Report: Contractor overbilled ODOT

Firm overbilled the government by 100 hours, investigation finds.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Feb 20, 2014


The inspector general has issued a report of investigation finding inaccurate timekeeping records were submitted by an information technology contractor hired by the Ohio Department of Transportation.

Ohio Department of Transportation officials notified the inspector general after finding discrepancies in time on the job billed by an ODOT contractor, Sogeti USA, LLC. Sogeti was hired to implement an online aviation registration system under a $569,000, 24-week contract with the Ohio Department of Transportation Office of Flight Operations.

The inspector general’s investigation determined Sogeti overbilled the government by 100 hours. In view of the investigation results, Sogeti officials immediately removed four workers on the project and began a review of employee time-reporting requirements. To remedy the discrepancy, Sogeti sent a letter to the Ohio Department of Transportation agreeing to discipline the employees involved, re-adjust the billing, and reduce the contract cost by $15,000.