Patrol’s effective traffic enforcement yields illegal weapon arrests

Patrol boss: "Every day our troopers are out on the roadways taking felons out of your communities."
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Feb 21, 2014


Through effective traffic enforcement the Ohio State Highway Patrol is significantly impacting the criminal element on our public roadways and in our communities.

By taking extra time during each traffic stop, and paying close attention to possible indicators of criminal activity, what on the surface may appear to be a rather routine traffic stop can turn into something much more significant.

In 2013, troopers made 550 arrests for possession of illegal weapons. This represents a 39 percent increase when compared to 2012. Illegal weapon arrests have risen each of the last five years, climbing 75 percent over this period.

“Every day our troopers are out on the roadways taking felons out of your communities,” said Colonel Paul A. Pride, Patrol superintendent. “By being observant and spotting criminal indicators – drugs, illegal weapons and dangerous drivers are removed from the roadways.”

The Patrol’s illegal weapon arrests occurred in 75 of Ohio’s 88 counties in 2013. These arrests happened most frequently in Cuyahoga (49), Franklin (34), Warren (31), Lucas (20) and Summit (20) counties. These five counties accounted for 28 percent of all the Patrol’s illegal weapons arrests.

Additionally, in 36 percent of the Patrol’s illegal weapon arrests in 2013, the offender was also charged with OVI.  In 31 percent of the weapons arrests the offender was also charged with a drug offense.

Motorists are reminded that public participation is critical to highway safety.  Call # 677 to report impaired drivers or drug activity.

To see a list of county-by-county activity, click on the link below.



Bull S#%*!!!!!!! Criminal indicators , you really mean illegal search and seizures , which violate the 4th amendment of the constitution of this fine country. The Ohio State Highway Patrol is lying and is clearly conducting illegal searches with information obtained illegally. Eather from illegal wire taps or illegal surveillance conducted by another government agency and then passed down to them to make the stop
look like an ordinary traffic stop.. The huge increase in major bust over the last year is alarmingly scary. No group of cops is ad lucky as you claim..., you guys are using the publics ignorance, stupidity, and being gullible against us and most are to blind to even know.


This is a joke ,but I am on to you and conducting my own investigation, and the truth shall set you free, you lying, criminal , S O B's !!!!!¡!!


I saw a attorney from sandusky in the paper recently questioning the so called luck of these officers. He knows as well as I do , that something fishy is going on. If anyone can remember his name,, let me


Such as my name. This country is not free. True freedom is to do what you want when you want without anyone, such as our lovely government, breathing down your neck for looking at someone wrong. What happened to the original second amendment?! Someone always has to have control over someone else one way or another.


I believe I may have partial answers of how the State Highway Patrol has increased their arrests. the first thing that they do, they do profiling. then they Nick pick the driving laws. lane change violation, you must put on your turn signal before you change the lane and travel so many feet before you actually change lanes, if you don't do that they can pull you over. you must put on your turn signal 120 feet before you come to a stop sign, if you don't, they can pull you over as happened to me 1 late summer night in 2012. that was the only reason I got pulled over and being late at night. I think the next point I'm about to make is the most important as to why all the arrest. they start asking questions that you don't have to answer,like, where are you coming from? what's his name? where does he live? they ask you questions that you don't have to answer but most people do.. it's none of their business. I think that's where they get their information to make a arrests,

people telling them things that they have no right to ask or get an answer. their main goal is to get you pulled over, then ask questions that you don't have to answer but most people do

J Cooper

Theory only, we all have been made aware of the federal program that can and does gather email, cell phone conversations from any U.S. citizen. What it the feds who can't use this information gives it to let say the highway patrol who can monitor the driving of any citizen with license plates readers on interstates, the turnpike is already equipped with them. Then they use lane violations, following to close, speed 1 or 2 miles over the limit as the reason to stop these vehicles and then the now famous "criminal indicators" will always be evident. Just my theory..


Wow some people amaze me! I was pulled over for speeding one day. The State Trooper was very nice. Yes he asked where I was work, of course. I said good morning, he was cordial & didn't ask to search my car. Why??? Because I'm a normal girl driving to work. I'm not twitched out on drugs or acting shady. I'm sure they are trained to tell the difference. And if they have reason to search a vehicle then so be it! If they find illegal weapons or drugs then GOOD! They're doing their jobs. Follow the law & nothing to worry about. I did find it funny he asked if it was my car though. Like a 29 year old woman can't drive a nice Mustang lol! Yup...she's mine.

J Cooper

Do you think you have been treated the same way if your were a group of young, out of state, black, Hispanic or Arab men? By the way if your Mustang is a Cobra or Shelby it is a man's car.


More than likely, he asked if it was your car to verify that the license plate information matched the driver information. If you give him matching info, he can be confident you haven't been deceptive and it makes the stop faster. That gets you on your way sooner and him on down the road to look for a REAL criminal. Glad it was a cordial encounter.


Meanwhile people like Dick Vitte & John Born tarnish the good L.E. Officers. Paul Pride you work for US. Just do your job.


Yea I do believe the U.S. has turned into a police state over the years. The police and judges are just trampling all over the Constitution.

Dr. Information

Great job LE. Keep up the good work.


Idk , you amaze me with your naive, gullible, and lack of knowledge. You didn't get harrased or profiled because your a middle aged white women that wasn't carrying money, or drugs. But you should know that most larger dealers don't use drugs and they hire woman just like yourself to transport cash, and drugs. So how do they know what cars are dirty unless they have been told by the feds who are illegally tapping phones.... And you are so ignorant that you are willing to chalk up the bill of rights to take a few pounds off, or a pistol off the street that has no bearing on the amount of drugs that will hit the street...which leads me to the point that if the feds really wanted drugs off the street you think you would actually stop them from getting in our country. Not one of these kids they build prisons for has planes, boats, or the ability to get the coke, and heroin from these other countries to here. Neither drug is made here , but yet they are everywhere. Mind boggling