Attempted extortioner gets jail sentence

Local man who "thought he was unfairly terminated" to spend three months behind bars.
Cary Ashby
Feb 21, 2014


A former Norwalk man who was convicted of attempting to extort his former boss was sentenced to 90 days in jail Wednesday.

Jeremiah J. Weitzel, 27, most recently of 1014 Hartland Center Road, Collins, also was fined $500 as part of his three years of probation. If he violates the terms of community control, he faces 18 months in prison.

The victim is Weitzel's former boss. On Jan. 7, the defendant pleaded guilty to an amended charge of attempted extortion.

"He thought he was unfairly terminated," Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said in January.

Once Weitzel got possession of the contents of a private letter, "he saw an opportunity to make some money" and threatened to expose the contents unless he got $2,500 from his former boss, said Leffler, who declined to say what was in the letter.

The Huron County Sheriff's Office set up a sting May 29 at Veterans Memorial Lake Park. Detectives Kayla Zander and Sgt. Josh Querin set up an "exchange." Deputies arrested Weitzel at gunpoint, but authorities have said he wasn't armed at the time.




This won't look good on his resume.


$2,'ll get you far...


If people only knew the entire story.... The owner the the business, a joke...He didnt even show up on the court date. Anyone that worked there knows that he owes 3/4 of his employees because he couldnt afford to pay them their total amount they worked, Jeremiah was an amazing worker and was totally screwed over. He was an amazing cook and busted his As* for that place....after him and a few others the place went to hell. If norwalk only knew haha

swiss family

"talks"...we really don't need to know the whole story.what we do know is more than enough. Obviously this criminals worked somewhere, and somehow got his grubby mitts on a private and personal letter, and around the same time, he was released from his job.. So this genius decided to extort $2,500.00 from his ex boss... To me , that says all I need to know about this self entitled criminal... trying to rake your ex boss over the coals because yopu don't think you deserve to be fired...wwwwaaaaaaaaa grow the heck up, punk, oh and good luck in finding any local employer who, is willing to give you a chance at screwing up their lives too....idiot

J Cooper

I really hate to admit this, but I totally agree with swissy this time... I am just guessing but did he work at Mill Street, if so birds of a feather do flock together.

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swiss cheese kat

You guessed wrong.

J Cooper

Uptown Café?

swiss family

welcome to the DARK SIDE!!!!!


prosecute the poor they can't afford a lawyer. the public defender will get you locked up every time. where is the A C L U when you need them ?


He didn't have a public defender. He had a legit lawyer


He was represented by Attorney Troy Wisehart of Sandusky.

J Cooper

"prosecute the poor" so it OK to break the law if your are poor, want to include the stupid for an exemption? Sounds like an opinion of a frequent flyer in the criminal justice system. ACLU aka All Criminals Love Us...


If everyone knew the whole story! J didn't threaten his ex boss because he fired him. He threatened to send the letters because he owed him money! His ex boss paid all his employees under the table (hence the reason he's no longer in business)

swiss family

hhhmmm which business is suddenly not in business any longer???? I hate it when people speak in such difficult to understand codes...


Uptown cafe


Right on the money Cos. Guessing if he had to do it over knowing what he knows now he might have done things a little different. Important thing is he learned from his mistake and life will be better when this rough patch is over. I know him personally and he is one of the few headed in the right direction. As far as his former boss..well in some cultures they call it karma. And I'm pretty sure he will not be opening ANOTHER business in Norwalk anytime soon. Matter of fact even his own family is done with him for a while. Best of luck J and family.


Thank you, there is so much more I could tell you about the ex boss but I won't go there. He is a piece. Yes what J did was wrong but what his ex boss has done is way worse! He's the one that should be sitting in jail right now. If people only knew, they would think that the punishment J got was uncalled for. But I will go to battle for J, I will stand up for him and have his back no matter what. I have NEVER made a comment on these things because I don't like to get involved but in this case I couldn't keep quite. This is unfair. J only did what anyone else would do. He just wanted what was owed to him. He busted his butt off for him and this is pay back he got! So very sad!!!


What J did was commit a felony 3 which calls for prison time up to 5 years. His Attorney got the charged reduced to a felony 4 which calls for prison time up to 1 1/2 years and he got the sentence reduced to 90 days in the county jail. Also the Federal charge of mail tampering has not been filed and probably won't be filed (If the sentence had been less than 90 days it likely would have been filed - you just can't steal someone's mail). J's Attorney got him 3 huge breaks in this situation and his sentence is hardly uncalled for. His ex-boss appears to have huge character deficits but failure to pay your employees is not a crime and carries no jail or prison time. Debtor's prison was abolished in this country long ago. I like J and wish him well but what he did was way out of line and his result was very favorable as to what it could have been.


Was it mail or just a letter? And it is a crime to not pay your employees. Fair Labor Standards Act. But go on telling it how u like.


Just a letter found in the trash...

J Cooper

Considering he has a prior theft conviction according to Norwalk Municipal Court records, his attorney Troy Wisehart certainly did a great job to have his sentence reduced.


Notice the last paragraph of this article. I think it has been in every article written about this. The super "sting operation" arrested "at gunpoint". Yea that is old news, we already know this folks. Move on


There was no need to bring the guns out. It was a NON violent crime. He never threatend harm. Norwalk just takes everything to the extreme.