Ohioans favor Clinton over Kasich in poll about 2016 presidential race

Ohio governor leads Democratic challenger in re-election bid.
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Feb 23, 2014


Gov. John Kasich leads Democrat Ed FitzGerald by 5 percentage points, but he trails Hillary Clinton by 12, according to a Quinnipiac poll of Ohioans released Thursday.

The race in which Kasich leads FitzGerald is real: Kasich is running for re-election this fall, and FitzGerald is the likely Democratic challenger.

Kasich’s deficit to Clinton is in a purely hypothetical matchup for the presidency in 2016.

Clinton, the Democrat and former U.S. secretary of state, senator and first lady, leads all Republicans in the field. The closest is U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, whom she leads 49 percent to 40 percent. Next closest is Kasich at 51 percent to 39 percent.

From a national perspective, Quinnipiac’s Ohio survey of 2016 matchups is noteworthy because Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie plummeted and now trails Clinton 49 percent to 36 percent. In November, he trailed Clinton by 1 percentage point.

“The George Washington Bridge is not in Ohio, but voters there seem very aware of its traffic problems — and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s traffic problems,” said Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

The other Republicans considered in the poll were former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and U.S. Sens. Marco Rubio of Florida, Rand Paul of Kentucky and Ted Cruz of Texas.

Fifty-five percent of Ohioans polled said Clinton would make a good president; 34 percent said the same thing of Kasich.

President Barack Obama’s approval rating is still underwater at 40 percent, but it is up from 34 percent in November.

Quinnipiac’s telephone poll interviewed 1,370 registered Ohio voters via both landlines and cellphones from Feb. 12 through Monday. It has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 2.7 percentage points.


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Yeah and ohio got obummer elected, you cant fix stupid


I'd bet they called mostly those in Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati.
Our three liberal hotbed cities.


of course they did, or koolaid drinking union members that are handed a list of who to vote for.


Bingo. Meanwhile their plants are shutting down or moving to Mexico because the Union squeezed too hard.


They must of taken this pole in Cleveland. Clinton is a frigging joke and Fitspatrick is nothing better. Cleveland is a very strong Democratic, well very liberal strong hold. And the economy there stinks. They have no one to blame but themselves.


Yea, when 17 precincts in Cuyahoga County had no Romney votes,that sure s fishy !There has to be one person with some I Q there !

In my opinon

Same few people supporting the greedy corrupt republicans. Look and their choices..Corrupt Christie, Walker, or Ted Cruz, maybe Rand Paul. Mitt is putting himself out there a lot lately. Maybe if he isn't hanging in the Cayman Islands he will be around to file. The companies are moving to Mexico and China because corporate doesn't want to pay decent wages (paying 28 cents an hour and working 16 hr days) bet none of you would work for that, and they get tax breaks. And after reading these comments I guess "You can't fix stupid"


I really hope you are not as clueless as your post would indicate


hes a lib of course hes clueless.


You sure represent what is wrong with this country. You are right about corrupt politicians, because most of them are. The pack leaders have always been Liberal Democrats that prey on the uniformed and weak for their jobs and power. The seniors are most stupid they support a party that cut their
Medicare 575 Billion dollars and plans more cuts. Now Bozo wants to trim their cola. They are all millionaires and could care less about the people. If The Wicked Witch get elected, which she probably will because you Libs,Blacks,Latinos,Welfare,Gays,Feminists,Abortionists,llegals outnumber the working class. Don't forget Benghazi. You obviously aren't a veteran because I have never met one this ignorant !

Dr. Information

In light of the recent news about Hillary, she will win the LGBT votes in a landslide. Don't vote for the best person, vote color, popularity or gender specific.


Re: "LGBT,"

Not surprised, since there have been rumors that she's one of 'em anyway.

Now if America's favorite "metro-sexual," Pres. "Low Down Club" Obama would just come out of the closet.


Hillary wont have my vote.. not sure who will but it sure wont be her.. gary Johnson for president


Re: "gary Johnson for president"

Agreed! Voted for him in '12.

Would enjoy seein' him in the Presidential debates. But the Dems and Repubs like it just the way it is.


"Same few people support the greedy corrupt" Democrats. "Look at their choices": Clinton & Biden.

President Obama's choice for Treasury Sec'y, Jack Lew had a Cayman Is. bank account - but who cares?

Cos. are moving back from China and foreign cos. are building here.


Guess if you never read and learn but continue to believe socialist propaganda: You just can't fix stupid.

Cliff Cannon

Are we allowed to vote for " None of the above ? "


Re: "None of the above"

By voting Libertarian whenever possible, I in essence do.


Shows how stupid some people are!


The worst are those who do not vote but always complain about the things government does.
Everybody's vote counts.


Re: "those who do not vote,"

Many who do not vote, like the freebies; and as long as Uncle Sugar provides, why bother?

And then there are those that b*tch that it's TOO difficult to get a "free" picture ID in order prove their identity, but seem to be able to get their *sses to the polls to vote.

Cliff Cannon

@ propman : " Everybody's vote counts. " Totally agree, despite my tongue in cheek response here, earlier. In fact, it is a total mystery to me, how people can complain if they don't vote,yet as we both know, they do.

It truly would be nice if not only on presidential voting, but on all voting opportunity's. If every registered voter turned out,wouldn't it ? No doubt, our country would be better off for it.


Re: "If every registered voter turned out,"

Early in the republic, some states only allowed property owners, i.e. those with vested interests the right to vote.

Everyone voting would be like church; if every "member" showed up on Sun., there would be no room.

Studies I read in school showed that non-participation is actually healthy for the functioning of our society.

Guess it helps to demonstrate who's interested and who isn't.

At the beginning of the Revolutionary War approx:

1/3 were Patriots

1/3 were Tories


1/3 just wanted to be left alone.

IMO, those proportions really haven't changed much.

Cliff Cannon

" At the beginning of the Revolutionary War approx:

1/3 were Patriots

1/3 were Tories


1/3 just wanted to be left alone.

IMO, those proportions really haven't changed much. "

Sad but true.


Re: "Sad but true."

Why "sad"?

As a libertarian, I'm essentially in the last group.

Let the Royalists (Big Govt.) and the Patriots (New World Order) fight it out.

Cliff Cannon

" Sad " Because so few changes ever occur in human behavior, that greatly move forward the overall betterment of mankind.

Normally, the question's of the day, ( political affiliation and labels, aside )at all levels of society, come down to this : " What's in it for me ?" And that is "sad " is it not ?


Re: "'What's in it for me ?'"

Adam Smith's: Invisible hand.

Requests for societal sacrifice is the purview of authoritarians.


Or...Hitler got in the chancellery by 1vote. If you don't vote don't itch.


Re: "chancellery by 1vote."

What? Get your facts straight.