Woman accused of threatening to kill deputy

Woman Tasered, jailed; man also arrested at scene.
Scott Seitz
Feb 20, 2014


A rural Norwalk woman was Tasered and subsequently arrested after an incident on Greenwich-Milan Townline Road in Hartland Township.

Huron County Sheriff's Deputy Steve Mancuso was called to the scene about 3:15 p.m. Wednesday because a man was allegedly threatening suicide.

"Deputy Mancuso responded and was able to determine the individual was not threatening suicide with a knife or gun," Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said.

Mancuso ran the man's information through the database and learned he was wanted on a Norwalk police warrant.

Charles Myers, 58, of 602 Greenwich-Milan Townline Road, was arrested on a warrant for felonious assault, police said.

"(Myers) was arrested and transported to Fisher-Titus for a mental health evaluation," Querin said.

Right after the arrest took place, a female was located in the roadway near the scene.

"The female was in the roadway with a knife and her actions were aggressive in nature," Querin said.

"She told Deputy Mancuso she was going to kill him and began to charge at him," he added.

By that time, several other deputies had also responded.

"Deputy Mancuso then deployed his Taser," Querin said. "The deployment was successful.

"Even after she was arrested, she was making threats and spitting at deputies," Querin said.

Querin said the woman, Blanche M. Myers, 54, of 602 Greenwich-Milan Townline Road, will be charged with felonious assault, a first-degree felony.

"We're fortunate Deputy Mancuso was equipped with a Taser and avoided possible serious injury," Querin said. "It was a good result to a potentially dangerous situation."

Blanche Myers was transported to Fisher-Titus and was to be booked into the county jail.

Police reported Charles Myers and Blanche Myers were married at one time, but whether they were divorced was unclear after the initial investigation.



yee haa!! I wish the crew from the tv show "cops" would ride with law enforcement in ohio all the time! imagine the illegal hijinx we would get to see, on both sides of the law.


I belonged to State Patron Aux,and The City Police Aux. I have ridden many hours and have seen both sides and I wouldn't last a full shift as the real officer putting up with the drunken public.Every time they go on call they are risking their lives !

Everyone is fam...

Looks like good ol' Blanche's forehead got acquainted with the pavement. I have to say when people get crazy like this there would be no way I'd be able to remain professional and calm if I were a police officer.


Hahaha maybe it was a knuckle or three that hit her forehead. It would have been well deserved lmao.


And I agree with you on being able to stay professional


Yeah. Imaging the tv show cops with Greenwich PD. When they let 2 wanted murderers with blood on them drive away in a stolen car.


Omg this is so true and a big disappointment..to even think about that night is saddening..and very scary...


Way to go. Glad to know Blanche got rocked. She had it coming.


Once an idiot, always an idiot...big surprise it's Blanche.


That is one good looking couple right there.

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Two senior citizens. Do readers realise that policing doesn't have to be carried out without regard for the person's right to be secure in their person and property? Cops in England do not carry guns (guns are reserved for highly-trained specialist teams). In England, you don't read about a couple like the one in Cleveland several months back having their car and bodies pumped with 130 plus holes. Cops, because they don't carry guns, are nice to people. They talk to them. English too wield knives, but cops are NOT blasting them dead or tasering old people (although a ruckus arose over a cop tasering a blind man in Manchester who was responding to a report of a machete-wielding man. White cane is no machete). Ask yourself how this Huron County senior citizen would have been handled by cops with no guns or tasers? In short, what would Andy Griffith do? Talk. And nobody gets hurt.

Why is that Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and all the other former British colonies who took the longer more patient route of negotiation to gain their independence have greater economic and social freedom than America today? The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, has documented several. Perhaps armed rebellion was not the best way for Americans to gain their independence? The result has been a culture of violence. U.S. homicides match the total U.S. death rate of the 16-year long Vietnam War every 6 years!

It's been 50 years since Andy Griffith and Amerika hasn't stopped sliding down that slippery slope to a fascist police state. It's too late to vote Libertarian. Follow peace to Canada . . .


I think you need to read about this before running your mouth! These 50 almost 60 yr old people are not like Andy Griffith 50 almost yr old people. She rushed at an officer. Does it say he had time to talk to her? Maybe she wanted to commit suicide by being shot by an officer? Many people do that now. Did you want him to run around and let her chase him till he could find out what is wrong??? Next time you are in any trouble make sure it is an officer who is not wearing a gun that you call to come help you...Or better yet don't call them at all and see how that works out for you! And as far as the English are concerned ask the officer who was beheaded in the middle of the street how he feels about carrying a gun. I am sure he wouldn't have minded in that situatuion.