Pair of motorists saved from flood waters

Ohio 61 closed because of flooding.
Scott Seitz2
Feb 22, 2014


Spring can't arrive soon enough for the Firelands area.

Thursday's warmer temperatures, which reached 54 degrees late in the day, combined with a little less than a half an inch of rain and a substantial amount of snow already on the ground, caused flooding in some areas of the county.

Ohio 61, south of Ohio 162, was closed due to flooding. Two motorists had to be assisted by Willard Fire & Rescue as the vehicles were stuck in high water.

Willard Fire Chief Joe Reiderman provided a few details about the situation which took place a bit before 6 a.m.

Reiderman said emergency responders were able to assist both drivers to safety using cold water immersion suits.

An ambulance, dive rig and rescue boat were also at the scene.

"Both drivers refused treatment at the scene," the chief said.

(NOTE: To see pictures of the flooding on Ohio 61, click HERE. To see related video, click HERE.)

Ohio 60, between Ohio 303 and Ohio 18 in Huron County, also is closed due to flooding. A detour is posted. The duration of closure is unknown at this time.

High water also was reported on Peru Center Road, just north of Hanville Corners Road and Peru Center Road, just south of Bauman Road.

Fayette Road, west of Palmer Road and east of Fitchville-River Road also reported high water. This route often serves as the unofficial local detour for the U.S 250 and Ohio 162 traffic due to the bridge construction in Fitchville.

(NOTE: To see pictures of the flooding in other parts of Huron County, click HERE.)

The Huron River at Milan had reached flood stage Friday.

In Norwalk, at least six waterlines remain frozen, leaving some residents and businesses without water.

The waterline still is frozen leading to the Huron County treasurer's office.

Richard Moore, Norwalk general services department superintendent, said Friday many of the city's storm and sanitary sewers are surcharging (full).

"There is only so much they can handle," Moore said. "It's like putting water in a funnel. It can only go so fast."

Moore said the freezing and thawing, along with the water, has caused trouble for the city streets.

"There are hundreds of potholes," he said. "It's hard to keep up. We patch them in the morning and with the water, they need patched again in the afternoon. We've also had a number of water main breaks."

No streets were closed Friday in the city due to flooding.

Moore said the winter is tough on the equipment.

"The snow-plow trucks had some maintenance issues," he said. "We've been able to get caught up on those."

The weather forecast for later next week has temperatures falling into the single digits.



Were they cited?


They should be cited and charged for the rescue.

former local

Will people EVER learn? DON'T DRIVE INTO STANDING WATER!!!! Sheesh!


I heard they were cited.


How high's the water Momma? 4 feet high and rising!!! TURN AROUND DON'T DROWN!!


These "motorists" should be stripped of their driving privileges. I know the Firelands is not known for its abundance of intelligent people, but how in the world does a person in this day and age decided that driving through something like this is a good idea?

If anyone reading this knows who these drivers were please smack the ever-living crap out of them, take their keys and disable their cars. Putting their lives at risk is one thing, but letting their stupidity put our first responders at risk is abominable.


By golly I believe you are serious. I agree there are many arenas we should be more serious about !

Dr. Information

Wait, cars don't float?


But there were no "Road Closed" signs and it didn't look that deep and anyway I was in a hurry.


Now, Reflector staff, for people not familiar with the location of the flooded areas can you print or make available a map highlighted with the flooding locations. I travel the county and township roads often to reach a destination but am not always familiar with the road's name.


Grrrrr!!!! People like this should be cited for Driving Stupid, and maybe have THEIR faces plastered in the newspaper. If there's a lake across the road, and you ain't got a boat, DON'T DRIVE IN!!! You can't put signs everywhere. That's why they have vision tests. You oughta LOOK where you're driving. Even where there ARE signs, people ignore them. Or MOVE them so they can get around. Had a girl drive over a patch of ice last night on a county road. Did she slow down? No. Next patch of ice she hit a few seconds later, same road, she slides and rolls her car. What was she thinking? Ice or water, doesn't matter. If it's dark, if it's bad weather, or if there are WARNINGS about high water, SLOW DOWN AND LOOK!!! Grrrrr!!!!! (Yes, my job involves dealing with lots of instances of people Driving Stupid, and needing OTHERS to get them out of their predicament.) Thank you for your support!


I would just like to point out that the article states the situation took place before 6 AM. Sunrise it not until after 7 AM. In my opinion I think it is very possible these to drivers didn't see what they were getting into until it was to late. If it had been daylight I would totally agree with the other comments above; but being that it was dark I do not know if they had time to actually make a decision to stop before they hit the water.


I have to agree... I seen the rescue trucks heading to area.... at the time... NO ROADS closed signs were posted and it was dark.


What? You mean they didn't just gun it and hang on?

Mayor Cochran

The old Cutless couldn't make it through that 8 ft river huh? Lemon


great link! i almost forgot to come back to the news..


I heard they were cited because they drove around the signs, but from the pictures, I am not seeing the car with the signs. They may have been put up after this happened.

Dr. Information

There were signs and cones placed way before this flooded area well in sight and well before this motorist tried crossing. This person thought they had a boat car.


If you can't see it in time to stop, you're probably driving too fast! It is no surprise that there are spots of high water in the country, so this should not have been a surprise. Signs or not, slow down in adverse conditions.

Sitting In The ...

You just have to shake your many times does this have to happen before these people turn around ? You can't fix stupid.