Ohio legislators OK extra calamity days

School districts would be able to excuse more days if bill becomes law.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Feb 19, 2014


The Ohio House of Representatives this afternoon voted to increase the number of school district calamity days from five to nine for students but seven for teachers.

The harsh winter has caused all area districts to exhaust their regular number of calamity days.

Gov. John Kasich proposed adding the extra calamity days for this year only. Last week, state representatives postponed voting on the measure because some were concerned about students being cheated out of education and teachers being paid for extra days they didn't work. Under the measure approved today, teachers would be required to make up the two additional days in professional development.

The measure now goes to the state Senate. If the Senate approves it, the measure would go to Kasich's desk for final approval.

Starting next year, schools will count instruction time in hours instead of days, eliminating the need for calamity days.

As of today, 338 of the 614 school districts in Ohio have submitted plans for so-called blizzard bags, according to the State Department of Education. Districts can use up to three blizzard bag days after exhausting their five calamity days.

Norwalk has cancelled classes 10 days this school year due to weather-related issues. However, if this measure gets final approval, then students won't have to make up any more days. That's because the blizzard bag provision was used for two of those calamity days, and students went to school on Monday this week as a make-up day instead of celebrating the Presidents Day holiday.


Bill Hilly

God forbid a teacher get's a couple days pay! I don't know why anyone would want to be a teacher in this day and age.


just shut up teach. you got paid just sit back collect and be quiet. Whining about not being able to sit home and get paid is pathetic

former local

Yeah legislators. Lets have LESS time in school, that'll just shoot those test scores sky high!!! Sheesh!


Heaven forbid a teacher go an extra day in the summer!

Sandusky Rez

So, teachers have to make up those two days because they don't want to pay them for two days they didn't work huh? What about the hours and hours of time they spend at home working on things for the classroom? What about the money they pay out of pocket for their students and classroom supplies? What about all those days they come in to work on the weekends and during the summer to prepare their classrooms? It's ok that they work those days without pay...but 2 extra calamity days (which were probably spent working on grades or grading papers or planing great lessons for the kids) NOPE, gotta make those days up with professional development. Bill Hilly was right...why would anyone want to be a teacher in this day and age? They get no respect!


Please. Unless you work in a factory, we all work after hours, only the rest of us do it 52 weeks with 2 weeks vacation, not 36 weeks with 16 weeks vacation.

J Cooper

The teachers get paid for a certain number of days, if school is cancelled and they don't work, why wouldn't they work the make up days, that they got paid for without working. Problem is the teachers are in a sheltered work environment that the public sector don't enjoy but pay for with their taxes for the teachers to only work 180 days a year. Don't hand me the argument of how much teachers work after school and weekends, most teachers only have 6 student hours per day, with a plan period, and after school time within their 8 hour day. Who else only works 180 days per year with 2 1/2 months off and a winter & spring break off plus a taxpayer funded benefit and retirement package. If they purchase anything for their classroom, that's their decision, and an allowed income tax deduction. I am not anti-teacher, I have teachers in my immediate family. Why wouldn't you want to be a union protected teacher in this day and age, unless they kill the golden goose, aka taxpayer funded world they enjoy.

Sandusky Rez

Why wouldn't someone want to be a union protected teacher in this day and age J Cooper? Because of people like you who say they're not anti teacher...but are. People who know nothing about what it's like to be a teacher telling teachers what it's like to be a teacher. Those before school and after school hours you speak of? Those are spent tutoring children because some teachers care about how your child does in school. That planning period they have? That's 30 minutes long and spent preparing lessons that are teaching your child how to read. Really? You're going to complain about 30 minutes out of the day spent planning lessons? Don't hand me the argument that teachers "work 180 days per year with 2 1/2 months off and winter and spring break off." Many of those days "off" are spent working on something school related. What other profession is there that has to pay out of pocket for supplies and continued education? With most professions, training and continued education is paid for. See...no respect. All anti-teacher arguments (which is what your original comment is) are from people without a clue as to everything teachers do for YOUR child. No respect.


