Wakeman pair charged with manufacturing marijuana

Judge warns woman, live-in boyfriend about being represented by same defense attorney.
Cary Ashby
Feb 19, 2014


A pair of rural Wakeman residents accused of manufacturing marijuana entered "not guilty" to their charges Tuesday.

Bevan M. Dietrich, 35, of 1743 Ox Road, Wakeman, is charged with one count each of manufacturing marijuana and possession of criminal tools, both in connection with an Aug. 29 incident. His trial date is May 13.

His suspected accomplice, Brittney N. Cory, 25, of the same address, goes to trial May 8 on complicity to manufacturing marijuana.

Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway warned each defendant about the wisdom and potential conflict of interest of being represented by defense attorney Richard Grubbe.

"It's not inappropriate to do it; it's unusual," Coway said.

Each of the defendants said they don't have any prior felony convictions and aren't on probation. They earlier posted $10,000 bonds with 10-percent provisions are subject to random drug screens.



He is 35? Wow


Gotta love how they re-word things to make it sound worse than it is. Thought the old charge was called cultivation? Maybe I'm wrong. But I would really like to know how you manufacture marijuana

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Manufacturing includes the following: producing, preparing, processing, packaging, or labeling.


Whats the difference between producing/preparing/processing? how do you do one without the other?

as for packaging isnt that just leaving in a box and now its packaged?

trumped up charges that any lawyer will be able to get dropped.

Call Me Crazy

Does this chick cut hair at Chicago Hair?

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I guess they're lucky they didn't find a pipe in the house.....or a bong. Then the headline could say "Instruments for smoking crack cocaine found in local couple's residence".

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The laws I read on this say that manufacturing drugs exclude marijuana. If they are mixing it with something else, then it could get into felonies, especially if they have kids in the house. But either way, it should not read "manufacturing marijuana"....at least as far as I can make out.

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See my above comment.


So if I have an 8th of weed, its the normal 100 dollar fine and 6 month license suspension. But if I write a name (put a lable on it) on the bag like "kush" or something I catch an extra charge? DON'T NAME YOUR WEED!