Obrenovich says new restaurant coming to town

Norwalk businessman says he purchased all of Uptown Café owner's kitchen equipment in 2013.
Joe Centers
Feb 23, 2014


Stan Obrenovich says a new restaurant could open in uptown Norwalk as soon as April.

Obrenovich owns the building in town that was home to Uptown Café, which closed earlier this month. A public notice on the door reads: "By order of the Tax Commissioner, Vendor's License 39-021327 is under suspension. Miguel A. Lugo, DBA: Uptown Cafe´, is prohibited from making retail sales at 5 E. Main St., Norwalk, OH., on or after Feb. 10, 2014."

Obrenovich said Lugo's lease is up and that he purchased all of Lugo's kitchen equipment in 2013.

Obrenovich said he is in the process of cleaning the restaurant and "hopes to have a new tenant in by the first of April."

He said he has had inquiries from possible renters.

"I still believe the Uptown Cafe´ has the best pizza in town," Obrenovich said.





Kobayashi Maru

"I still think Uptown cafe has the best pizza in town" - Stan the Man Obrenovich.

If I agreed, how would I procure such delicious pizza Stan? Lugo's home kitchen?

Also, once the new tenant takes over Stan will change his tune!




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Re: "I still think Uptown cafe has the best pizza in town,"

Outside of Chicago, what passes for pizza is just ketchup on a cracker, but for Norwalk I agree with Mr. Obrenovich.

J Cooper

I guess I missed the article where the Duncan administration is working to bring a new business to this location.


Re: "working to bring a new business,"

Undoubtedly if Mr. Obrenovich succeeds, Mayor "Jobs, jobs, jobs" Duncan will be crowing about it in his next SOTC address recap of 2014.

After two yrs, with his net negative and spotty "jobs" campaign track record, perhaps Mr. Duncan should henceforth be referred to in the singular as "job, job, job"?

Fibber Mcgee

That is a good idea, Mayor Job, I like it :)


With your wealth of knowledge pooh you can move back here, adjust your hair-piece & make this economy vibrant again.

Dr. Information

Or you could just walk into the building, scream " I served this country" and boom, a restaurant appears out of thin air.


Did you serve your country or go to Canada ?


Re: "With (snip)"

So how is it that you complain about govt. spending, yet willingly take a taxpayer funded check for doin' nothing?

Reads like you're part of the problem kk.

Besides, I ain't the one that campaigned on: "Jobs, jobs, jobs."

Either one holds politicos accountable for their campaign promises or one doesn't.


What did you campaign on? Oh yeh that's right. You didn't. How many jobs have you created? Holds accountable or consistently post rants on the local papers comment section? Attend any city council meetings and express your opinions?


Re: "What (snip)"

Need some attention lil' fella?

Have a nice day.


Obviously you do grandpa. 2500 posts since the beginning of the year? Its alright. I understand you have no life. The lil fellas in your pants. Least that's what your wife told me.

J Cooper

Great comment Dr. Information, prime example of someone who peaked in his early 20's...


Dr, good thing mommy & daddy carried you. How's your criminal friend doing?


Re: "good thing mommy & daddy carried you."

So why do you get a govt. check?

Taxpayers 'carrying' you?


Captain obvious I mean Kurt I'm alive and well, yet I see u keep confusing me with someone else. Are you still using the I served card on here. Shame shame. I see u still like to take pot shots behind a fake name as well. BTW, who's my criminal friend? I have so many it's hard to figure out which one you are referring too?

Dr. Information

@kURTje "Dr, good thing mommy & daddy carried you. How's your criminal friend doing?" Carried me? My mother has been long gone to the Lord and is in his arms now. I suspect we are around the same age so when is the last time your parents carried you?

Boy your posts on here are bizarre. What world do you live in.

Cliff Cannon

Here's hoping the new restaurant comes to fruition as well as, is a great success in aiding the rebuilding of our beautiful downtown.

Kottage Kat



Re: "Until (snip),"

Tsk, tsk. Hoping for another business closing?

How would that look for Mayor "Job, job, job"?

Cliff Cannon

@ K.K. Sorry, my friend, I totally disagree with your comment here.

As I love " Berry's, then think they, along with " Suhr Park " join together to bring back the warm, wonderful, elegant ambiance of yesterday's " Avalon Hotel " .

Which of course, made that block of Norwalk so picture post card perfect. ( Please see "Facebook section " You know you grew up in Norwalk if...." for pictures So you can see exactly what I refer too )

So to refer to either beautiful civic treasure,( especially to someone who love's " Berry's " food as much as I do ) in anything less than terms of endearment just strikes the wrong cord to me.

P.S. Please stop in " Berry's " to both enjoy their great food, as well as support this Norwalk icon, in this time of rebuilding for each of us


@ CC:

As a kid, eating breakfast after church one morning; I remember spotting some kind of large 'water beetle' running down the aisle of Berry's.

IMO, nuthin' new.

Bugs like restaurants - who knew?

Besides, as my mother, who was raised in the "Children's Home" used to say:

You eat a peck of dirt before you die.

Heck, I remember the ol’ Side of the Hill and Crystal Rest.

former local

I was very disappointed when I ate at Berry's for the first time in years and years. I live out of state and don't get back often. I found to portions to be very small for the price.


Re: "I live out of state and don't get back often."

Spend more money the next time you return.

Kottage Kat


swiss family

I have NOT said a word..Please don't try to drag me into your fights...thanks

Kottage Kat


swiss family

thanks.. but I wondered where you were back then, when the announcements of all of the industry leaving town, and people were ripping apart the Mayor, who you supported so well during the elections. I wondered then why you were so quiet, when you had been so vocal during the election ????any comments on that subject, even at this time would be welcomed..