Norwalk woman charged with felony DUI

Motorist with 5 prior DUI convictions nearly hit a sheriff's cruiser just before 3 a.m.
Cary Ashby
Feb 18, 2014


A Norwalk driver who nearly hit a sheriff's cruiser has been charged with a felony count of driving under the influence.

Tricia A. Hoover, 38, of 20 Reed St., also was charged with prohibited concentration, a marked lanes violation and approaching public safety vehicle displaying its emergency lights. The DUI, a fourth-degree felony, and three misdemeanors are in connection with a U.S. 250 traffic stop about 2:50 a.m. Sunday.

If convicted of the DUI, Hoover faces six to 18 months behind bars. According to the Erie County Sheriff's Office, she has five prior DUI convictions within the past 20 years -- in January 2010, March 2005, October 1998, September 1997 and May 1997.

Deputy Anthony Dauch was handling a U.S. 250 traffic stop north of West Ohio 113 when he saw a 2005 Chevrolet traveling toward him early Sunday.

"The vehicle did not get into the left lane while passing my cruiser and nearly struck me and my cruiser. There were no other vehicles on the roadway at the time. I terminated the traffic stop I was currently on and pursued the above vehicle," the deputy wrote in his report.

"While traveling behind the vehicle, it continually drifted over the white fog line almost half the car length several times. I activated my overhead lights and the vehicle continued southbound for approximately a quarter of a mile before coming to a stop just north of Ohio 113 East," Dauch wrote.

The deputy said Hoover, who "appeared very lethargic," tried using "several buttons before finally rolling down the window." Dauch also noted the driver wasn't able to produce her driver's license or insurance.

"While speaking with Tricia, I could detect a very strong odor of intoxicants. Her eyes were very glassy and bloodshot. Her speech was also extremely slurred," the deputy wrote.

Hoover, when asked how much alcohol she had that night, told the deputy she had "a couple beers."

"Once outside the vehicle, Tricia had to use her vehicle to maintain her balance," the deputy continued.

Hoover agreed to submit to field sobriety tests. The deputy, when checking the suspect's eyes, said Hoover swayed "back and forth and (had) trouble maintaining balance during the test" and during the walk-and-turn test, missed four of six steps.

"She used her arms for balance almost the entire test and did not touch (her) heel to (her) toe on any of the steps. Tricia made an improper turn and continued stepping off the line on the way back," said Dauch, who also wrote that Hoover couldn't complete the one-leg stand.

The deputy arrested and handcuffed Hoover and placed her in the back of his cruiser. Dauch transported her to the Perkins Township Police Department, where she submitted a breath test at 3:50 a.m. -- an hour after the stop.

"Tricia's BAC (blood-alcohol content) was found to be .232 grams of alcohol per 210 liters of breath," the deputy said in his report.

The legal limit for drivers in Ohio is .08 percent.

Hoover then was booked into the Erie County Jail. She was scheduled to be arraigned today in Erie County Municipal Court.


Everyone is fam...

If you can't learn your lesson after the first time and certainly after the second, you don't deserve to drive anymore.

This is number six. You should have to sit in jail for a LONG time if you are that stupid.

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Isn't this prior #6? Dec. 2006 this will make 7 total, right?

Edit: not her 6th, my bad. Looked it up, and it's driving while her license was suspended.
Will she get her license taken away, only to drive under suspension again?


Wow. Seriously? Does she still bartender?

Concerned For A...

For the love of Pete lady!! Get your life together! Thank god you didn't kill anybody or yourself. Hopefully you don't have any children that are subjected to your stupidity and irresponsibility!! If you get out on bond, I would surely suggest some treatment for your alcoholism! Everyone makes mistakes while they are younger, but come on, your 38 years old, grow up!! It really isn't a good look for you.


Unfortunately she does have children! This lady has ALWAYS been a very bad alcoholic. Thank God she didn't kill someone. Wake up girl, you need some serious help.


I hope she gets some help. She looks so broken.


How about a year or so in prison.

J Cooper

She is in Erie County this time, not what she usually gets in Huron County, my guess 6 months at least.


