Man convicted of unlawful sexual conduct with minor after rape charge is dropped

Plea deal means 15-year-old girl won't have to testify.
Aaron Krause
Feb 23, 2014


A Bellevue man faces one to five years in prison after he was convicted Friday of having unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.

Lee A. Gustafson Jr., 28, of 325 Lyme St., Bellevue, pleaded guilty to the charge in exchange for the state dropping a more serious charge of rape, Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said

"He had some relations with a young girl" who is not related to him, the prosecutor said.

The Bellevue Police Department investigated the suspected April 5 incident, which involved a 15-year-old girl.

Gustafson earlier posted 10 percent of a $30,000 bond. As a condition of his bail, the defendant is prohibited from having any association or communication with any "unrelated minors," according to court records.

"I texted the mother and I think she's going to be very happy not to testify," Leffler said.

Gustafson is scheduled to be sentenced April 16.



Attention zoids, if you really do love Ohio State please for the love of Christ turn your Buckeye shirt inside out before you get your mug shot taken. k? k.


he should have been a church boy since he cant seem to commit a crime without getting caught. he must call the police ahead of time & turn himself in. he's missing somebody back in prison, he just cant wait to go back!


He had some relations with a girl not related to him. I would seriously hope the girl wasn't related to him, even though in this day and age I wouldn't put it past some people. He does have that I really want to meet Chris Hansen look though doesn't he?


"Property of the Ohio state buckeye's." Yep. One could only assume that..

Concerned For A...

Ehh, he'll get 18 mos and be out in 6.....Our system is so laughable when it comes to sexual orientated offenders. Makes me sick really.

former local

Right or wrong, the constitution applies to all citizens. We are a MORE perfect union, not a PERFECT union.

Mayor Cochran

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needs more than a just a few yrs.. try cutting off his man hood.. sicko..


Courts need to do something so that minors can testify without being in the court. Some sort of closed circut with a fuzzy screen. I'm tired of scumbags taking advantage of children and getting away with it just so the kid doesn't have to testify.


This victim is 15 not 9. In some places she would be over their age of consent. Your closed circuit tv idea would violate the right to confront witnesses which is in the federal constitution and would require a constitutional amendment to alter it. Ohio is in the process of lowering its current age of consent of 16 (likely to 14) and this probably won't even be a crime at all after that happens. This guy is clearly a scumbag and should be locked up for a while but let's not get carried away.


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I love how the norwalk reflector wants to complain about baby's being abused and neglected but they let scum bags like this out on the streets. ITS LIKE YOU WANT CHILDREN TO GET RAPED. Are you kidding me he's a 28 year old male having a relationship with a 15 year old girl and the charges get dropped. People need to lock their kids up at home with them safe so pervs like this don't get ahold of them.


Just curious as to how the Norwalk Reflector let him go? It is our laughable judicial system that is at fault not the newpaper...


I like how 4 of 14 comments had to do with the fact he is wearing an Ohio State tshirt. OH-NO is he defiling the great establishment Ohio State football? Never mind the fact of his sexual predator status....just the fact of what he chose to wear while he was getting his mug shot! Talk about keeping it classy.


I'm glad he's got some sort of shirt on - His boobs are likely bigger than the 15 year old.