Local music boosters boss accused of stealing more than $10,000

Woman charged with theft and misuse of credit cards.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Feb 20, 2014


The president and treasurer of the Big Red Music Boosters Association was indicted Tuesday on felony charges of theft and misuse of credit cards, according to Richland County prosecutors.

Jodi Kidd, 41, of Shelby, is accused of stealing more than $10,000 from the non-profit volunteer organization at Plymouth schools, according to Plymouth Police Detective Cameron Dailey. The suspected thefts occurred between Sept. 4, 2012 and May 7, 2013.

"I think she (Kidd) was in the position for a year-and-a-half," said Jim Metcalf, superintendent of Plymouth-Shiloh Local Schools.

Metcalf declined to comment on the case, citing the ongoing investigation and pending legal matter.

When another music boosters member went to make a deposit at a bank, the paperwork showed discrepancies. The investigation turned to Kidd, Dailey said.

"Everything that could be proved was spent on personal items," the detective added.

Richland County Assistant Prosecutor Cliff Murphy said Kidd was charged with five counts: One charge of theft, a fourth-degree felony, and four counts of misuse of a credit card, all fifth-degree felonies.

Murphy said as the president and treasurer of the Big Red Music Boosters, Kidd is alleged to have taken money and used the credit card from that account for improper purposes.



Not again. When will these losers learn that you don't steal let alone from a school. This just happened a few years ago in Monroeville too. Schools need all the help they can get and then you get people like this that think it is their money to take. I hope they throw the book at her. What a disgrace. I hope she does jail time and has to pay it all back.


Help these guys out plz http://www.gofundme.com/6nleu4


Might want to dig into this a bit deeper as an immediate member of this family was caught via store cameras; allegedly embezzling money (a LOT of money) from Plymouth's grocery store where she had been a cashier for years. This family member was fired; this happened a few years ago. Monkey See Monkey Do? Dig Deeper Reflector staff....


Aaaaand, get this, she is a good friend of the thing in Monroeville that stole money! What, did her friend show her the ropes?


Not to be a pest, but just wondering how proud her mother feels right now. How's that karma working for you, mommy?


lol see my comment above...
(and she lives w/ her too isnt that right?)

swiss family

when I clicked on to this, I fully expected it to be another "long distance" story that seem to be consuming the reflector. I never thought that this could be local, as we have seen this happen here far too many times. I thought that by now, any allegedly "crooked" person in charge of local finances would be scared to death to get caught, as so many locals have already been...I hope the courts system can prove it, and that if and when they are convicted, they get a harsh and well deserved punishment...NO PLEA DEALS


She was a band parent..no qualifications--just a regular band parent that the band kids and other band parents TRUSTED. The money that's "missing" was 4+ years of fundraising work done by the band kids themselves and their parents! It was supposed to be used for new band uniforms!!! Now the band has almost no money left in their bank account--no money to fix broken instruments or buy new ones --no new uniforms --no nothing= the kids did all that work for nothing ITS SO DISCUSTING :(


Will get same punishment as junkies.....

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swiss cheese kat



Now just wait a minute, Bozo want to share the wealth !


This happens more times that what we read about in the paper. Quite often it's settled out of court between the employee and the employer. Organizations and employers need to stop being so trusting and actually put in some checks and balances and then enforce them.

Kottage Kat

Anyone in a position such as this should be bonded at their expense.
50 years ago my Dad had to be bonded as a guardian of an inheritance. (mine).just better to safe.


Just plain sad stealing from kids, this also brings one thought to mind though. Who's dipping their hands into Norwalk city schools cookie jar?...since there ALWAYS needing more money.