence.

Cashen said lie detector tests are not admissible in court and it is up to the investigating officer to decide if a test would help in the investigation.

“They are an investigative aid for us,” he said.

Marsillett claimed the investigating officer was prejudiced against her because she has been arrested in the past.

“I didn’t understand why he (the arresting officer) was picking at it like it was me,” she said, “but then he said, ‘Oh, I see you have a background.’”

She admitted she had been convicted of charges including assault when she was younger, but said she had cleaned up her act and gotten out of an abusive relationship. She said the officer also recognized her because of her brother.

“They have a history with my brother,” she said.

Marsillett said the officer said her story wasn’t believable, but she pointed out footprints in the snow to prove two people had come to her door and fled on foot.

“He just said ‘We’re going to do this the hard way. We’re going to put you under arrest,’” she said. “I was crying, shaking and scared for my life.”

Marsillett said she doesn’t even remember what she told police because she was just desperate to be able to return home instead of being booked into the county jail. She now faces six months in jail and a maximum fine of $1,000 for the misdemeanor charges.

She said that even more than that, she’s scared that the two men she claims banged on her door early on Thursday and then brandished guns until they found the cash in her sister’s purse are still on the loose.

“Now I’m just paranoid and upset over this,” Marsillett said. “I’m scared those men are still out there. The police are not protecting and serving the right people.”

In her original story after the 9-1-1 call, Marsillett’s young nephew woke her up when he heard a loud knock at the door before 6 a.m. When she opened it, she told police, two men in ski masks forced their way into the apartment and then took the $500 before fleeing on foot.

She now faces a hearing on at 1 p.m. March 25 in Norwalk Municipal Court.


David Deerest.

Paranoid, yes. Scared for her life, I doubt it.


i bet she STOLE the $$$ out of her sisters purse and isnt woman enough to admit it so she made up some bull story about thugs. she should be ashamed of her self. when false stories are given, it makes it hard on us who have ligt needs for the police. hope she never needs the police again. next time they will think she is fibbing and look the other way.

swiss family

please tell me what would the police gain by threatening this woman, to ammend her story?? i believe that she probably stole that money from her sisters purse.. and needed a good story to cover her tracks!! too bad she couldn't come up with a better story than the one she went with.!!

if they can prove that this woman made up the story, and is now continuing to make up more things and make false accusations against the police.. i hope they prosecute her to the highest degree, and put her away for some length of time.. for taking up the time and efforts of the police dept, on her bogus little games


well she more then likely stole it,could it be possible to pay her court cost and fines? the same day her story was on the front page,further back in to the paper were the court case's and they she was again for bouncing checks....go figure


This is one year where I wish I could check 'none of the above'

swiss family

here we are again.. more kids causing trouble, destroying other people's things, for no apparent reason.. i would tell you how i would like to see these vandals, caught, and severly punished.. for not only destroying the snowmen, but for destroying the dreams and memories of childhood for some other kids.. but i would be attacked by far too many of you on here.. you seem to think that these kids need to be talked to , and that will change their lives, and bring them back to live crime free lives.. sorry, but i don't buy it.. they need to be caught, and made examples out of, so the trend of violence ends here..otherwise, you will be raising little heartless monsters, who get pleasure out of destroying other peoples property..


Miss Swiss, have you been drinking again? This story is about an adult female, stolen money and a false 911 report of said stolen money. I read this article three times looking for the mention of a snowman....? I know, someone busted up your little snow 'family' in your front yard when you were a little tike. You're still realing from it right? Poor thing, they make meds for that.

swiss family

burp!!! sorry about that, i did get confused!! i guess there is a reason why i should leave the cork on the Jack Daniel's bottle, at least until noon!!!my mistake..

David Deerest.

yeah, I remember as a kid, my older brother smashed my snowmen, my pumpkins, wrecked my bike, crashed my car...shattered my whole childhood...destroyed all my dreams and memories of childhood...now I'm just a shell of a man who has no spine...it's all because someone smashed my snowman.


Dave Rimmer, Li...

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swiss family

do you two simole, spinless creatures realize that this story has nothing to do with snowmen and your boring past life??? get a clue!!!

Dave Rimmer, Li...

Oh dear me Swiss, I seem to recall it was you who brought up snowmen in this post as you had become confused (your words). I am not quite sure what a spinless creature is but I suppose it has something to do with a Whirling Dervish who is unable to whirl anymore. Perhaps you could kindly explain the word simole.....being a thick English person I am not familiar with that word and it does not appear in the English language dictionaries? I could quite easily call you a bafoon, a wazzock, a Richard head, a pillock, a cretin or numerous other derogatory words but being an English gentleman I will refrain from such insults and leave that sort of behaviour to you.



Danggummit djrimmer, I was hoping you'd go on, I was learning a few new words. lol...SWISS...what is a simole???

David Deerest.

LMAO...A "SPINLESS" SIMOLE...Spinless?? Simole?? Thanks, swiss. Just what I needed this dreaded, awful snowy ice covered morning, a good hearty laugh with my 'DaveR.' friend and 'redneck girl.'


BTW Swiss....Jack Daniels bottles do not have corks, they have screw on caps. ((Jack is my choice of spirits, this is a fact as you always say "facts".))

swiss family

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all I can say is AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA KARMA SUCKS DOESN'T IT???? This girl here, joyce, and her sister, stole my purse out of my shopping cart at IGA two months ago. Since IGA has no cameras, the police did not press charges. These low lifes stole my purse, emptied it out, and then threw the empty purse outside the store. Now, mind you, it was one day before my daughters fourth birthday. Needless to say my daughter's birthday party celebration was cut short, since they stole all my money out of my wallet and my bank stuff too. I hope you rot Joyce. You are a theif and you deserve to be in jail.


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keep this site in your favs and protect our kids

David Deerest.

to swiss~

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

Martin Luther King Jr. (1929 - 1968)



swiss family

i really hope that the police do a complete investigation into this womans claims, including a popograph test if necessary, to get to the truth.. if this woman is found to be lying, i hope that they punish her to the max. because of the extra time used to investigate her, but if she is telling the truth, and the police have botched this case, and threatened her, and ignored her claims, and totally mishandled this situation, i hope that someone is held accountable for their actions.. the last thing that any town needs, is someone inept on the police dept.. giving all of the hard working, professionals, a bad reputation

David Deerest.

Uh, swiss....popograph test?


WTH is a popgraph test?