Rez - I don't think these people are upset because their kids are missing out on any learning due to the calamity days. I think they are more upset because they did not get as much free day care as they had planned. Personally, I appreciate all that the teachers have done for my kids throughout the years. It's hard enough dealing with two kids, never mind 25!

J Cooper

Sandusky Rez, again any out of pocket supplies are a choice and a tax deductions, as for the cost of continuing education, some districts reimburses the costs and even those who don't, those additional hours of education comes with a pay increase, not to mention the automatic step increase in wages that no other occupation enjoys. Some teachers do tutor after school, but many sit in the teacher's lounge and complain about their jobs or coach with supplemental contracts and addition pay. For every teacher who spend time planning for their classes there are an equal or greater number who use the same lesson plan year after year and go on autopilot. Clearly we can only agree to disagree.

Scranton Tibbs

You don't think teachers are the most important part of society? Just ask one. They aren't whiny, self absorbed, all knowing, entitled, sheltered public employees. Ask any teacher, they'll tell you they aren't.

Scranton Tibbs

I can't imagine what it must be like staying up all night staring at that giraffe that's clearly colored OUTSIDE the lines. 36 kids that smell like chili, running around with safety scissors, making hand turkeys from construction paper. And those endless trips to the dollar store to buy Off brand Kleenex and cough drops. And when the US ranks low in education, everyone knows it's the parents fault. All those "holidays" and "calamity days". Stuck at home every time it snows, gets cold, or foggy outdoors. All the while everyone else gets to go to their perfect job and have fun. Cabin fever sets in and it's not fair. It makes the wait for "summer vacation" or "spring break" seem endless. One cannot imagine the stresses teachers deal with. It's unfair that everyone else lives a stress free life with a perfect job while teachers suffer. So please, have a heart. Hug a teacher.

Sandusky Rez

Scranton Tibbs: Just read your initial post. You are clearly ignorant and have NO idea what goes on behind classroom doors. Hahah! Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh. I'll be sure to print out your post and put it in the teachers lounge so we can all have a laugh as we are grading our poorly colored giraffe assignments!!!

Scranton Tibbs

I disagree with you and I'm "ignorant". This isn't 4th period, and I'm not in your class, I can disagree with you. I'd post your reply in the "lounge" where I work, but out here in the real world we don't have those. Enjoy your break times and lunch in that ever pressing 7 hour day tomorrow....if it doesn't snow.

Scranton Tibbs

And for the record, I'm not anti teacher either. I'm anti whiner. If you teach, and need to whine because your job sucks so bad, then please go do something else. Spend some time in a factory or pick some lettuce. Join the military, put things in perspective. You're no more important or special than any other person with a job. Give your job up to someone who can do it without all the complaining.

Sandusky Rez

I am a teacher and I love what I do. I work hard for the kids. You think I'm complaining? That's cute :) I'm just trying to get "outsiders" to see how hard we work. I don't know why I bother. There will always be ignorant people out there that will never understand (although they think they do). FYI, (except for military) I've worked labor jobs and line work. I DEFINITELY don't think I'm better than anyone else that's for sure. I just want people to know how hard we work for their children. Again, don't know why I bother.

Scranton Tibbs

And I work hard every day too. As does everyone else. It's called " life". I don't feel a need to get on here and let everyone know how hard I work. There's no rewards or special recognition for going to work. I feel sorry that you go through life feeling entitled to that. I am at work until 4am. We can talk all night! I'll stay up and keep you company while your grading papers until 4am. :-)


J Cooper is so far off on this subject and apparently he has never done his own income tax or he would know that a few hundred dollar deduction doesn't go very far as reimbursement he makes it sound like a teacher gets a tax credit for outlays

J Cooper

earduck, The best you got is the amount of the income deductions ignoring everything else without an answer. Thanks for proving my point. Always enjoy when teachers tell me how pro union they are and then drive away in their foreign cars or wearing their new clothes manufactured in Asian sweatshops by "the children."


I am not a teacher, but I know how hard they work, and it's true, the amount tehy spend in their classrooms isn't even close to what the deduction allows: they spend way more. Look in a school parking lot. The students' cars are nicer than the teachers. They aren't whining on here "Scraton" and your job isn't being debated on here, so you don't need to defend yourself or justify your work. There are always bad apples in every profession, so don't judge them all by the words of a few.