Sounds like she is one of those that even killing someone would not do anything (to her). She would still not learn her lesson. She would be that one that begged for her license back after being in prison. She is one of those that drives with out a license so we know that doesn't work. Some people just waste air and space.

Scranton Tibbs

Once again, your comments are spot on. Bravo!


Yep...we might as well put her out of your misery.


She can do what she wants with her life. But as a drunk driver XX many times over...she is putting MY FAMILY at well as YOURS and everyone else's. She needs to be put away. She is a time bomb just waiting to explode. (hopefully it is a tree or a ditch and not someone's family).

Dr. Information

buckeye15 would rather her plow into a family of 5 killing all of them than for her to have to suffer some long time in prison.


You are just full of wrong, and ignorant information. I am all for this woman being put somewhere where she can't hurt anyone else till she is straightened out. But when someone says, and I quote:

"Some people just waste air and space." it sounds to me like she is saying she wants her wiped off the planet, and I was taken aback by that attitude.

Ms. Hoover, please look at this an an opportunity to start fixing the addiction problem you have.

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Didn’t surprise me one bit. She makes herself to be judge, jury and executioner on many articles. Then she has the unmitigated gall to tell others not to judge. Hypocrite…with a capital K.


Oh I'm sorry thinkagain...I have never drove drunk. I have NEVER had a dui. I will judge a woman who has had FIVE of them.


Yes I did say that. Quote me all you want. This woman has chosen to drive drunk FIVE TIMES. She has risked KILLING people. Killing me or my family. She has no respect for herself or others. Sounds to me like she wants to wipe OTHERS off the planet. I am alittle taken aback at the fact she has no desire to worry about others. Heck she is a MOTHER HERSELF for crying outloud! Does she want to leave her own children motherless? Sounds to me like she doesn't want help, she doesn't want to stop, she doesn't want to listen to anyone. Losing her license hasn't stopped her. 4 DUI's hasn't stopped her. WHAT WILL?

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Maybe if you use more CAPITAL letters…


And you know what? That's just how many times she got caught. I would imagine it happens waaaay more than we can imagine. It makes me so mad people have such a disreguard for others. I think if she's done it that many times, no punishment except prison will keep her off the roads.


If she is the same person I see walking around, she looks as though she has mental issues.


Rough looking for the age! I guess that's what years of drinking does


Drinking to kill the pain. Very sad, please get help, your children are worth it, and so are you. You are still young, don't waste it on booze ,you are destroying your liver, your future , destroying this wonderful gift [life].


Prison may sound harsh but bet this poor soul has had plenty of time and offers to get into rehab. Sorry for her kids but she needs to be forced to do something before she kills someone. I hope the court systems "guidelines" allows for some serious time locked up away from anyone she can hurt.

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What a handsome fellow.


I love you Tricia, I hope you find your saving grace, I know you have struggled with your alcoholism for many years, myself and others who love you have offered our hand to help, I am glad no one was hurt and I hope that you see this has to be your wake up call,something has to give. As always I am here to support you. I don't condone your actions and I have little empathy for you right now,harsh? Maybe, but it's time to get it together, you are where you need to be, the girls are in good hands with their dad, you know this.Work on you. Dont let what all these PERFECT people say discourage you. I am not here to judge you, I know you and I know that you have a huge and giving heart,you just need some help, and I hope this helps you find it once and for all. All My Love, Dae

Everyone is fam...

No one is claiming to be perfect. But we are allowed to be pissed and disgusted that this person is so SELFISH that she disregards EVERYONE'S safety and lives. I'm sorry, but I have no sympathy for someone who doesn't give a rat's hiney that my family and friends could be in her path. If she has the money for alcohol, she has the money for a taxi. I hope she is locked up for a long time because apparently revoking her license didn't make enough of an impact.




I am with you, I love this girl and hope that she will embrace sobriety like many others have. Thank you for standing up and being a true friend to her against all these others that are perfect and have perfect families.



simply me

Dear Mr. Hoover,
You should take those beautiful children of yours and go far far away. You deserve a better wife. You have done so much for yourself and those children that you deserve much better.

Tricia, you need help!