This is a joke. The Gov asked for 4 days and I support that. 2 days isnt enough.


governor kissing union butt. with him 90% of the time but kissing teacher union butt is a stretch, they will spend their dues trying to defeat him even though he is giving free ohio tax dollars to teachers union. system wins again..tax payers lose


Kasich was the one that increased the calamity days to 5. Strickland-D had lowered it to 3. But, the union teachers are taught that R is bad, so they don't care that they have more than twice the calamity days that the previous D-Governor gave them.


I can't even begin to understand the anger towards teachers. You are obviously extremely uneducated about what teachers do. Yes, there are some very bad teachers out there,(just like there are bad doctors, bad congressmen,bad factory workers, etc.) however, the majority of teachers work endless hours and spend a great deal of their own money for YOUR children because they WANT to help YOUR children succeed. If you think there is any part of teaching that is done for anyone other than the kids, than you are an idiot and know very little about what you speak. The part about having summers off is the biggest joke of all. It is such a cliche thing to gripe about. That one isn't even worth discussing.(Especially since most elementary teachers I know come back to school at the beginning of August and spend weeks in their rooms trying to create a fun environment for kids in spite of the crap the state has handed them.) Teachers do not get paid for 12 months, just for the record and they also do not get paid for all the endless, yes endless, hours they put in, again, helping YOUR kids.The part about someone else coming in to do the job of a teacher is laughable. You have NO IDEA what you are talking about. If you think turkey hands and buying tissues is teaching, you are extremely off the wall. I would challenge you any day to come in and teach for just one month. You would gladly go back to your factory job before the month was up. You would not be able to rise to the challenge of teaching. I know this because your thought process is so messed up. You must be a relative of a teacher who is in the "not a good teacher" category, because they would have set you straight by now if they were any good. Go ahead and spend tons of money to go to school to be a teacher, get your masters, get continuing education and college hours and go in and show these loser teachers how it's done. I dare you. Also, you are right, teachers make the choice to spend their money on their students and you should be very glad they do, considering the only school supplies provided to teachers are worksheets, worksheets, and worksheets. I am certainly figuring you want your child to enjoy some hands on things purchased at the Dollar Store rather than being worksheeted to death. You need to stop acting like a jealous little eighth grader and show a little respect to someone who is doing anything and everything to help your child. You are definitely showing your ignorance. A teacher I knew once said the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. You are definitely the tree. Grow up.

Scranton Tibbs

Just because you get your jollies off yelling at kids like that all day doesn't mean it carries over into the real world. I'll treat you with respect when you earn it. Until then please enjoy a nice warm mug if STFU :-) Cheers!

Scranton Tibbs

First of all, who is angry? Not me, I'm laughing at this. You on the other hand...wow. Add SENSITIVE to my list of things teachers are. I hope you don't talk this way to the kids. I can almost imagine you typing that enlightening look into the perilous world of educators with tears in your eyes. And if the only reason you teach is FOR THE KIDS, then please start donating your pay checks to CHARITY Mother Teresa. Thank you for all you do. You are a true selfless American hero. You ARE more important than everyone. Your diatribe illustrates my point. Thank you. :-)


j cooper the last 2 cars I have bought have been Hyundai,after being raped by the UAW and American car makers for 50 yrs it feels pretty good to get a 10 yr warranty


The bottom line here is children's safety and not that teachers want a day off with pay. If the administration deems the road/temperature unsafe and cancels school than I don't want any child to be put in harms way to get to school. This has been an exceptional winter, the weather has not been typical and the school administration has tried to deal with that in what is in our children's best interest for safety. It saddens mean that teachers and administrators have become punching bags because they are easy targets. Their is NO MORE important job than the one they do to help us raiseand educate our children.

Scranton Tibbs

"Their is NO MORE important job than the one they do to help us raiseand educate our children."

Please tell that to someone who lost a leg or took a bullet do that you could have the freedom to type something that stupid. Retards are everywhere.


Teachers are similar to L.E. There are jerks & there are good ones. Respect the good ones & give *ell to the bad ones.